What do you see?

What do you see when you look at the picture above? Do you see a Dominant, sexual woman? Maybe I’m inviting you to crawl up those stairs & service my feet or pussy? Do you think I’d want you to fuck me? Can you see the crotch of my panties are wet? Does that tell you I’m already horny & ready? Or does it imply that I’ve already had sex & another man’s cum is seeping out?

The position: legs wide open…along with the look on my face…does it communicate sexual power? Is it intimidating? If you were actually there would you have the balls to actually come closer & try to please me?

Now look at it in a different way…is the picture objectifying? Although not nude, it is overtly sexual & you can almost make out some details of my vagina through the wet crotch. If my expression was a little different, a shy smile & the camera angle was looking down at me…wouldn’t it feel very different? Innocent maybe?

The imbalance of power is so important, isn’t it? Most of the men who read this want me to appear Dominant. They want me to be in control because they so badly crave to give up control. That is the minority though…there are way more images of women portrayed as objects, having things done TO them, etc. As a society, are we naturally more hard wired to find female objectification hot or have we been conditioned to be that way? Even though many of you reading this may not be into female objectification or submissive females…there’s no denying that many, many people are. Not just men either.

There’s a lot more I could say but I’d like to hear from you. Maybe have an open discussion about this rather than just a monologue. There’s a comments section. Please share your thoughts about female objectification, power exchange, etc. Or tell me your first thoughts or what story you created in your mind when you looked at the photo above.

Mistress T

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34 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. Hi,

    I see a confident woman, comfortable with her sexuality…but it’s difficult to look at this photo without bringing into play the persona I’ve observed, and been attracted to. So while some who are seeing you for the first time may see vulnerability in your pose, I see a confident, taunting woman…because that’s how I already see you, and that pre-disposition will always influence my perception. What I see is a ballsy woman saying…”c’mon, I DARE you to fuck me.”

    Love your blog.


  2. Yes our world does objectify women. As a father i find this very offensive and have worked hard at teaching my 3 daughters to be confident and strong women. As a submissive slave i see a very strong women taunting me with Her sexiness. As a male who has supervised up to 350 folks at one time, i love to give up and please without question.
    slave sindee

  3. Mistress T., the first thing I would do is tell You how beautiful You look, and ask You if there is any way I could be of use to You at this moment? There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do, I’d say. If you encouraged me in this line of discourse, I might beg You to let me prove to You how powerful Your Pussy is, how much it controls me and dominates my whole life, my every waking and dreaming moment, how badly I want to suffer for Your Pussy so as to give Your Pussy the Glory it deserves. I’d beg You to use me for Your own satisfaction. Unfortunately, my penis is useless for satisfying a Woman, so I’d never dream of asking You, but my mouth is eager and experienced.
    The most frustrating thing for me as a submissive is that so many Women as well as men buy into the stereotypes and norms in society that treat Women as objects of men’s sexual satisfaction rather than Powerful Goddesses in their own right.

    • Regarding your last line: “The most frustrating thing for me as a submissive is that so many Women as well as men buy into the stereotypes and norms in society that treat Women as objects of men’s sexual satisfaction rather than Powerful Goddesses in their own right.” Along the same line of thought…it’s interesting that women actually have so much power over men, yet they rarely use it…& men resent that women have so much power over them…perhaps it’s a resentment of that power that causes men to become more aroused by objectifying women. Most people don’t like to feel powerless or helpless. By objectifying a woman a man can feel like he’s taking back some of that control. Just a thought.

      • I think men are very afraid of the power women have over them – the way they can make them feel. So to objectify gives them some control perhaps? Yet so often that leads onto the expression of that fear/resentment/control in aggression and anger?

  4. Thanks Mistress, I’ll have a stab at this one as well…

    In my imagination, I’m at a party and while everyone else is drinking and talking on the floors below, I go the other way to get a few minutes to myself and a breath or two of fresh air. And coming around the corner of the stairwell, I am confronted by the vision I see above me…

    In my mind’s eye, I have a milli-second to process the image I encounter. My instinct seems to be telling me that the lady is a powerful operator, confident in and of her own sexuality and desires and determined to get what she wants before she exits the premises – if she satisfies herself that fulfilment will be delivered but also perfectly willing to leave unfucked if no one measures up to her expectations…

    Clocking the dampness in her panties, my feeling is she’s certainly ‘horny and ready’ and, in my opinion, she hasn’t already had sex but may have got herself aroused by teasing and flirting with some others that have already come that way. Whether she rejected their advances or they declined her overtures, I can’t say…

