Relaxing in Phoenix…

I write this from sunny Phoenix in a comfortable apartment I rented for a couple of weeks. I’ll soon head out to the Jacuzzi & maybe take a swim in the heated pool. Not sure it’s hot enough for that today, we’ll see.

I can relax...see! :-)

I can relax…see! 🙂

I’ve only been in Phoenix for a couple of days & I haven’t seen much yet. After moving around so much (7 places in 2 weeks!) I was ready to just chill, read, make love in the middle of the day, eat at home & sleep. I’m reading “Sex At Dawn” in case you’re interested…& I’ve been watching “Blacklist” on Netflix.

It was quite an action-packed 2 weeks. Lots of visits with friends, lots of beautiful terrain, discovering new places, etc. I filmed some fantastic content in Vegas with Slave Wade, who Lexi Sindel graciously loaned to me. Sharing is caring!

Poor Slave hard to hold off cumming with Lexi's & my feet taunting him...

Poor Slave Wade….so hard to hold off cumming with Lexi’s & my feet taunting him…

I almost had a session in Vegas but that didn’t work out at planned. I only accept the occasional generous booking these days & I always require a deposit. Any Pro Domme will tell you that guys who book sessions often flake out, cancel, chicken out, etc. It’s just part of the business. Even when they make a deposit they’ll often jam out but it does make those incidents less irritating.

So I accepted a booking with a deposit & arrived at the clients hotel early to enjoy the spa & to have a snack with my boyfriend in the cafe. A half an hour before the session the client emailed to say that he was so nervous he’d given himself an upset tummy so needed to cancel. I told him that he should at least come say hello & not miss the opportunity to meet me. He said he was on his way down.

I waited. I finished my food & paid. He hadn’t shown up. I emailed to say I was leaving & he said he was just too nervous to meet me. As I was leaving I saw a shifty guy looking at me funny. I paused long enough to give him a chance to say hello. He didn’t. I figured it was him but what was I to do? I walked away as he was emailing me to please come back & give him another chance. I didn’t but he sent more money for wasting my time.

What do you think about that?

Here’s a blast from the past. When I was a newbie Domme (nearly a decade ago) I used to go to cities like Calgary & do these crazy marathon work days. Holed up in a basic 3 star hotel room for a few days seeing 6-9 clients a day (1-2 hour sessions). I had a limited offering & hotel rooms were not equipped like dungeons so my sessions were often similar. Tying guys to beds or chairs, CBT/NT, sensory deprivation, golden showers, foot/boot worship and a whole lot of strap-on. I used to get reviewed on a popular review site & after one of these trips 3 different guys gave almost identical reviews. Oops. *smile*

Mistress T strap-on circa 2007

I did a whole lotta strap-on in my early days…

Those days are behind me. No more assembly line sessions. I take them when I’m in the mood, when I think I’ll enjoy someone & when the money is compelling enough. I confess, I get a rush out of being offered a lot of money for a little of my time & attention. Maybe there’s a bit of a Financial Domme in me after all?

So here I am in Phoenix, trying to set up filming in the next couple of weeks. I know I can only relax for so long before getting antsy. I thrive on being productive and I want to film. My happy place is in front of the camera. I have a couple of guys lined up this week but I don’t count my chickens until their hatched. I haven’t had as many applicants as I would have liked. Not yet anyway. Frankly, I’m surprised…although it seems that the more famous I become the more intimidated guys get. The nervous Vegas guy isn’t the first one to chicken out like that.

I’m just a nice, normal person in real life. I’m really fun to film with, nothing to be scared of.

Okay, maybe be a little scared:-)

Okay, maybe be a little scared:-)

After Phoenix we’re heading to Joshua Tree & Palm Springs for about 10 days then doing a faster road trip back up to Vancouver. Probably not stopping long enough anywhere on the way home to see anyone, but it’s a road trip after all, which allows more flexibility.

In other news, I’ve revived my Tumblr account & will start posting more on there…if you’re into that sort of thing?

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6 thoughts on “Relaxing in Phoenix…

  1. That first picture, of you in the pool, is my favorite picture of you EVER. You look so happy and relaxed, and that’s how I wish you were in every moment.



  2. Glad to be back on your contact list, Miss T…

    re that no-show…my escort friends have told me in the past that no-shows are part of the trade for the various reasons you mention above, but I never reflected on the idea that ‘subs’ might have even more problems with seeing the whole idea through due to a heightened version of the same concerns…

    I think the fact that he sent on an extra ‘gratuity’ is a sign that he has a ceratin amount of character, though…

    Would you agree???

  3. I’ve missed Your posts! Thank You for this most recent one. As a pro-Domme, and A Person who presents as someone who enjoys and feeds off the power You have over others…my question/surmise is this…

    Was the incident of him sending a deposit, and additional tribute… and You still refusing to see him after giving him every chance…as powerful a psychological buzz for You as if You had actually sessioned with him in person? In many ways, from my perspective, this is as potent a confirmation of your power, maybe more so…considering there was no physical contact, yet You were still so deeply into his head, his heart, his emotions.

    I’ve seen You on video, and while I hope I wouldn’t be too scared to meet You…I can most certainly relate!


    • Compensating me for my time was the right thing to do. I would have preferred to have been paid for something I’d done though.

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