Video teasers & fun

I made a couple of fun vids recently & posted them on the free ‘PREVIEWS’ page of my site:

I keep meaning to do more of these. There’s a lot ‘behind the scenes’ in the vids you see. Many of the people I film with are personal friends & have been for years. There are often bloopers & funny stuff that hits the cutting room floor during editing. Sometimes the craziest stuff happens after the cameras go off.

I have been filming a lot with my friends at Club Stiletto recently. When we work together we film some scenes for their site & some for my site. These vids are from those shoots.


Go on…click it!

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You can click it!

Mistress T

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2 thoughts on “Video teasers & fun

  1. Mistress T, what a wonderful idea to invite Dr. George L. Shillaire III AB BA MA JD LL.M Phd along to your private ‘gals party’ and then imprison and humiliate him in the bath for our delectation and enjoyment – he doesn’t look too clever standing there in that mask having his mediocre cock sucked by some kid in that special needs scenario…

    Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to mention how your ass looks absolutely sensational in that hot pantyhose outfit!:)

  2. Dear Mistress,thankyou for the excellent video’s…i wish i could be your pony.Wish you would give me a black eye to wear proudly.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

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