A Gentleman’s Guide To Submission

dark_cleavageI usually avoid writing generalized “how-to” guides because although some things are universal I feel that every Domme/sub relationship should be customized.

What follows here is only my opinion. I do not speak for all Professional Dominants/online Dommes, regular life non-pro Dommes, etc.

I’ve long said that what I value most in a submissive man is good manners. To be honest, I value good manners in every person. It goes beyond just being Canadian with politeness bred into my bones. It’s not necessarily the formality of proper manners that you often get with the British (which I find delightful), it can be more casual & friendly…but the heart of it is consideration & thoughtfulness. A good submissive simply THINKS of the Dominant’s needs or wants BEFORE his own, every time.

At the risk of over-simplifying it, it really can be that simple. Just putting the Dommes needs before his own.

Taking a slightly different angle, think of it as being cared for. If you are a good submissive you ‘care’ about how your Domme feels. You care that she is happy, content, etc. You get pleasure from knowing you have made her happy. In a similar way as you would feel if you were caring for a sick person, a young person, someone who needs your help, a pet, a wounded animal, etc. If you helped someone change a tire, you would feel good. If you helped an old lady bring heavy groceries up a set of stairs to her apartment, you would feel good. If you saved a puppy that was just about to fall off a balcony, you would feel good. You get the point. The chemicals that are released which produce the emotions that make you feel good are basically the same.

So in a way, serving well is somewhat self-serving. But if you didn’t like the way it made you feel to be a good submissive than you probably wouldn’t be into that, right?

This is at the heart of submission.

Now, there is another side to ‘submission’ that sadly, if more prevalent. The so-called slave who just wants a woman to act as a puppet to fulfill his fantasies. He wants her to do specific sex acts, like piss on him, fuck him in the ass, put him in chastity, kick him in the balls, spank him, cross dress him, make him suck cock, etc. etc. It’s perfectly fine to hire a Professional Dominatrix to perform those services but understand that you are not submitting to fulfill the desires of your Mistress. It’s a different thing.

Many just have a fetish & aren’t necessarily interested in submission. They just like feet, or pantyhose, etc. and that’s fine. But one should always be a gentleman.

In my case, it is possible to hire me to fulfill your fantasy of submission, you can request certain activities, let me know what your boundaries (hard limits) are…and that’s all well & good. No judgement there. It’s how Pro Domming usually works. With structure. But consider the depth & sincerity of your experience. Consider a slight shift in your thinking. Instead of thinking only about the services you want performed, think about how you can best behave to please your Mistress. Find out what she enjoys & try it, even if it’s not top of your list, just to experience the feeling of sacrificing a little to give someone else pleasure.

Personally, I like a strong submissive. A man who is a gentleman. Not a weakling that I can bully & push around, but a man who gracefully chooses to submit to me. I like a slave who has self respect & whom I can respect.

I don’t have a lot of rules to be universally followed. It’s more of a philosophy. If you come from the right spirit than it will be received as such. That is the base from which everything else is built.

Mistress T

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A special re-connection…

MistressT Fetish Goddess

Looking back…

Way back when I was a new Pro Domme I had a house boy nicknamed “Puppy”. We had an amazingly comfortable & delightful relationship. I didn’t know then how lucky I was. I have since realized that most so-called house boys end up being high-maintenance, drama-plagued disappointments.

Puppy was anything but a disappointment. He tried really hard to please me in every way & he usually achieved that goal. He was a pleasure to have around but after several months of excellent service his work took him away & he sadly left me.

I was never able to replace him & eventually gave up on house boys & personal servants all together. I remembered him fondly but didn’t hear from him for years.

Last week I received this email:

Hi Mistress T,

You will have to search your memory banks to remember me and I hope that your memories might be fond ones.  You named me ‘puppy’ and I was your service slave for some time when you were first starting out as a professional Dominatrix. 
I saw you recently at a fetish event and I wanted to say ‘hi’ but not surprisingly you were always surrounded by people.  I was not sure if you would remember me after so long and did not want make you feel awkward if I walked up and you did not remember me.  

