Top 3 Favorite Places

I just tweeted to my 46K followers that I’m taking requests for a blog post today. I quickly received a variety of topics but the one that stood out was this one from  :

I’d love to know if you have a top say 3 places to visit in the world. For either work or pleasure Mistress. Xx”
That seems appropriate considering that I am traveling right now (in Phoenix).
Before listing 3 places I’ll give you a bit of background, for those who don’t know me very well (yet).
I love to travel. I caught the travel bug at 18 when I took my first trip to Cancun, Mexico from Nova Scotia. I’d never been out of the province & never been in an airplane. It was a huge adventure & I was hooked. I started traveling every chance I could. I have now been all over Canada & the US, including a few trips to Hawaii. India (twice), Toyko, Thailand (5 times), Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bali, Cuba, Belize, Mexico (4 times), England (8 times?), Paris (3 times), Amsterdam, Brussels, Italy, Berlin, Budapest, Greece…I think that’s all?
Most of the travel was on a shoestring budget/back packing. For example, I spent 3 weeks traveling around Cuba, staying in Cuban’s homes, not in a resort. I’ll give Cuba an honorable mention for the wonderful people & their sexy dancing: yum.




My #1 favorite place is Thailand. I like the warmth, I love the food, the people are friendly, the beaches are stunning, getting frequent Thai massages for around $10 agrees with me (everything is very affordable there) & it’s an easy/safe place to travel.


My #2 favorite place is Maui. Mostly because of Little Beach which is a gay-friendly, clothing-optional beach. Being naked in an open-minded setting is my happy place. The weather is also great in Maui. It is part of the US so it’s very civilized which for me is both a pro & a con. I enjoy experiencing different cultures so I find the familiarity both boring & a comfort. My only real complaint about beautiful Maui is that it tends to be a bit expensive.


My #3 favorite place is Paris. I find beaches more relaxing than cities but as far as cities go, it’s hard to beat Paris (although New York is pretty awesome too!). I love the architecture, the museums, the fashion…but most of all: the food! I dream of their fresh croissants, their cheese, their wine…it seems like everything tastes better in Paris. I also get a kick out of their surly & indifferent service. Servers in cafe’s & restaurants don’t work for tips so they don’t lay on syrupy sweet phony customer service. I enjoy the honesty of their indifference to me. It’s a refreshing change.


In writing this post I found myself remembering the positive things about all the places I’ve traveled. Sometimes it was the views, sometimes it was the architecture, the food, the people, the weather, the culture…sometimes the person I traveled with made the experience more or less enjoyable. Mostly though it was what I learned about myself through travel. For example, my own personal limits to discomfort, stress, unfamiliarity, etc. My ability (or inability) to maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations. I learned what I’m actually not that bothered by (I have a much higher tolerance for dirt when traveling, for example…I’ve slept on the floor of filthy trains in India, I’ve stayed in some pretty dodgy places all over the world, I am less bothered by my own personal hygiene when traveling & will wear cloths a lot more in between washing than I normally would…& I don’t care.)
I’ve learned to be more accepting of different people & different cultures. This is not an insignificant thing. It perhaps played into my being more accepting of people with a variety of fetishes & kinks.
I could go on & on about travel. A topic I am extremely passionate about. I’ve had amazing adventures & experiences. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

LA, Maui & beyond…

I’ve just returned to civilization after being in the county with family for several days. When was the last time you went several days without internet? It made me realize how very addicted I am to the computer, twitter, email, etc.

I might do a blog post about my family adventures this week…I’ll decide later. For now, I have pictures to share from my shoot with MeanBitches in LA! (See below).

Also, my first shoot with / Divine Btiches came out this week. See pics, the trailer and forum comments here:

The pics below are from my shoot with the talented director ‘Glenn’ from MeanBitches/MeanDungeon/MeanWorld. It was a great day with a team that operated like a well oiled machine. Brooke Haven, Glenn’s fantastic Production Assistant picked me up from my hotel & got me set up with the hair & make-up lady who did a professional job (although again, heavier make-up than I’m used to). The slave was a dream to work with. Very easy going with a great sense of humor. The shoot was a lot of fun.

A couple of days later I spent the night at Lexi Sindel’s FemDom Empire ( Along with Mina Thorne (clips4sale37562), Deviant Kade & Lexi’s useful slave we pounded out a record breaking ten scenes in one evening! (See pics below)

The next morning I flew to Maui where I spent a relaxing week with friends. (See pics below)

I am now in Nova Scotia visiting family (now in a place WITH internet!). I will likely return to Vancouver later this week. (A rolling stone gathers no moss, right?)

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MeanBitches shoot in LA - A very animated slave!

MeanBitches shoot in LA - a boot cleaning chair? Awesome.

On MeanBitches set in LA

Lexi Sindel, Mina Thorne & I (what slave?)

Lexi Sindel & I (what slave?)

Maui Sunset

Live hard, die young.

Naked snorkeling rocks!

Safety 1st! (Me preparing to snorkel in Maui with fun floaty.)