I’m a lousy Financial Domme

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

I have a great respect for the ladies who succeed at Financial Domination. It’s a legitimate fetish and it takes skill to be good at it. I know there are literally thousands of gals out there who think it’s as easy as sticking out their palm & saying “Pay me, pig!” Well, it isn’t. I’ve had some enlightening conversations with some of the best FinDoms in the world, including my dear friends Ceara Lynch and Meggerz.

As I will soon be enjoying a luxurious trip paid for in full by Meggerz financial slave I thought it would be humorous to list ta few ways I’ve failed over the years as a Financial Domme. Hey, ya can’t be good at everything, eh!

– A pay pig once took me shopping for a purse. He took me to Coach (designer purses costing hundreds of dollars) but I couldn’t find what I wanted so I dragged him sulking to Aldo where he reluctantly bought me a $30 purse I wanted (& I used quite a bit!)

– A guy who used to like to show off how wealthy he was sent me dozens of pairs of high end designer shoes. He was pissed when I sent him back the ones that didn’t fit. I thought I was being considerate? *sigh* Canadians.

– A client once gave me a Louis Vuitton purse. I gave it to a girlfriend because I don’t like to put my valuables in a bag that has so much value someone might steal it. He was insulted.

– That same client gave me a gorgeous coat with a real fur collar. I gave it away too. I would only wear fur if it was vintage…and even then I’d feel bad about it.

– a rich fan once paid me to fly to another city to go on a date with him. He over-paid me $1000 and told me I could keep it. I sent it back to him anyway…(but he wouldn’t accept it so it got returned to me again.)

– I’m really bad at spending time on webcam/skype. While I’m not there guys send me dozens of messages begging for me to come on cam, offering generous tributes…these would be horny guys ripe for the picking (I guess?) yet…I still rarely bother with webcam.

Hey, it’s not that I don’t like money. Sure, I don’t like designer purses, obviously…but money is good. It’s security for me as I’m a saver, not a spender. Yet the Financial Slaves & I just don’t usually click. What ever it is they’re looking for, I don’t have it. I’m okay with that.

For more information on Financial Domination, google it or see this explanation: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_financial_domination

Mistress T

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4 thoughts on “I’m a lousy Financial Domme

  1. Which proves the point that you do not need their money, you only accept it when it’s for something convenient for you. #FindomInDenial

  2. Mistress T, maybe you’re too business-minded for it. Getting money without real terms of exchange is kinda weird and awkward outside of an intimate relationship, and it seems like finding the limits would be difficult. I’m sure guys hide that limit or pretend it doesn’t exist for dramatic effect, but still want their Domme to closely approach but not cross it. Dealing with all that seems like it would be frustrating for the Domme, and possibly hazardous (client loses control, wife sues, etc.)

  3. Some interesting (and funny) findom stories, Mistress T. Thanks for sharing.

    I guess it depends on the relationship, and the needs/interests of both parties.

    Financial domination seems much less common (historically at least) in Europe (compared to North America).

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