A real slave’s experience with ME!

Part of the idea of my blog is to give you a different perspective of me. I’m not just a porn star, an actress, a Goddess in your fantasies…I’m a real person who lives a pretty interesting real life.

There once was a man who I knew from a local regular business. When he had served me there I noticed that he was extra service oriented and wondered if he knew I was also ‘Mistress T’ a Dominatrix and fetish film performer. I recently got my answer when he started following me on twitter. For those who think this could be ‘creepy’ I’ll say that it all depends on the person, the circumstances, how they approach, etc. In this case, there was nothing creepy about it.

He had known who I was, he was a fan. He now approached me respectfully and carefully and explained that he was an experienced slave. I checked his references and concluded that he could potentially be a useful personal slave and film slave.

I decided to test him out and allowed him to accompany me to a New Years fetish party. This is his ‘essay’ on his experience:

“I got a very special privilege this New Year’s eve. Not only did I get to meet Mistress T for a pre party but also wished Her a happy New year at midnight.  
I was not prepared with New Year’s Eve plans when I was twitting with Mistress T and She mentioned going to the SinCity event. She remembered that I had attended in the past. And She had an extra ticket. Well I did not have to be asked twice. LOL
The before party was right down the street from where Sincity meets. There was about 10 or 12 people all clad in fetish wear, drinks in hand, having a great time. Mistress T was in a lingerie set, bra, panties, stockings and garter.  She is outstanding, and that goes without saying!
Oh to be more of the social butterfly, as a new person in a group of well-established friends. I faired pretty well and met a group of good people, the fetish community is great that way! Everyone is very accepting.  Mistress T used me as a seat for a time and another guest ask that I give Her a massage.  As Mistress T got up She whispered to me ”Better do a good job or else!” as the other lady sat down in front of me and I began. She wanted Her shoulders and back rubbed, very toned body, i was one happy slave. She had me massage Her for about 10 minutes. After receiving a positive review, Mistress returned me in to Her chair. Unfortunately after about 15 more minutes, my knees were feeling the effects of the concrete floor i was on. Instead of falling over I asked Mistress to allow me stand up. Needless to say, She was not happy with me, in hindsight I should have mentioned my knee problem. But no use crying over spilt milk. It was time to go to the club.
Once at the Sincity event, Mistress T had me go about on my own. I got the opportunity to meet up with Her throughout the evening. Buying Her drinks and She teased and choking me throughout the evening.  On the dance floor, Mistress T had me deliver a drink to Her. She was dancing with a male friend. Watching Her interact with the other man is just like being in one of Her cuckolding videos on Her website. She moved around him, watching me for my reactions. She then reached out and grabbed my throat. I did not realize She could read minds as well. Being at the mercy of a woman with Her hands around my throat is a huge fantasy of mine. I should also admit a need to be cuckolded as well. 
I am sure She saw me watching Her throughout the night. It was a thrill to watch Her and risk Her telling me to leave the club. Or worse out right ban me from Her presence. She is very good at teasing a slave. To be a target for Her, is any slave’s dream. She is a naturally Dominant Woman and can pick apart any slave.     
Thank You again Mistress T for allowing me to be part of Your evening! I hope to earn a place in Your stable of slaves.
slave steve”

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Human? Chair? Same thing...

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