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I read two different articles today that inspired me to write this blog post.


The first one is about a new term for me: “Omega Male” in relation to “Alpha Male”. Most of us are familiar with the term “Alpha Male”, especially when it comes to cuckolding fantasies. He’s the bull, the well-hung stud who gets to fuck the woman while the cuckold/beta male is denied. He’s strong, masculine, confident & usually a hard fucker.

I’ve thrown the term “Alpha Male” around in my cuckold scenes for lack of a term that resonated better for me….but I think I have one now: Omega Male.

The Omega Male is quietly confident. He doesn’t need to broadcast his superiority. He’s empathetic, kind, gentle, a good guy to have as a friend & an excellent husband. He’s not as competitive as an Alpha Male & he’s more likely to walk away from a fight. He resolves conflicts with words rather than his fists. He enjoys deeper conversations & cuddling. He cares about your feelings & he treats others as he would like to be treated. The Omega Male is trustworthy & steady. He’s an attentive lover who ensures the woman is satisfied.

An Omega Male is not to be confused with a beta male or a weak pussy who wouldn’t stand up for himself, his woman or anyone else. A beta male is kind of a spineless door mat. He serves or submits because he doesn’t think he’s worthy of respect or deserves to be treated well. A beta has little or no self confidence or self worth. A beta is truly pathetic.

My partner falls under the category of Omega Male & it’s the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had.

Here’s the Omega Male article:


The other article lists practical every day ways that you, as a man, can support Feminism. To be clear, Feminism is about equality. It’s not about Female Superiority. Feminism has gotten a bad name in some circles & I’m delighted that the leader of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has proudly declared that he is a Feminist. I think if you ask any sane person if they feel women should be equal to men they would say YES! But if you ask a lot of men if they’re a feminist they would say NO! But it’s the same damn thing, dude.

So here’s the link to that article, have a look with an open mind:

Here’s some homework for you: If you email me a list in your own words at least 5 things from this article YOU plan to do to support Feminism I will give you a FREE 1 week membership for my site. Email:


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17 thoughts on “Omega Males + Feminism

  1. Thank you for sharing both of these, the first article certainly rings some bells for me, although being gender fluid has always had me out of the Alpha bracket, though I’m no sissy by any stretch of the imagination. I’m also quite proud to say I tick a lot of the boxes in the second one too, probably being brought up by a strong, working, single mum in the 70’s and 80’s had a lot to do with that, I’ve never seen anything as ‘a woman’s job’ or a male prerogative, but that’s the way I was brought up. I’m afraid that there are still an awful lot of males who still think that way (and quite a few women who let them too) which is rather sad to say the least.
    I do love reading your posts they are invariably sensible and interesting as well as being thought provoking on a regular basis. I hope you are having a super week, Jo xxx

  2. Quotes from some of the many homework assignments I’ve received already:

    “I have always consumed and supported females in the arts I enjoy. When conversation with my male friends turns to film and cinema I will always bring in female performances that I have found sublime. I keep to the art even when the sexualise the conversation.”

    (This one from a man in India…making it even more helpful in my opinion): “3.Pay attention to and challenge informal instances of gender role enforcement
    This one is very nice. When i tell my friends that i help my wife in house chores they tease me but i always tell them that treating women with respect doesnt mean that i am afraid of them. i tell all of them to help their wives too. If i met with any situation where women are making food, cleaning etc. alone i will try my best to persuade all men to take part.”

    “5.Self identify as a feminist- The word feminist has been in a way hijacked by its opponents. It has come to have a very negative connotation which is severely detrimental to the cause. To change this men must make the word a part of their social identity. Doing so also makes is clear that feminism is not bad, is not scary, and is something that discussion about should not even be necessary. Standing and fighting for equality should not be controversial.”

    “1.Consume cultural products produced by women.
    This is something I have never really done. With music especially. I went through my mp3 player and found I only had 1 female artist on it. I decided to go back through youtube and find female singers I would enjoy. So far I have found lana del ray, adele, arethra franklin and amy winehouse. Its great that now new avenues of music have opened up for me.”

    “22. Have integrity with your male friends.
    I will speak up directly to my male friends who denigrate women, disrespect women, or treat women poorly. I will stand up for what is right and let them know what is wrong.

    14. Make sure honesty and respect guide your romantic and sexual relationships with women.
    I will hold to a set of values that prioritize treating women with respect, communicating openly and truthfully, and behaving responsibly for myself and for her. Being open about my intentions requires constant work, and I recognize my responsibility for being a 100% partner in a fair, honest, and respectful relationship. “

  3. Another one from a fan who did his homework. I love this: “2) Praise the virtues and accomplishments of women in your life to others….there are a few supervisory positions posted for hire in my place of work…I will go out of my way to encourage at least three women to go for them, and coach them/give advice on how they can improve (interviews, review their resume, etc).”

  4. Dear Mistress T,
    Thank You for this very interesting article. I have just one question. Is there any deadline of the homework? I would like to read it thoroughly and also want my homework make sense. The article makes me very interested also in terms of slightly different cultural backgrounds or general perception of society.

