Black bull next week!

Mistress T jerking off black stud.

Ka-pow! Splooge all over your face!

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

I will do a big post about my Greece trip with Meggerz soon…This is just a heads up that my black bull will be visiting me next week. So if you have a custom vid request or if you want to serve over web cam or in person in Vancouver (filmed or in private) email ASAP:


Mistress T

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2 thoughts on “Black bull next week!

  1. I always look out with anticipation for you blog posts Mistress T and this one, short but sweet though it is, is a real treat.

    I adore your interracial scenes and in fact I think you may be credited with my accepting of an inner lust for BBC.

    Sadly I am not in Vancouver, nor have I the spare creative imagination for a custom video request at the moment. (New job in London I’m afraid, though now at least I’m somewhere you visit.)

    However, I’m intrigued by the option of serving via cam which I haven’t noticed you mention before (possibly just my oversight…); I would love to hear some details of what this entails, ballpark tribute figure etc. I’m sure others would be interested to know as well, as a prelude to sending you a more detailed message.

    Your loving James.x

    • If someone is really interested & serious they tend to send me an email as business transactions are most appropriately discussed privately.

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