I never said so this in your presence because I always got tongue tied but you are the most intelligent, graceful, articulate, thoughtful, funny, creative and all around amazing woman that I have ever had the honor of knowing.  You are also one of the most honorable, ethical and integrity filled people that I have ever met and I have had the good fortune to know lots of quality people in my life.  You always conducted yourself with grace and class and I have always admired all of those traits in you even after I was no longer serving you.

Thank you for teaching me all that you did.  And thank you for your patience with my many mistakes.  I delighted in pleasing you with my cooking.  I loved the idea that putting meals in your freezer was helping to take care of you, not that you needed to be taken care of, but simply as a symbol of my devotion.

I don’t really know why it has taken me this long to have the balls to contact you and say ‘hello’.  I understand if you are too busy and/or have no interest in returning my email.  I am happy with the simple thought that this email might please you or bring even a brief smile to that beautiful face of yours.  

Even if I do not hear back from you I wish you continued success in all you do.  Though that is really a given with your talent and intelligence.  I hope that your life is filled with much love, peace and happiness.

Your puppy

I was delighted to receive this email, naturally. As I mentioned, he served me in the beginning when I was still figuring things out. A lot has happened in the last eight years. I invited him to join me at a fetish event Saturday night. I received this email after:

Dearest Mistress T,

It was absolutely wonderful to see you last night.  I really enjoyed reconnecting with you again.  Thank you for your kind words and for graciously allowing me to dance with you and your slave.  Somehow you have grown even more charming, witty, graceful and beautiful than I remembered.  Trust me when I say that is no mean feat.  

I truly hold you in the highest regard.  Not just because you are ‘kinkyasfuck’.  But simply as a human being who has the courage to live life honestly and on her own terms.

With much affection,

I’m not sure yet what place puppy might hold in my life in the future but it’s nice to have him back & it would be nice to have him around. We’ll see. So many slaves, fans & clients have come & gone over the years. Some have stuck around but the nature of the business is that there are many single-serving relationships. It really means something to me to have longer term relationships.

Speaking of long-term vs. short-term…I’m excited to see one of my longest running, most devoted slaves in Orlando just before Christmas! He has been with me for years & we’ve followed each others ups & downs…the relationship is strong & mutually fulfilling. He’s taking me to Disney & I’m SO looking forward to it!

At this point I plan to only see him during my stay but if I end up with any free time I’ll contact those who have applied to be on an Orlando contact list (email: MsT@MistressT.net with “Orlando” in the subject line.)
Mistress T

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AVN’s in Vegas Jan 14-21

Please read Ceara Lynch’s blog post on this topic: http://cearalynch.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/casting-call-for-film-slaves/

In a nutshell, we are looking for a film slave or more than one during our upcoming visit to Vegas during the AVN’s Jan 14-21. Ceara & I did this last year & the ideal candidate flew in from Toronto & had the week of his dreams with us. He wrote a bunch of blog posts about his experience & there’s lots of vid’s that document his adventures.

It could be you this year! Again, read Ceara’s post for more details.

I will be releasing a new vid on Dec. 18, 2012 with Ceara that we filmed together in Seattle recently called: “Your Dicklet Makes Ceara Sick”. It will be available on my pay-per-view clips store but I can’t link to it from wordpress so go to my site to find the link: www.MistressT.net

Here’s the preview images:

Ceara Lynch and Mistress T in a small penis humiliaiton vid

“Your Dicket Makes Ceara Sick”

Ceara also just released a hot jeans fetish vid that we filmed together the same day:

ceara Lynch & Mistress T

“Jean Therapy” available now on her pay-per-vew store & soon on CearaLynch.com

“Jean Therapy” is available now on her clips store. Find the link here: http://www.cearalynch.com/links

So, there ya go. You could serve us in Vegas. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yup. Vegas is really cheap to fly to. Hotels are cheap. It’s hot there. Think about it. A naughty little get away. Make some memories. You only live once, right? I already have one slave coming all the way from London to serve us…but only for a couple days…so there’s still opportunities for…you?


Mistress T

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Filming doesn’t always go smoothly…

Fans of my films see the end result. The finished product, after all the set up, filming and editing. What goes on behind the scenes? Do you ever wonder? Do you wonder WHO the guy is? What his story is? Do you wonder if there were out-takes or bloopers? What happens when things don’t go as planned?