    As I am alone and also unobserved, I am in no way intimidated and come a little closer to see if there’s any electricity between us. Because I like and admire women who are the ‘captains of their own sexuality’, it is challenging and exciting to exchange edgy banter with this sultry siren with a view to playing whatever part she may select for me in this potentially steamy tableau…

    As the conversation develops, I feel myself getting looser while my member gets harder but am also relaxed about being the possible prey, if that is indeed what’s going on. The lady’s mouth intrigues me as while she uses it in a precarious and dangerous way, it is also riveting to hear this level of dialogue issuing from such a decorous orifice. I desperately want to put my cock in there and have it tenderly and skilfully received and welcomed, but another part of me fears that she may wish to inflict as much pain as pleasure…

    All the while, her hands remain behind her back and her legs extended in front. The only change is when she straightens her feet from time-to-time but after each snippet of conversation, she returns them to their high-heel like arc. Eventually, we reach that point in our brief encounter where an indication must be proffered or implied. A floor above us, I see an open door where we may adjourn in privacy to continue our explorations in a more personal and intimate way, below a return to the safety and sanctuary of the assembled guests.

    Only you, Mistress, can say which route we take…

      • Thank you, Mistress…an alternative caption for the picture might go: “Yes, now that you mention it my pussy is dripping wet, but let’s get back to our conversation about 15th Century Peruvian basket-weaving and wood sculpture”…

  5. I see a sexy, dominant woman in this picture. Which is what I would expect coming from you, Mistress T. As for images that objectify women, they disturb me. I won’t associate with men who talk about women that way. (I gather some women also objectify women, but as a rule, they do not associate with me. ;o)
    My dad was something of a hound and I grew up vowing never to be ‘that guy.’ I always assumed, ‘if someone’s going to get the short end of the stick in a relationship, it will be me. I can live with that.’ Strong, assertive women mesmerized in part because I felt free—-there was no way they were doing anything they didn’t want. (I fear I’ve begun to ramble.)
    I’m glad you brought this up, Mistress T. It’s an important topic and I hope to learn from the discussion.


    • Regarding your comment: “My dad was something of a hound and I grew up vowing never to be ‘that guy.’” I’m delighted to hear you say that…although too often men are excused when they Tom Cat around…boys will be boys & all that…yet, a woman who does the exact thing is judged far more harshly and labelled a slut. Things are changing with time…men who use & sleep with loads of women are no longer always given a pat on the back & it’s becoming more acceptable for women to enjoy casual sex…but we still have a long way to go in closer the double-standard gap.

  6. nice blog :)…but also consider the females who might like objectification (guess these exist too)…but all in all i can agree with your thoughts

    • This statement eluded to that: “Even though many of you reading this may not be into female objectification or submissive females…there’s no denying that many, many people are. Not just men either.” but I’ll expand on it…the obvious truth is that many men AND women ARE turned on by female objectification. Hell, I’m not even denying that in the right circumstances I get turned on by it. What I’m wondering is: why? Is it something that is hard wired in us or is it learned?
      What 2 consenting adults (or a bunch of consenting adults) do is their business & I’m all for fantasy play during the sex act…my concern is that there’s a lot of female objectification going on that goes beyond the consensual sex act…and I’m also concerned that young men don’t understand the difference between a sex game & real life.
      I did say that I had a lot more to say on this topic…I’m just dropping in thoughts here & there & hope to get more feedback from others.

      • The question “why” is really interssting if it comes to that…but your mentioned concerns are also true…and a critical point, just as you said. Noone should be a real object…as a game its ok of course. But to some extend you can also see this phenomena in “normal” porn too…and its clearly something that i dont like.

  7. You are absolutely beautiful!! I feel your power and confidence. The picture is so hot to me as I dream of shoving my black cock inside you!

  8. As I already have prior knowledge into your personality it is impossible for me to not use this knowledge when first viewing the photo. I see a confident women using subtle hints at her scintillating sexual energy to haunt me. I think the picture is even more sexy as it only hints at your sexual power. Would I have the balls to approach you? Nope.

    Is the picture objectifying? Again I have prior knowledge of who you are and what you do, so I can not objectify that picture. I see your personality and can not reduce you to only a sexual object. But that is me.

    Although I do think a lot of males objectify women and reduce them to just objects, I think that advertising and the media is also starting to reduce men as sexual objects for women (and gay men). It started with Thelma and Louise using Brad Pitt’s hot shirtless body to objectify a man in a way women were objectified in 1980s buddy films. To David Beckham and Freddie Ljungberg getting used provocatively in underwear adverts. And very recently with Rita Ora encouraging the gorgeous Zak Efron to remove his shirt to show off his body at the MTV movie awards.

