Honoring Gaspman’s Memory

I loved Gaspman so much.

I loved Gaspman so much.

My very close friend, known to many as “Gaspman”, recently passed after an inspiring battle with cancer. He was days away from his 59th birthday.

The name “Gaspman” came from his hundreds of legendary facesitting scenes on Club Stiletto. He was also famous in the pony riding & shoulder riding world, known for his impressive strength & endurance.

He demonstrated that a man could gracefully submit to a woman while being extraordinarily strong, both physically & mentally. He was a gentleman with impeccable manners who truly worshiped women. He worshiped from a place of worthiness, not worthlessness, pampering & caring for women in a way that was endearing & respectful. He was like a warrior that could fiercely protect you in battle but then shower you with the most gentle kisses.

We worked together for years creating FemDom films. They were often ‘party shoots’ where we’d have some drinks and food between filming scenes and continue on for hours after filming was wrapped. We had SO much fun. He loved to entertain & socialize. He was charismatic and adventurous. He became very close friends, like family to me. He was always supportive and encouraging. A very positive influence in my life. Losing him has been one of the most painful things I’ve ever gone through.

In the FemDom fetish film world he leaves a legacy. He started making FemDom vids about 12 years ago before the technology was easy to use, before it was even as acceptable as it is now. He did it out of pure passion for the fetishes he loved, mainly shoulder riding/pony riding & ass worship…but he loved most anything to do with worshiping women. You’ll find him in hundreds of scenes happily worshiping many beautiful Goddesses.

He lived a full life…and this is important. In his 20’s he had been in a successful rock bank that played in front of thousands of adoring fans. After he had a successful and meaningful ‘vanilla’ career. He was an amazing son, brother, uncle, father, partner & friend. He loved to cook, especially meat and rich, delicious foods. He loved to have drinks with friends and in his younger rock n’ roll days I’m sure he enjoyed that lifestyle to the fullest too, if ya know what I mean? With that in mind I asked him near the end if he had known back then that his indulgent lifestyle may one day cause him to have a shorter lifespan if he would have changed anything? He said without hesitation: no. He lived an amazing life, several lives really. He lived fully, passionately, positively. He had FUN, he laughed, he brought joy & love to many….and he will be missed by many.

About a year ago I made this little video featuring him:


At that time he had heroically won his first battle with cancer & had been doing well…but had just started to have some indications that maybe there was something else wrong.

He continued to fight bravely and was an inspiration. When he felt well enough I would come over & listen to music with him on his amazing sound system in his living room. This blog post about music appreciation was about him:


When he wasn’t feeling well enough I’d just lay in bed with him watching TV. Even on those days, when his energy was low he was brimming over with positivity.

The last day I saw him was a great day. We had cake & champagne for a family birthday. He hadn’t had a drink in a very very long time so it was especially indulgent for him. We laughed & talked as if everything was fine. I’m glad that that is my last memory of him. Him doing what he always enjoyed so much: eating & drinking with loved ones. The simple things in life, right?

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Casting call! (No experience req’d)

Although I have worked with professionals a few times in the past I film almost exclusively with fans & personal friends/lovers. That means that YOU could have a chance to be in my films. Pretty thrilling, eh?

Here’s everything you need to know:

#1. At this time I’m only filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you aren’t here or coming here in the next month please do NOT email me asking if I’m planning to come to your city. I film in the UK in the spring & fall. Other than that, these days I’m only filming in Vancouver.

#2.¬† I’m currently looking for film slaves for the following roles:

Stunt cocks for hand job vids & possible intercourse (bulls in cuckolding scenes). You must have a BIG/THICK, fully functioning cock. That means you can get erect, stay erect & ejaculate fairly easily. I can work with premature ejaculators but I can’t work with guys that are super difficult to get off. I need cum shots. Any race or age (18-60) is fine if you have a good body for filming: not super hairy & no big tummies. Of course, the better looking you are the more interested I’m going to be. Video is a visual medium!

>BONUS if you show your face on film and/or are okay getting your cock sucked by another dude.

Mistress T with a huge cock.

Big cocks & huge cum loads make me HAPPY!

Black bulls with BBC given preference...naturally:-)

Black bulls with BBC given preference…naturally:-)

Cuckolds who suck cock & will eat cum (not cream pies as I only have condom-covered sex in Vancouver). This is the opposite of the stunt cock. I don’t care how hairy/fat or ugly you are & the smaller & more useless your dick is the better! You must be okay with being humiliated & showing your face on film. Bonus if you can take it in the butt (strap-on).

Mistress T in a cuckolding scene.

My sissy, cuckold hubby fluffs a bigger cock for me…

Cuckolding, cocksucking filmed with Mistress T.

Screenshot from a cuckolding vid with ‘Encouraged Bi’ for my site.

Strap-on bottoms: do you have a gaping slut hole that can handle very large insertions? Great! I don’t really care what you look like but bonus if you’re attractive, have a functioning cock & show your face. Must be able to take HUGE toys in your butt.

Mistress T with a large strap-on.

Giant strap-on scene for my site. Wow, right?

Mistress T & Deviant Kade

Deviant Kade taking my big black dick…

Facsitting/ass worship slaves & pony boys (scenes for Club Stiletto): must show face.

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass...but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass…but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

Mistress T pony riding.

A nice day for a ride on the Club Stiletto pony!

Would I REALLY be talking on the phone?!

Ass worship! Get in there!

My club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth

My Club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth. (Shoulder riding)

#3. I don’t pay males in my vids. I figure that getting to hang out with me & do kinky stuff is enough of a treat…and a great opportunity for those who can’t afford a private session. Also, with a reference from me you could have a chance to film with other Goddess’s like Kandy Kink, Miss Jasmine, Bijou Steal, etc…I also have on occasion whored out my ‘film slaves’ to girlfriends for personal fun (not filmed).