I hope this doesn’t pop the fantasy bubble for some of you, but I wanted to share an experience from today to give you a sense of the REALITY of the type of porn I create.

A few months ago a fan contacted me wanting to meet me. He lived far away in the US and after a few months and a hand full of emails he ended up coming to Vancouver. He really just wanted to meet me. A private session, coffee or filming was discussed and we settled on filming a foot job vid because he didn’t have enough money for a private session and I didn’t want to go on a date with him.

The moment he saw me he gushed that I was even more beautiful then they said I would be. I wondered who ‘they’ were but he was so nervous I just let it go.

He was young but showed me his ID to prove he was in his early 20’s (legal) and let me know right away he was sexually inexperienced. By that I assumed a virgin. I made him a cup of tea while he rambled on about what a huge fan he was and how amazing it was to finally meet me…he rambled about a bunch of other personal stuff too…I’m used to nervous guys doing this and just let him go on and on.

I didn’t say much as I set things up for filming, he was doing all the talking, watching me move around the room he paused mid sentence several times to say how beautiful I am in person.

Everything was all set and I told him to remove his cloths and lie down. His pubic hair wasn’t trimmed at all and he pretended to be surprised by it himself and said he ‘forgot’ to trim it…to which I replied: “You didn’t forget. Don’t lie. You have never trimmed that bush & you know I prefer it trimmed.” He apologized.

We started filming and he warned me that he would likely cum very quickly. He had filled out the film slave application from my blog so he knew I preferred film slaves who cum easily. I felt optimistic.

However, after several minutes of feet-on-cock action I could tell we were going to have problems. He said he needed to touch me. I allowed him to touch my leg. He asked to see me naked. I said no. He asked me to have sex with him. I said no. He said he needed more intimacy. I said: “You’ve come to the wrong place.”

At this point I’m thinking of you the reader. If you’re another Domme reading this you’re probably thinking either: “Jerk!” or “Yup, business as usual.” If you’re a guy reading this you’re probably thinking: “Geez, ya can’t blame the guy for trying!” or “Would it kill you to be a little nicer to the poor boy?”

I suggested that if he couldn’t actually cum from a foot job than we could do a tease and denial vid instead. He begged me not to, he said he needed to cum and that he could do it with his own hand. Now, I know that a vid with a guy jerking himself off on my feet isn’t going to be a big seller. I knew that by letting him do that I was pretty much putting the nail in the coffin of this shoot. All my time wasted. A vid that probably wouldn’t sell…but believe it or not, I have a soft spot. I told him to go for it. It was evident he was never going to cum from a foot job anyway. It wasn’t intimate enough for him.

After all was said and done he begged to film with me again. Promising he would do better next time…but also saying that he just needs more intimacy. I explained that you don’t go to a car mechanic to get your toilet fixed…and you don’t come to someone who specializes in humiliation and Domination for a cuddle.

He admitted to being a virgin. I asked if he really thought I would have sex with him and he said he hoped so and he was sure he would cum in like 30 seconds FOR SURE. I let him know that that wasn’t going to sell me on the idea. It’s not going to happen.

I feel bad for him. I do. To be a virgin in your early 20’s and to come so far just to meet the fantasy woman you’ve been jerking off to for years and then to be sexually rejected by her. As much as I do humiliation and cruelty in my vids, I actually didn’t get any pleasure from sending him away so sad. I wasn’t about to have pity sex with him though.

I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the vid yet. I’ll have to watch it and think about it. Here’s a still from the cum shot:

He shoots!…but he didn’t score…

If anyone has the thought that I wouldn’t have these issues if I hired professional male performers…understand that overall I prefer to work with real fans, personal lovers or friends. I think it gives my films a more authentic feel. I also really enjoy meeting and getting feedback from real fans…and I did enjoy meeting this boy today. I just didn’t enjoy sexually rejected him and I wish we could have created a better vid. You take the good with the bad though!