  9. In my perspective the objectification is created by the media and has a deeper history. For the testosteron driven man the women printed in magazines get fuck-meat.
    For me, girls were unreachable for a long time, wich made me very insecure and I masturbated, masturbated and masturbated on pictures and video’s of women that were unreachable. Therefore I place women on a socket now and have generated my sub-feelings.
    As I’m getting older now, I realize that I shouldn’t had to feel this way because many girls had a crush on me and they were also insecure. I could have developed ‘normally’, but who is really normal considering his or her sexual feelings?
    For your picture: it is objectifying in a dominant way, makes me weak and willing, eager to sniff and lick and serve, and makes me want to look at your crotch, but your face tells me to keep eyecontact and to stay at the bottom of the stairs…
    As photographer; this perspective is also telling your dominant.
    And you have different characters inside; the girl next door, the unreachable. You can be stunningly beautifull and lovely normal at the same time. Apart from the sexual aspect I think you could be a good friend and you’re also in for a good laugh.
    Respect is what makes the world turn. And humor, food and drinks, good talks, art and love and sex make the world worth wile.


  10. Sexuality can go both ways. For girls, it is too soon,but for grown women, most decide on their persona, and know what type of image they project. Believe me, I work with a woman who uses her looks to get attention, and isn’t humble. In regards to the pic, it is beautiful but I didn’t think of you after sex, but before. You smolder.

  11. First impression: this woman on the stairs is confident and in control of the situation. She is not an object, even though her looks and her pose are very sexy and effective on my man’s mind. Her underwear looks comfy for her, unlike what female photo “objects” often wear. And the fact that she opens her legs exposing her moist crotch without any embarassment, gives me the impression that she is aware of her male observor and her effect on him in a way that almost makes him the object and her the observor…

    Of course, that’s in line with my perception of you as a strong, dominant and sexy woman, so I might be biased even in my first impression.

    Concerning the more typical erotic photos of women: I agree with what you and some of your readers already said, but there is another simple reason why women tend to be objectified: their bodies seem to be more elegant and more aesthetically pleasing not only to most men but also to women themselves. Of course, there is a lot of beautiful erotic art with male bodies also, but it seems to me that for such photos you need a perfect combination of male body, position, light, camera, photographer etc., while there are many women looking beautiful even on simple photos… Therefore, women are on average better photo objects and this also contributes to their objectification.

  12. Dear Mistress T,

    you look (as always) perfectly attractive in this pic.
    But i would not come to a final conclusion from one moment. i would see, what you reply to my actions. so i would consider it more like a dance in which anything can happen next.
    the might of the physical attraction might be very great and to see if i can get to the right conclusions against that is very attempting for itself.

  13. I see a powerful Goddess looking down with a taunting, disdainful glare. As if I were a slave who spent hours doing chores downstairs while hoping and praying for a reward. You order me to kneel at the bottom of the stairs and look at your wet pussy through your panties, taunting me with what I’ll never have. Letting me get a good long look before heading back up and noisily enjoying the company of one of your studs.

    I think there is something objectifying about the picture, but I don’t believe that female objectification is inherently sexist or misogynist. For me I find it intensely attractive when a woman takes control of her own sexuality in a confident and proud way. I feel that while there is an element of objectification to all sexy female pictures, whether like the one here or more traditional porn, as long as the woman involved is happy to be doing it and doing it because it pleases her then it is great. It’s why even as a submissive man I enjoy some fetish porn where men dominate women, especially when it includes an interview with the woman, or the woman posts her thoughts on a blog or twitter. Knowing that a woman is confident with herself and taking charge of her own body is great.

    Jeez I rambled on and I’m not sure if it makes sense but I hope it does. I guess to try and sum up I think that I enjoy porn that is “fair trade” Similarly to how I feel better buying coffee or food where I know that everyone involved in the production of it is being treated fairly and humanely. I think porn should be treated the same way.

  14. Mistress T,

    Its impossible for me to see you in any other role than that of an amazing dominant goddess. Its what I desire, and what you have created with your “body of work” (sorry about the obvious purposeful pun). If it was any other woman in the same pose, I would see her as certainly ready for some sexual encounter, but not necessarily dominant or submissive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….I believe that applies to this discussion as well. Most of us replying to this blog will see the photo as we normally see you. If you posted it in a different blog, you most likely would get a wider variety of responses. Either way I am just happy to fantasize about the opportunity to come home from work and see that picture!!

  15. I realize, upon reflection, that the domination I seek (and the submission I offer) has nothing to do with being the plaything of some bossy jerk but rather the partnership of a kindred spirit. I’m a musician and when I play along with someone else in a supportive role, I don’t feel I’m any less of a person. It’s a gift. It’s a kind of play, a deep mutual knowing.
    Sure, I love the hard consonants and wet vowels, the dirty names, but because I adore the person who is saying them knowing full well what they mean to me.