#4. You must be over 18, be photographed holding your photo ID beside your face + sign a model release (even if you don’t show your face in the vid). These records are kept VERY secure & would only ever be used if YOUR age or consent was every questioned by the proper authorities…so probably never, but by law I need to collect it, so I do.

#5. To apply send a brief, polite email with the following:

– state that you are in Vancouver or the dates you will or can be here. (Again, I film in Vancouver only at this time). I won’t cover your travel expenses.

– list exactly what you’re willing to do/interested in doing on film. (Suck cock? Take a big strap-on? Want to be a ‘bull’?)

– include appropriate photo’s (clear nude torso with erect penis, try using the bathroom mirror). Include your face if you’re willing to go unmasked.

– DO NOT send a long flowery, complimentary email or try to engage me in sexy email chat. This part is all business for me. I’m coordinating scenes & filling roles. It’s personal when it’s in person but email is logistical. Be respectful of my time & to the point.

Email address: MsT@MistressT.net

Mistress T

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Video teasers & fun

I made a couple of fun vids recently & posted them on the free ‘PREVIEWS’ page of my site: http://www.MistressT.net/free_video

I keep meaning to do more of these. There’s a lot ‘behind the scenes’ in the vids you see. Many of the people I film with are personal friends & have been for years. There are often bloopers & funny stuff that hits the cutting room floor during editing. Sometimes the craziest stuff happens after the cameras go off.

I have been filming a lot with my friends at Club Stiletto recently. When we work together we film some scenes for their site & some for my site. These vids are from those shoots.


Go on…click it!

You can click it!

You can click it!

Mistress T

Members site: http://www.MistressT.net
PPV: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869
Blog: http://www.MistressT.net/blog/
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That’s life.

Life has it’s ups & downs…

Yesterday I was invited for dinner with the Club Stiletto crew. These people are like family. We’ve been filming together for over six years but our personal friendship has grown into something even more special. Shoots these days are as much about personally connecting as they are about work…& the experiences are always positive & enriching.

Yesterday I brought along my boy toy. The one who loves my feet & ball busting. The boy I wrote about just over a month ago: http://www.mistresst.net/blog/uncategorized/sex-cuckolding-in-reality/

He’s still in the picture & things have moved along…to what, I am reluctant to try to define or label. It’s nice. I’m happy.

We filmed a couple quick scenes & took some pics then got on with the drinks, food & fantastic conversation.

Here’s some snaps:

Mistress T pony riding.

A nice day for a ride on the Club Stiletto pony!

Mistress T kneeing a lucky slave in the nuts.

Nothing says “I love you” like a knee in the gonads.

Mistress T & slave.

Isn’t it romantic? I know, even I’m surprised at how erotic ball abuse can be…

So as you can see from the ball abuse pics…our relationship might be a little unusual. I never thought that I would actually find ball busting arousing. I do: with him. We go out dancing at fetish parties. I kick him in the balls & he gets hard. It turns me on & we make out. The way he reacts when I abuse his balls is so fucking sexy, so passionate. He loves it & surrenders to it beautifully. He also loves my feet & worships them during sex which sends me over the moon. My feet are certainly an erogenous zone.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re not interested in all the details of my sex life…wait, that’s probably all you’re interested in…but there’s more to life than sex…

We had a fun evening with friends & left mid evening a little tipsy. I wanted to continue so we made the rounds, going to see a friend who was singing at a bar, going to see our pal Samantha Mack who was DJing at a strip club & we ended the night at my favorite gay bar silly dancing to fantastic music while my boy got hit on by cute gay fellas. My boy isn’t exactly 100% straight so this all added to the fun.

Back at my place we snacked on home made salsa he had made & brought to me as a gift. We went to bed & he woke me up in the morning with a kiss & “Good morning beautiful”. I confess, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. As hard core as I can seem in my vids I am a softy & a romantic in other ways. There’s not many gals who wouldn’t want to wake up like that.

I said at the beginning that life has its ups & downs. This afternoon I got a message from a dear friend that his cat had passed away. I made my way over to his place. I held him & cried with him. I listened to his heart breaking story of his pets last hour. I then had to help him figure out what to do with the expired cat. It’s unlawful to bury an animal in Vancouver so I checked with the SPCA & confirmed we could bring him there for cremation. The cat was wrapped in a towel but I felt he should go in a plastic bag. I closed the door so my friend wouldn’t watch while I put his beloved pet in the bag. I had never handled a dead animal like that & was surprised by the weight & stiffness. I carried the bag carefully to the car & off we drove to the SPCA. I sent my friend to look at the dogs while I waited for assistance. There was a long wait & I sat there with a dead cat in a garbage bag on my lap while other people adopted their new pets. It was surreal.

Life isn't always sunshine & lollipops. Sometimes it's about waiting with a dead cat on your lap to arrange cremation.

Life isn’t always sunshine & lollipops. Sometimes it’s about waiting with a dead cat on your lap to arrange cremation.

I spent hours with my friend until it was time for him to go play hockey and just as I arrived home I got a message from another friend who just had her heart broken by a boy. Off I went to offer what comfort I could. It’s a brave person who can love with all their heart knowing the potential for pain & heart ache.

Tomorrow I have a friends daughters bat mitzvah in the morning & another friends wedding in the evening.

This is life. People love & lust, pets die, hearts get broken, daughters grow up, people get married…I am no different than many of you reading this. I hope my blog serves as a reminder that porn stars are people with real lives, not just objects or fuck dolls.

It’s time for bed. It’s been a long day of being a supportive friend but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my work, I really do…but the friendships I have in my life give my life real meaning. I love being the 1st one called when support is needed.


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