NEW NOTE (Added Aug 6, 2012): I decided to release the footage from this shoot. After watching it I felt like there was certainly enough hot stuff there for someone to jerk off to…but it’s also a very unique and interesting vid if you know the full story behind it. I did not edit out all the awkward bits either. This is the full, raw version:


(I can’t hyper link to clips4sale from here so you’ll have to do the extra work of copying & pasting the link. It’s called “Blooper Shoot Full Length”).

Mistress T

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Wanna be a porn star or film slave?

I was hanging out with my pals at Club Stiletto yesterday and we decided it’s time to recruit some new film slaves here in Vancouver.

Here’s everything you need to know BEFORE you apply to be in MY films:

#1. I never pay any males who appear in MY films.

Film slaves often pay me a tribute or bring me a gift to show their appreciation for my attention. You don’t have to do this…but if you’re of the mind that you should be compensated to serve me than you don’t have the right vibe to be in my films. I aim for authenticity and only film with real fans or personal lovers/friends.

(Club Stiletto might pay a film slave in an extreme scene like CRUEL PONY RIDING with SPURS. We are separate businesses so your arrangement with them would be separate from an arrangement with me.)

#2. IMPORTANT: You must be in VANCOUVER, BC. If you don’t live here you will have to pay your own expenses to come here. If you don’t have the budget for that, don’t apply!

I can’t stress this enough: read the above line. Do not write telling how you would be a perfect film slave if you can not physically be in the same room with me. Don’t waste my time!

#3. Filming is different from a private session. You may get your fantasy fulfilled or get your kink fix, but your priority must be on helping to create a quality film.

#4. Are you valuable to me?


-if you have an above average sized cock + a slim or fit build + you cum fairly easily: you might be useful for handjob/footjob/thigh fucking…maybe even sex scenes!

This is a coveted position and I am very fussy. Before you send that email take a hard look at yourself. If you have a gut, if you’re hairy, if your penis isn’t good looking, if you have body odor, if you’re a jerk or a creep: you will just be wasting your time. I’m not desperate.

If you are a premature ejaculator: that’s ok! I can work with that, BUT, if you take forever to cum or you are difficult to get off, etc. please don’t apply. This is a porn business and I need cum shots.

BONUS: if you’re ok with another guy sucking your dick (like in a cuckold scene).


-do you have a very small penis? If you’re ok with me making fun of it you might have what it takes to be a cuckold film slave.

BONUS if you are willing to suck cock and/or eat cum (yours or someone else’s.)

Looks don’t really matter as long as you have a small penis.


-can you take severe head scissoring and full weight face sitting?

-can you handle hard ball busting?

-can you carry women on your back/shoulders like a pony? Can you take spurs?

If so you might be useful to me and Club Stiletto.


If you think you would be useful to me in another way feel free to tell me about it. Can you cum on your own face? Cool. Are you into real public humiliation? Awesome. Do you have an unusual collection of chastity devices you like to wear? Interesting.

DO NOT just email me telling me you want to orally worship me. Guys who want to lick me are a dime a dozen. If that’s all you have to offer, it’s not enough.

5. Mask or no mask?

-if you are okay not wearing a mask you will be easier to work with, but this is not a deal breaker.

6. Age verification and model release.

-you must be over 18. You’ll need to show ID which you’ll be photographed with and you’ll need to sign a model release. This is kept confidential.

7. How to apply?

-email me with the information I’m going to need to base a decision on! Be clear!

~ Tell me if you live in Vancouver or if/when you’re planning to be here/if you have the budget to come here. (GEOGRAPHY is the most important thing, isn’t it?!)

~ Tell me what you’re into or what you’re willing to do. Include hard limits.

~ Include relevant pics. If your penis size is important, sure, send a pic of your johnson. Body & face too if you think it will factor into my decision. 90% of the time I’m going to prefer an attractive guy. I can pretty much only use unattractive small-dicked guys as cuckolds.

~ Let me know if you require a mask.

~ Include references if you have them.

NOTE: You will be taken more seriously if you prove you are a real fan who respects my work by either including a receipt for clips you’ve purchased from my clips store:


Or your username if you’re a member of my site:


EMAIL to apply (don’t leave a comment or tweet me): MsT@MistressT.net

Or email Club Stiletto (Pony Riding/Face Sitting/Trampling, etc.) webmaster@clubstiletto.com

Mistress T

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Is your dick’s nickname: Godzilla? Like gloved hand jobs? You might be of use to me!