    Thank You

    • Hi Dave,
      When I threw in the homework at the end I honestly didn’t expect hardly anyone to do it. I’ve been overwhelmed but delighted with the volume of emails & also the depth & thought going into them. I probably should have put a deadline on it but at the end of the day I’ll always be happy to hear from a guy who has given thought to how he can help gender equality & I will be happy to reward him for it. So no, there’s not a deadline at this point.
      Mistress T

  5. “Feminism has gotten a bad name in some circles”

    recently i´d chat with a friend about this, i think the reason is that a lot of “Feminist Movements” in the public eye, seek for superiority, not for equality, some times i think this is true; curiously in much ocasion i see women with a bigger machist actitude than men, you think im crazy or maybe there is some sort of sense in what i say? xD

    • Feminism IS about gender equality. Period.
      The fact that some confuse that with Female Superiority doesn’t change the definition. If you prefer to use the term ‘gender equality’ go ahead. That should sort out any confusion as there are very few rational people who would publicly argue that gender equality is a bad thing.

      • yes that true, its basically implosible to find a definition with the words Female Superiority, that confusion you mentioned, what do you think is the reason of it? in my opinion exist because there are toxic people(like in every sector of the world) who self defines as feminist, but basically go against the definition itself, and sadly those people are the ones who get the attention of those who doesnt understand yet the purpose of feminism, and again, maybe am talking nonsense xD

        and about of people who argue that gender equality is a bad thing, well….i dont get them XD

    • It’s important to not dismiss an ideology completely simply because there’s a vocal minority who say things you disagree with. As with any movement, any religion, any idea, there will be people who take things too far and pervert the cause of the movement they profess to be a part of. But that doesn’t change the core message of that movement.

  6. Hi Mistress T, I instinctively liked using your concept of an alternative, the Omega man. I am pretty sick of the whole Alpha/Beta thing anyhow.

    The stereotypical Alpha is a usually a jerk, with few exceptions. I will say this, there are some nice guys who are athletic, charismatic, natural leaders of men, and who are very attractive to women. But not very many of them maybe 2 to 3 percent of Alphas?

    An actual Beta, for example someone who literally wants to be a spineless cuckold loser in real life, yes, that is pretty repulsive and pathetic. Fortunately Beta men that let Alphas walk all over them, not so much something I have seen in real life.

    Those two stereotypical extremes have little value outside of character roles in a stroke fantasy or fetish film.

    That leaves us with the Omega man alternative. There is definitely more value to life when a guy is open to some introspection for himself and kindness and consideration for others. Most of the naturally big and strong guys I know are Omega. We were the ones who got big early in life, and were taught to look out for the smaller and younger kids, and not to start fights. Most men I have been friends with are not Alphas, as they bring too much drama, and throw shadows of disharmony. I think by your definitions, most reasonable and mature guys would be Omegas.

    Thanks again for an interesting topic, and for promoting respect for Omegas!

  7. Thanks for this info and link.

    I’m very happy for you that you’re having a great–your best ever–relationship with a guy who’s Omega. It’s good to know that you’re getting your needs met better than ever in multiple ways. I am viewed by women and other men, I believe, as the Omega type generally, but I think I have some traits of all three types. However, I don’t really have faith in these typologies as defining a man in an overall way for being overly-simplistic.

    What about sex? Can you comment on the types in bed? What is the Omega like when it comes to romance and sex, and is that style desirable?

    Isn’t the supposed-Alpha, physically, more sexually attractive and better in bed for you and as far as you do know, for other women? Don’t many/most women want the Alpha body and take-charge/take-the-lead style–while paying attention to his partner’s needs and seeking to please her–in bed more than any other type as it seems to be from popular culture?


  8. I like the Blog mentioning New term for human male … OMEGA MAN … Although link given for further read is no longer containing any article. My views on Alpha male are mentioned as follows … In our contemparary time Alpha male are one eqvivalent to musculin body, Selfish saxual desire and a man having very few sense of woman’s needs and desire on Bed as well as out of the bed which makes him dull and Aroggant (as the time passes) in a relationship. ALPHA Male is a man Who want every thing according to him in a relationship. Where As Omega man is a completely sorted Respectful individual , who knows his limitations as well as his partner limit.He is a man very well aware of woman in relationship he is with and how to respect other ladies. He knows how to please and provide pleasure to the lady in relationship, on the bed as well as off the bed. And always consider each and every feeling of a womam in love. Where as here I would like to add that although omega male’s are trust worthy and reliable, so does the Imperial age Gentleman. Thus can we consider the term omega man & Gentlman Synonymous or Omega man is the new term for Gentlman in our pro modern socity. I enjoy reading your articals on your blog which is becoming an appetite to mythoughts. Your reply comment will be appriciated Misstress T. Seeking your compession, Raj

  9. Hi, I am a submissive man very proud to be and that is why I consider myself an omega male

  10. Hi, I am a submissive man very proud to be and that is why I consider myself an omega male. I am very comfortable with my current partner, she is an affectionate and dominant woman who knows how to exercise her authority with respect, because I do not submit to anyone but I submit to a woman with a charisma who knows how to treat a submissive man who seeks a Leader and a tutor, but also a sympathetic woman who treats me well, since I believe that a submissive man must submit to a woman who is really worth it and does not argue with any woman.

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