  16. Speaking as an inarticulate peasant who has lived his life in the shadows, my first impression would be one of fascination.
    It’s clear to me instantly that you look exactly how you want to look, are in control of the situation and it’s ok for me to be at the bottom of the stairs.
    I would look at your face in the next instant to see if I could pick up any visual cues.
    Is female objectification hard wired or not ?
    Well both, in my view.
    We are after all only animals albeit with a developed cerebral cortex, and testosterone charged animals do what they do and often the hormones take precedence over any value judgements from the brain.
    The other things come down to the culture within society, peer pressure and money – sex sells.

  17. the expression is unapologetic, frank.

    whatever the ‘state’ of the vagina, it’s in center-stage, talking to me.

    naked, i would be on all fours having been commanded up.

    service feet, of course, and receive whatever wetness comes forth from the vagina.

    words of Superiority from Mistress’s lips. some coarse, some humiliating, some directive — all emphasizing the Control.

    hard-wired? there’s an element of size, musculature, birth-attendance, and such that dictates some kinds of social arrangement from the start, but individual ‘balances’ and sheer chance likely temper that. as in strong/weak father/mother — siblings who take on such roles — outsiders (teachers/religious figures/neighbors).

    why are my predilections such as they are? i’ve only guessed, and am not sure.

    certainly, i’ve learned from you (and others), and a few (you’re one) are open and honest enough, not simply pushing the commercial buttons.

    for me, intelligence is the key factor. ‘dripping pussy’ alone doesn’t do it. it has to be assigned meaning by someone with a directive smartness and likely strong acting talent.

  18. I am surprised how well you write, and also by the comments from your fans.
    I have tried to understand the way sexual attraction works, and the transfer of power, submission, and many related topics … and failed. At the end I find more important not to understand it but to live it. I can’t explain why I would love to worship you and be abused so badly … but I am happy I know what I feel, and ready to live the way I feel and never judge those who are different. You are lovely, terrifying, sexy, a dream come true.

  19. Sex is never about establishing control or completely giving up control for me. I guess that is why I will never fully understand the whole psychology behind enjoying being dominated or humiliated. I’m very care free and easy going. I don’t stress about being in control of every situation. I feel bad if people love being dominated, or spanked, or whipped or whatever in bed because the urge to be in control of every moment is their life’s obsession, and letting go of that urge is their main source of release. A lot of major aspects of life are a competition. We all know life can be a shitty rat race. Sex is one of the few things in life where I’m actually working with an other person towards a common goal of both of us feeling great and having fun. Oh yeah, and T: you look hot. If I turned a corner and saw you on the stairs like that I would probably try to act cool and lean on the stair banister, but miss and fall on my face.

  20. *Long time watcher, first time talker*

    I am the only man in an office with 40 women….I’m very damaged…nuff said 😉

  21. My first thought, “Hi, you wanna head down to the In-N-Out burger for a bite to eat?” Then see where it goes from there….But that’s just me. 😉

  22. Its incredible to feel your woman power in your perfect line, begining by your hair, your eyes….going down to your pussy covered like provocating devotion without talk. I admire your particular view and mind, is very original and exclusive. When I see you that photo I feel the butterflies in my mind and my pennis loosing the control asking for please and serve you without limits.
    Its incrdible your cuckolding and force bi power you have only with your voice.
    you must be on the Top porno stars. thank you for share your creations!

  23. I’m interested always by the language & grammar of the camera. How angles create meaning and can contribute to objectification, power, domination, submission etc.

  24. I see an artist, a seeker, a sensitive woman with a good heart. At the same time, I see a giant ego craving for attention. Overall, a fellow human being who just wants to be loved.

    I feel more respect for you than for most of the “respectable” people who are around, even if the path you chose will more easily lead you to perdition rather than bliss.

    The ego you are cultivating is nothing more than a monster with an insatiable appetite for power and attention who’s obscuring the real light in you.

    The love you seek is beyond that ego, I wish you will find it someday because our world needs it.

    You are a beautiful human being.

  25. I see a dominating woman forcing her cuckold to crawl up the stairs, service her feet, and feed on the other man’s cum seeping out of your panties.
    Whether that is done in blackmail or other is not the matter here, as you want sexual gratification by servitude and submission to you.
    You are the dominant party and you want to enjoy the cum making you orgasm as much as possible.
    This is how your organs functions and you deserve it.

    As for the woman objectification part, I read it was often attempted in porn. However, objectification also has to do with using human as furniture or objects, like ashtray, etc… Also, I don’t believe objectification is directly related to porn, although it may be derived partly, by suggestions.

    Thank you for the photo.

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