Forced Bi Cocksucking? You see how happy it makes me?

Could you cum from a pantyhose foot job? Awesome.

Got a special skill, like being able to cum on your own face? Tell me all about it!

Do you like to be kicked in the nuts?

Head scissoring hurts like hell…can you take it?

FREE PORN! Yes, really.

I’m being generous. Plain & simple.

I have added an entire free vid to the PREVIEWS section of my site:


You can stream or download it without being a member of my site.

This is a full length sample vid.

One of personal fantasies (that has occasionally come true in real life) is to have one or more sex slaves. Men that are primarily used for sex. Men with cocks I enjoy fucking. Men with good mouths and skilled hands who are trained to please me in the specific ways I enjoy. I would also share these sex slaves with my girlfriends. I would be proud of my possession and want to show it off. I would want my friends to enjoy themselves too.

In this vid I play out one of my fantasies. The exciting moments before a big event. Full of anticipation as if at the top of a roller coaster about to go down. My trained sex slave will be put to work satisfying some of my special friends. I want him to be able to stay hard all evening without getting too excited and having an ‘accident’ (cumming when he shouldn’t). So I milk a load of cum out of him to better prepare him for service.

It’s a sexy handjob vid with a more complex and erotic storyline. As a bonus, glove fetishists and latex fans will have some eye candy.

Sex Slave Pre Party Milking

If you want to see more you can either join my members site or get pay-per-view vids from my clips4sale store. I can’t hyper link to it from WordPress but you can copy & paste the link (remember to bookmark it!):


If you’re not already following me on Twitter, you really should:

Vegas, baby.

Ceara Lynch invited me to share her hotel room in Vegas during the AVN’s (adult video awards & expo/convention thingy). Ceara & I have been friends for a couple of years. I have a great deal of admiration & respect for her…so of course I said YES!

She has written an excellent blog entry about the trip with lots of great pics:


I’m not as inclined to give a detailed day-by-day play-by-play…I’ll just write a more organic account of my trip, some highlights, etc.

The slave who won the opportunity to serve us for the trip was Slave Jay. He had said all the right things in his email introduction, had some experience in his personal life, seemed sane, wasn’t bad looking & made the deposit to show he was serious. We had some great correspondence prior to meeting so we already were somewhat familiar. He met me at the airport and we were together pretty much constantly until the last moment when I boarded my plane back home.

I’m a fan of ‘personal slaves’. Having done hundreds (maybe thousands?) of private sessions when I was a Pro Domme I am more-or-less done with the structured format of a planned, paid-by-the-hour session. I prefer a lot of casual time with spontaneous moments. For example: I prefer to get a foot rub right now when my feet are tired, rather than when a slave is paying me to worship my feet during a pre-planned session. Make sense? I’m also a natural Dominant so feel comfortable just being myself around a submissive male. I don’t need to put on an act or play a role. I find the slaves who fall the deepest for me are the ones who get to spend casual time with me…and I in turn enjoy them more when they are most genuine in their desire to please & serve.

Slave Jay tried so hard to please. I never paid for a single taxi ride or meal the entire time. It’s not so much that the money adds up as it’s so nice to be treated like a Goddess, never having to open my purse. He would draw my baths for me, sit by the tub giving me foot rubs, chatting with me…he kept our hotel room tidy, made our beds, brought us breakfast in the morning, etc. He was helpful, useful and pleasant to be around. He was an excellent film slave, willing to do pretty much anything. In public he would carry my jacket, open doors, etc.

He made a couple of mistakes for which he was punished. When he was late bringing breakfast he had to kneel on sharp bathroom tiles in bare knees for 30 minutes. Very painful & humiliating in front of Ceara and Rene. Another day he spoke out of turn (the details of this infraction will remain private). The punishment for this had to be harsh & memorable. He needed to learn his lesson. He was bent over the bed, hands secured behind his back and ball gagged. He was told there was no safe word. The punishment would be painful but not dangerous. I already knew that he had been caned & whipped in the past. I knew he could take it…but this would be more severe than anything he had experienced. It was not done in a sensual way. It was punishment. No warm up. I meant to leave brutal marks. Below, you’ll see images from the video. Ceara ran camera and the vid is called “Harsh Punishment”. Know that this was a 100% real punishment and it was well-deserved. I don’t normally beat slaves this way but if you consent to being my personal slave & you express the desire to be trained, if you fuck up, THIS may well be what happens to you.

