The thrill of exposure

As you can imagine, I get a whole lot of interesting mail. Lots of confessions. Sometimes I’m the only one who knows the darkest secrets certain men hold.

Well, not this one: “Stef” is all about the exposure. He wants the world to know that he’s a dirty, cock-loving little fag boy. This is not a drunken whim, Stef has been emailing me consistently for weeks begging for this, he has paid me to do this and I’m not the first Domme he’s done this with. So, without further adieu I present Stef’s filthy pics & excerpts from his emails to me. Some of you may find this fascinating…and if you find it arousing & want to do the same, by all means contact me, prepared to pay for the privilege.




Stef: “I hope to make a movie with you, i dream of your strapon in my ass :). I’m really serious when i invite you in Montpellier (one oh the best town in France said the New York Times!)”

Well Stef, I just might do that. I love France.

Stef: “In virtual: i would like to be denounced as a homosexual. be exposed on internet. You know i play the straight man in normal life, girls are looking at me. i had a girlfriend 2years ago but she discovered that i had sucked cock and offered my ass to men while i was with her because she saw pics on my cell phone. she insulted me, i was humiliated but she didn’t imagine all the things i did (wearing her panties or clothes and being fucked by men like that). So she left me and since this time, i went to gay bar more and more.
I’ve seen her 1 month before because i had some things to her since we were together. this day i weared a tight pants but she didn’t talk about it, i don’t know if she guesses that i’m addict to cocks now..”

Stef: “Please expose me as the pathetic lyer i was. I used an innocent girl in order to protect my social reputation of “straight man”. But i’m not a man anymore, don’t u think? While she was at work, i cheated. She didn’t understand why i was touching her less and less. She couldn’t imagine that her “Camille” was a bastard who was craving cocks more than her pussy. Close to the end of our relationship, i was becoming more and more impotent. For example, one evening she called me and invited me to join her in her apartment. I came and she was wearing sexy clothes, she was gorgeous and she wanted to have sex with me. But my dick stayed soft and she was disappointed. She didn’t know that, during all the afternoon she was working, my ass was pounding by 3 men who chummed inside me like the real whore i am.”

To the rest of my readers…use the comments section to share your opinions on this sort of thing. Are you interested in reading about another guy’s exploits/experiences? Does his exposure do anything for you? Or is this sort of exposure a completely selfish act for ol’ Stef…who no one really gives a damn about anyway? Thoughts?

If you want to follow or communicate with Stef here’s his twitter account: (Stef Queer Bitch)

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14 thoughts on “The thrill of exposure

  1. Hello, Mistress T

    I found this blog post to be one of your best yet. I have bought some of your forced-bi clips and I must say they are amazing. You truly are amazing at what you do. I wish that I was open enough in my own life to live as open as StefQueerBitch. I have long ago self identified as bi-sexual but if I am being completely honest, the humiliating truth is that I
    am not bi-sexual. I have been with women but as time goes on, my enjoyment of straight sex has dwindled. I now only really get hard thinking about gay sex.

    Thank you for another amazing blog post, and for all of your hard and awesome work in your clips store and blog post.

  2. What a lucky boy you are Stef to be exposed by the alluring and beautiful Mistress T. You filthy cock whore 😉

  3. How freeing it must feel to crawl out of the closet and live life without the fear or being caught.

    Queer Stef and I don’t share the same secrets (the forced-bi stuff is very much NOT my thing) but I can relate on the level that I worry that the community of friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc that I surround myself with will discover my perversions and view me differently for it.

    I think that’s why on the few occasions that I’ve sessioned with a pro-domme that it’s such a release for me. Because for a few scant minutes I can expose that side of myself and be understood and accepted. It is truly therapeutic.

  4. I can identify with him, in a way, although i’m straight. I worship hot women, stroke to them constantly, and enjoy knowing that it pleases them that a porn adict worships tham. Don’t know if that’s exposure.

  5. Mistress T, I’m glad Stef can have these peak experiences, but as a spectator, I don’t enjoy seeing exposures, and definitely not if they’re about strictly male-male action. (I’m not complaining at all…just answering your call for opinions.)

    It’s interesting that you’re not pictured in the post and Stef is pretty much directing his own shame. To me, that’s like going to a fine restaurant and ordering a bag of cheetos. But to each his own.

  6. hi mistress T luv this post stef sounds just like myself as u would no becomming a sissy faggot isnt somthing u can stop once u start down the rabbit hole theres no turnning back i like steff crave exposure more than anything else ive payed online mistress and masters for it knowing all to well how truly destructive and deadly it is more so than any drug. my real name next to my perverted pics and vids knowing its not a matter of if more like when iam going to be found out gives me such an overpowering rush no matter how hard i try i no i will never beable to stop

  7. Great post. The urge to have one’s darkest secrets ‘exposed’ to the world, being a subject I can very much relate to.

    In my everyday world, I live the life of a straight white guy. I not only adore hot women, but generally prefer female company to that of other males. However, like many other white guys, interracial porn has proven to be my Achilles heel. The sheer SIZE and influence of some of the black dicks I’ve downloaded into my life these last few years, has simply been more than I can handle.

    It’s like the ultimate nightmare come true, and forced me to realise I’m not quite the Alpha male super stud I once thought (wished) I was. And, once I began doubting and questioning myself, the cracks in my self esteem grew ever wider. Submissive tendencies I never knew I had, were dredged up from deep within my subconscious, and mercilessly preyed upon.

    To be a straight white guy who’s fallen under the corrupting influence of Massive Black Dicks carries a very real social stigma. However, the intense sense of shame, and knowing what a shock such a revelation would be for friends, family
    and work colleagues, and the consequences that would ensue. Soon become an intrinsic and very horny part of the whole situation.

