The thrill of exposure

As you can imagine, I get a whole lot of interesting mail. Lots of confessions. Sometimes I’m the only one who knows the darkest secrets certain men hold.

Well, not this one: “Stef” is all about the exposure. He wants the world to know that he’s a dirty, cock-loving little fag boy. This is not a drunken whim, Stef has been emailing me consistently for weeks begging for this, he has paid me to do this and I’m not the first Domme he’s done this with. So, without further adieu I present Stef’s filthy pics & excerpts from his emails to me. Some of you may find this fascinating…and if you find it arousing & want to do the same, by all means contact me, prepared to pay for the privilege.




Stef: “I hope to make a movie with you, i dream of your strapon in my ass :). I’m really serious when i invite you in Montpellier (one oh the best town in France said the New York Times!)”

Well Stef, I just might do that. I love France.

Stef: “In virtual: i would like to be denounced as a homosexual. be exposed on internet. You know i play the straight man in normal life, girls are looking at me. i had a girlfriend 2years ago but she discovered that i had sucked cock and offered my ass to men while i was with her because she saw pics on my cell phone. she insulted me, i was humiliated but she didn’t imagine all the things i did (wearing her panties or clothes and being fucked by men like that). So she left me and since this time, i went to gay bar more and more.
I’ve seen her 1 month before because i had some things to her since we were together. this day i weared a tight pants but she didn’t talk about it, i don’t know if she guesses that i’m addict to cocks now..”

Stef: “Please expose me as the pathetic lyer i was. I used an innocent girl in order to protect my social reputation of “straight man”. But i’m not a man anymore, don’t u think? While she was at work, i cheated. She didn’t understand why i was touching her less and less. She couldn’t imagine that her “Camille” was a bastard who was craving cocks more than her pussy. Close to the end of our relationship, i was becoming more and more impotent. For example, one evening she called me and invited me to join her in her apartment. I came and she was wearing sexy clothes, she was gorgeous and she wanted to have sex with me. But my dick stayed soft and she was disappointed. She didn’t know that, during all the afternoon she was working, my ass was pounding by 3 men who chummed inside me like the real whore i am.”

To the rest of my readers…use the comments section to share your opinions on this sort of thing. Are you interested in reading about another guy’s exploits/experiences? Does his exposure do anything for you? Or is this sort of exposure a completely selfish act for ol’ Stef…who no one really gives a damn about anyway? Thoughts?

If you want to follow or communicate with Stef here’s his twitter account: (Stef Queer Bitch)

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