Slave Jay is writing his own blog about his experience. You can read the first part here:



Moving right along…another highlight was meeting Nacho Vidal. If you read my blog entry about my first visit/interview at Kink.com’s armory you may recall that I saw him briefly then. It was thrilling. He’s a hell-of-a-fucker…award winning & well recognized for being a great fucker/porn star/producer. He was nice in person & when the photo was taken he squeezed my hip (maybe noticing I wasn’t wearing panties?) and my knees went weak. *smile*

Another highlight was hanging out with the KinkBomb crew. Talk about spoiled rotten! Wonderful dinners, bottomless drinks, VIP treatment at the hottest nightclubs, lap dances in the nicest strip clubs: wow. I will be opening a KinkBomb studio soon. They certainly earned my business.

Sharing a hotel room with Ceara was great. We had a beautiful room & I enjoy her energy. She may be 10 years younger than me but she’s one of the smartest young ladies I’ve met. She done very well for herself so far & I look forward to seeing her grow & further succeed.

Slave Jay took Ceara & I to an amazing Vegas show called “Absinth”. Acrobats, tight rope walkers, dirty humor…I loved it. I’ve attached a couple pics below.

I filmed some amazing content featuring Ceara, Princess Rene, Domina Snow & Sarah Blake. The last day filming with Sarah & Domina Snow was particularly enjoyable. (See pics below). We’ve planned to meet up in LA for DomCon in May to do it all again.

That’s the trip in a nutshell. I recommend reading the other blogs to fill in the blanks and get a different perspective. It was a trip that none of us will forget anytime soon!

Ceara Lynch, Princess Lyne, Princess Rene & moi, Mistress T

Meeting Nacho Vidal was a highlight!

Stomping on slave Jay's nuts (in public)

Domina Snow, Mistress T, Sarah Blake, Ceara Lynch, Princess Lyne, Princess Rene, Mistress B, Miss Sweet Feet

Images from vid "Harsh Punishment"

My club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth

Mistress T, Ceara Lynch, Princess Rene (on slave Jay)

Me & Ceara Lynch

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch

Domina Snow, Mistress T & Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake, Domina Snow & I


From the Vegas show "Absinth"

From the Vegas show "Absinth"

A real slave’s experience with ME!

Part of the idea of my blog is to give you a different perspective of me. I’m not just a porn star, an actress, a Goddess in your fantasies…I’m a real person who lives a pretty interesting real life.

There once was a man who I knew from a local regular business. When he had served me there I noticed that he was extra service oriented and wondered if he knew I was also ‘Mistress T’ a Dominatrix and fetish film performer. I recently got my answer when he started following me on twitter. For those who think this could be ‘creepy’ I’ll say that it all depends on the person, the circumstances, how they approach, etc. In this case, there was nothing creepy about it.

He had known who I was, he was a fan. He now approached me respectfully and carefully and explained that he was an experienced slave. I checked his references and concluded that he could potentially be a useful personal slave and film slave.

I decided to test him out and allowed him to accompany me to a New Years fetish party. This is his ‘essay’ on his experience:

