My 1st VLOG

Here’s my 1st VLOG thingy. I chat casually about a few different things…including some behind the scenes stuff about filming with Shane Diesel, other vids, my personal life & some sex tips.

Let me know if you want more & what you would like me to VLOG about. I prefer you comment here on my blog…you can also use twitter or send me a brief email:

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Clink the link (above & below this pic) to see the vid.

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9 thoughts on “My 1st VLOG

  1. I personally loved your first vlog, it has me laughing as you described your frustration over potentially teaching young men bad habits in bed like not giving enough oral.
    Also, the bit about Shane Diesel falling asleep after sex was giggle inducing.
    Overall I’d say you left me wanting more, but then again I’ve been wanting more since we made out during our first and only filming session.
    Hopefully I’ll see you again at the AVN’s in January!

  2. Awwww! Thanks for your kind words. I’m pretty darn sure I’ll be in Vegas (AVN’s) in January. We should set aside time for another make-out session for sure…maybe we’ll even film it *wink*.

  3. What a relief, Mistress- You’re nice! (And so pretty.) Thank You so much for the new Vlog idea – it’s a true gift for a humble and timid slave like me.

    That’s all for now, Mistress T. – Just Thank You and Praise You and Be Well.

  4. It’s lovely how genuine you are. Hearing you speak about your work and your passion for it and your appreciation for your customers/fans shows that you just have a real warmth to you that’s so nice to see on the internet.

    Personally, I’d love to hear more about your real life. Some of my favorite blog posts here have been the ones where you discuss the more “average” (mundane) aspects of your life and how it interacts and intersects with your work life, most especially when it comes to personal and familial relationships and the ways people generally react to your work (my own experience with writing erotica was immensely strange as everyone I knew fought me tooth and nail on the idea of publishing erotic novels until I finally started and now absolutely no one has any issue with it whatsoever).

    Also, it would be interesting to hear your insights about various fetishes, particularly if you have any thoughts on the kind of person who seems interested in particular fetishes. Do you find that fetishes in general, say a foot fetish or an interest in tease and denial or mommy fantasies, seem to go back to a particular happy memory or event in people’s lives or do they seem to simply be a part of a person?

    Finally, it would be very interesting to hear what your own fantasies and fetishes revolve around. Are there any that you are particularly drawn to?

    Anyway, thank you for making this first vlog. It was very pleasant to watch.

    • Thanks Maddie,

      I might expand on a few things you’ve mentioned in your comment, but for the moment I’ll briefly address a couple things.

      Regarding how fetishes develop I can say that in my experience there is no generalization. Each story seems to be unique.

      As for my own personal fantasies & fetishes I have been careful to keep some things private & separate…although there’s a lot of fuzzy lines. You can imagine that if your job is all about sexuality that it’s important to keep some things separate. It’s unlikely I’ll ever give a full public confessional:-)

      I’m glad to hear that you followed your passion, despite lack of support. I’m also happy to hear that once you did people stopped fighting you. The world needs more people who follow their passion without giving a damn what others think.


  5. Loved the contents of your VLOG, and how the medium’s visual and auditory elements provide a richer insight than the written word.

    In the future, please consider using the VLOG mechanism to share with us your life and perspective in a way that can’t be done with a regular Blog. I realize that I’m not providing specific requests, but that’s my point — I’d like to be surprised by what you have to say via, what is for me, a totally new medium. Basically, a Blog on steroids.

  6. That was one of the most genuine expressions I’ve personally seen in a long time. You really exemplify the distinction as a sex worker, if I may use that phrase, who is independent and empowered by your work versus those who are not. The two worlds are very different and I’m glad to see you represent yourself and your peers so well.

    I roughly classify porn into three categories amateur, shared fantasy and professional. I find most of the scripted professional work unappealing as it too often feels like actors playing roles in which their hearts aren’t in it and they aren’t good enough actors to sell it.

    Amateur, of course, runs the gamut from really bad to exceptionally good, and I love it when I find someone capturing what seems to be a real life experience where the camera is completely secondary to what is happening in the room.

    Finally, when it comes to shared fantasy, I think you do a very nice job of “selling it.” Perhaps that is because you are producer, director, and actor in one and as such you can make sure everything resonates for you. Your enforced-bi scene with the older gentleman in the UK ( blew my mind.

    So, when I saw you had this vlog and actually watched it, I was so happy to see a real person sharing what seems to be her honest and unscripted thoughts. So often, we can objectify the people in these videos and you showed us something that most people don’t – making yourself real.

    As for the future, as someone who had a long struggled with my sexual identity as a submissive male, I love to hear more how other people come terms with their chosen sexual expression and how they weave it into the rest of the daily life and their personal relationships. I’d be curious to hear more about the people you work with, especially submissive men, and how you came to decide to do a video together.

    Finally, just as you did in this video, I’m just curious about what is on your mind.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comments!

      Regarding the ‘shared fantasy’ comment, you very much nailed it. My personal sexuality is complex & evolving. A lot of what I do in my vids resonates with me in one way or another even if it hasn’t been a specific fetish for me…my arousal is very much connected to others. I am open-minded & try to really understand any fetish I play with in my vids. I like to get into the head space of the person who is really into that fetish, often to the point where it does arouse me. That is why it appears to many that I have so many fetishes, perhaps my fetish IS: fetish! *smile*

      The feedback of my 1st VLOG has been overwhelmingly positive so I will do more. I will take your requests into consideration. Feel free to expand on them.


  7. thanks for the first vlog …it’s very candid of you telling the reality of sex and internet porn fentasising …can you please make a vlog telling further about how to make a girl fully satisfy while making love (sex) …. or some sure must do things while doing sex especially for vergin males….!

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