    And, there lies the problem for those who get a thrill out of the idea of being exposed. Full exposure is a one shot deal. Once you’ve done it, and discovered that beyond enduring a few sniggers and snide remarks for a few weeks, no one else really gives a damn. The kick from that particular fantasy is snuffed out for good.

    And, unfortunately, as my search for black guys the size of Shane or Mandingo has shown, fantasy is usually far more rewarding and achievable than reality.
    Therefore, much as I love the idea of paying Mistress T to ruin my reputation and
    wreck my future, I’m going to pass on this occasion. Though, just knowing that she
    would actually do it … is a huge turn on in itself.

    I prefer the long term prospect of having the girls I know gossiping behind my back. Increasingly suspecting I’m not what I appear to be. As I leave a growing trail of BBC porn evidence and accidentally miss-sent tweets and emails behind me. I strongly suspect that the more ashamed I appear, and the more I deny it , the more likely it will be they end up bullying, taunting, maybe even blackmailing me, as they fight ever more aggressively to prove their suspicions are true. And, hopefully years of gorgeous torture will ensue. Lol …

    So, good for Stef in deciding to do this. Even though, from his words, it actually seems more of a ‘coming out’ and liberation than a true exposure, where the thrill is generated by the fact the outcome will almost certainly be negative.

    It’s really interesting how many subtle variations and angles there are to even a niche fetish like exposure. Just shows how different we all are … which I guess makes the world a much more interesting place to be in.


    • Just a little update to what I wrote above.

      I’d been struggling for a while to select a girl, from those I know, who might be a suitable candidate for me to start ‘accidentally’ dropping hints about my weakness for Big Black Cocks to …

      However, as luck would have it, I remembered an old twitter account I had a while back. Not my main personal account, but one I set up to basically joke around and flirt a bit on. None of the followers on there knew me personally. Except, an ex-girlfriend from a couple of years ago. Quite a feisty character, and luckily, not part of my current social circle at all. I’m pretty sure she surreptitiously followed me at the time and never tweeted, probably just wanting to keep an eye on what I might be saying whilst we were seeing each other.

      So, I spent an evening following the big IR sites and stars, as well as sending some fan ‘love your work’ type tweets. However, my ex was never a big twitter user anyway, and there hadn’t been any activity on her timeline for at least 6 months. So I reckoned she’d either given up on it, or set up a new account I didn’t know about. As the reaction I got was zero.
      Anyway, over the next 3 or 4 days I sent out a few more tweets, with no response, and was about to give up on the whole thing. However, as a final parting shot I posted up a link to one of my favourite scenes, featuring Shane Diesel and Tweety Valentine on the Cuckoldsessions site. Saying that it was after watching this video that I new I’d be hooked on BBC IR porn for the rest of my life.

      Less than 60 seconds later a DM popped up. With the words ‘So, you’re hooked on BBC IR porn are you Simon !!’ ….. Despite this being what I’d been after all along, it still took many minutes for my hands to stop shaking after I got it.
      I didn’t reply … Then 10 minutes later another DM appeared, with ‘That Shane’s got a massive dick hasn’t he. Lol’ ….. Again I didn’t reply, but instead deleted all my IR related tweets and stuff I was following. Then messaged to say I didn’t know what she was talking about. Then a short while later deleted the whole account.

      Emailing her early the next day, I asked her to ‘please’ not tell anyone about it. That I was only joking around and none of it really meant anything, and could we just forget it.

      At first, I thought she was going to do just that. But, after a slightly hesitant start, she really got in to it. It’s been amazing to see the tone of her emails change these last couple of weeks. I’ve definitely fallen from (equal?) ex-boyfriend, to nothing but amusing plaything in a very short space of time. And, under-currents of bullying and blackmail are already beginning to rear their heads as she flexes and exerts her new found power.

      It’s still early days yet, so anything may, or may not happen.

      However, she certainly knows who the ‘Boss’ in the relationship is now. And, the power to seriously fuck me up, just for the fun of it, is now there in her grasp, if she decides to use it ?

      50% of me is scared shitless and wants to run and hide, but 50% of me hopes that now she’s had a taste, she won’t stop till she’s totally destroyed me …

      Suddenly, things have spiralled out of my hands. My stomach is churning, and I honestly don’t know what the future holds. But, in a weird way I am also truly loving it …

      Human nature eh !! Makes no sense at all does it. Lol …

      Anyway, It’s going to be an interesting December and January that’s for sure.
      Happy Christmas everyone ..


      • Interesting. I have to be honest, I find this unsettling actually. Mainly that you manipulated her into doing what you wanted & you were in fact in control the whole time, topping from the bottom. You’ve taken her time drawing her into YOUR fantasy. I strongly suggest you set the karma scale right & compensate her for her time in whatever way SHE wants. If she wants money, give it to her, if she wants anything else, give it to her. Especially if it’s not something you want. I also think you should be honest with her about things…but hey, that’s just me who feels like taking the high road is always the best course. Damn my ethics & conscience. Good luck.

        • Hey there Mistress T

          I can’t deny there was an element of ‘game playing’ at the beginning of all this. However, my Ex was always more than a match for me, and has very quickly turned the tables. Unexpectedly, it appears she’s going to be using my BBC confessions as leverage to turn her secret ballbusting fantasies into reality.
          I stupidly gave her power over me without really thinking it through (hoping it would maybe lead to a bit of BBC Forced Bi or something similar). Now, it looks like my nuts are going to end up paying the price for that foolish mistake …

          Ouch !! I’m going to be a lot more careful how I go about these things in future. Lesson learned …..


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