“I got a very special privilege this New Year’s eve. Not only did I get to meet Mistress T for a pre party but also wished Her a happy New year at midnight.  
I was not prepared with New Year’s Eve plans when I was twitting with Mistress T and She mentioned going to the SinCity event. She remembered that I had attended in the past. And She had an extra ticket. Well I did not have to be asked twice. LOL
The before party was right down the street from where Sincity meets. There was about 10 or 12 people all clad in fetish wear, drinks in hand, having a great time. Mistress T was in a lingerie set, bra, panties, stockings and garter.  She is outstanding, and that goes without saying!
Oh to be more of the social butterfly, as a new person in a group of well-established friends. I faired pretty well and met a group of good people, the fetish community is great that way! Everyone is very accepting.  Mistress T used me as a seat for a time and another guest ask that I give Her a massage.  As Mistress T got up She whispered to me ”Better do a good job or else!” as the other lady sat down in front of me and I began. She wanted Her shoulders and back rubbed, very toned body, i was one happy slave. She had me massage Her for about 10 minutes. After receiving a positive review, Mistress returned me in to Her chair. Unfortunately after about 15 more minutes, my knees were feeling the effects of the concrete floor i was on. Instead of falling over I asked Mistress to allow me stand up. Needless to say, She was not happy with me, in hindsight I should have mentioned my knee problem. But no use crying over spilt milk. It was time to go to the club.
Once at the Sincity event, Mistress T had me go about on my own. I got the opportunity to meet up with Her throughout the evening. Buying Her drinks and She teased and choking me throughout the evening.  On the dance floor, Mistress T had me deliver a drink to Her. She was dancing with a male friend. Watching Her interact with the other man is just like being in one of Her cuckolding videos on Her website. She moved around him, watching me for my reactions. She then reached out and grabbed my throat. I did not realize She could read minds as well. Being at the mercy of a woman with Her hands around my throat is a huge fantasy of mine. I should also admit a need to be cuckolded as well. 
I am sure She saw me watching Her throughout the night. It was a thrill to watch Her and risk Her telling me to leave the club. Or worse out right ban me from Her presence. She is very good at teasing a slave. To be a target for Her, is any slave’s dream. She is a naturally Dominant Woman and can pick apart any slave.     
Thank You again Mistress T for allowing me to be part of Your evening! I hope to earn a place in Your stable of slaves.
slave steve”

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An Epic L.A. Day

I will back track later and tell you about Burning Man (complete with pics!) but today I want to tell you about my epic day in Los Angeles yesterday.

To set the stage, I left Vancouver on August 26 to begin a road trip of fun and business. I am still on the road. My worthy travel companion is one of my closest friends. One of the smartest people I know with just enough quirks to amuse me without annoying me.

We drove for two days to Sacramento to rent the RV for Burning Man, staying in low-budget but reliable Motel 6’s and eating at small town diners along the way. We both experience the same feeling of exhilarating freedom as the miles stretch out behind us. There’s just something magical about a road trip.

I’ll skim over the Burning Man part and leave it for another blog entry. I had an opportunity to meet up with Ceara Lynch. She’s one of my most favorite people and it was great to see her in that environment. I also plan on filming with her in Portland next week. By the way, she’s launching an exciting new website in a day: http://www.cearalynch.com/ . I also met Lexi Sindel and Deviant Kade ( http://www.deviantkade.com/  Check out his fascinating blog: http://pupstail.com/ ). More about Lexi in a moment.

After Burning Man we made our way to LA where Samantha Mack ( http://www.thesamanthamack.com/ ) joined us for a few days. We had a great time hanging out on the swank rooftop of The Standard Hotel in downtown LA. Our first day on the roof I walked past a man dining alone and noticed a stunned look on his face. Later he did a somewhat obvious walk by me so I smiled and said hello. We spoke for a few minutes and it started to become obvious that he knew who I was. It turned out he was a huge fan of my vids and was blown away to meet me in person. He was very respectful and interesting so I spent a couple hours chatting with him. I loved hearing about his fantasies and kinks.

He emailed me later offering to be of assistance during my stay in LA. I took him up on his offer and he became an important part of my epic day. I’ll call him ‘slave driver’ as he ended up being my chauffeur.

Now that the stage is set I can tell you about my epic day, yesterday.

It started with a breakfast meeting with a potential publicist. That went well and was informative. ‘Slave driver’ then picked me up and we drove for an hour to ‘The Valley’ to meet Glen from http://meanbitches.com/ and watch part of shoot. This was an AMAZING experience for me (and for my lucky slave as he is a big fan of MeanBitches too).  It’s always educational observing how other producers work. Glen couldn’t have been nicer and I would be honored to work with him in the future.

I then had a lucky opportunity to meet ‘The’ agent/manager in LA for porn stars. Although I knew it wasn’t a good fit (I am not the type of performer he represents) it was still a valuable meeting. I came into his home (left the slave in the car) and met his very clever cat who did tricks like a dog. His coffee table was covered in porn magazines. He was a quirky man, fast-talking, sharp-as-a-tack. He wasted no time. Reclined on his sofa, barefoot, wearing casual shorts and a t-shirt he rattled off names and email address’s for everyone in the biz he thought I should contact. He told me to say that he referred me to them. I double-checked to make sure he didn’t want to be my agent, he did not and for good reason (I am not a mainstream porn girl). Plus he said that I was bright enough to get my own work and now I had all the right contacts. He told me I could call him anytime…he made a fuss about how short I was and I was out the door feeling high on adrenaline from the information overload and intensity of the meeting.

During our drive back to the city my ‘slave driver’ asked if I would like to see his penis…is was in the backseat in a brown paper bag. Sure enough, there was a perfect reproduction of his erect penis (made from a mold) along with the harness he wears. He explained that he is a bit of a premature ejaculator and when he’s fucking his wife and cums too quickly he can then put on his strap-on and continue to pleasure her with his hard cock. Brilliant! Needless to say the conversation was fascinating. It was enlightening to dig into the imagination and real life of one of my devoted fans.

After arriving back at the hotel it was time for a dinner meeting with another potential publicist. This meeting also went very well giving me lots of food for thought. Who will I choose? Or neither? Maybe a publicist I haven’t met yet? Follow my blog to find out!

After this action packed day you might be surprised that at 10pm Lexi Sindel ( http://lexisindel.com) picked me up and drove me to her studio to film. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We had both filmed with http://www.TheEnglishMansion.com/ in the same month (April 2011) and we both have popular, top-selling clips4sale stores (Vicious FemDom:  http://clips4sale.com/studio/8341 ). We had fun filming scenes for both of our stores and it was a pleasure meeting her well-trained slaves. We hit it off so well that we may even travel together to London the end of this month.

I slept very well last night. I’m told I even snored, which is rare. I must have been exhausted but satisfied with a very epic and productive day in LA.

I only have a few snaps to go with this post, I regretfully didn’t take pics with with Glen, Lexi or anyone else….but below is a pic with a pink banana vibrating dildo a darling LA slave gave me (which I love!), a fun pic of Samantha, my travel buddy & I in our funky bathroom at The Standard and a pic of me on the roof at sunset.

Next stop: San Francisco!

A hot pink vibrating banana dildo? Awesome!

Sharing a bathroom w/Samantha Mack & best travel buddy ever.

Mistress T on the swanky rooftop of The Standard Hotel in LA

BDSM Beginnings continued…

…continued from the last post…and I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting more of this story…after I fisted her and played with her for a bit longer the male Dom asked if I’d like my boots shined. His little smirk and her moans of excitement led me to understand that this too would be something very kinky.

He released her and sat down in a chair, gesturing me to sit beside him and watch first. She fetched some regular shoe shine supplies and went to work, half naked on her knees at his feet. This alone was erotic and dirty enough to satisfy but soon she was riding his boot with her pussy pushed down on the toe, humping his boot like a dog, moaning like a whore. The growing crowd loved this display and she loved being watched. When she had properly ‘shined’ both of his boots she moved on to mine. The toe of my boot was more slender and she was able to fuck my boot like a cock, taking most of the toe to my ankle deep in her hungry, freshly fisted cunt.

The male Dom then asked if I would like to know what it felt like to get flogged. I was up for pretty much anything at that point and as if in a dream I found myself dropping my pants. Standing on a small platform, leaning forward against a slightly inclined board I was bare-assed and ready. The slut who had just fucked my boots was holding my hand, telling me what to expect, reminding me of safe words and being very sweet. Just past her I made eye contact with my now very freaked out platonic male friend in a sea of faces all watching the newbie (me) getting flogged for the first time.

Also in view was a women in a sex swing getting fucked very hard. On the floor to my left was a naked man in a gimp mask, kneeling on a little blanket jerking off. Further to my left there was a women on on fours getting fucked from behind by one man while another one fucked her face and a third video-taped them. Last, but certainly not least, over my shoulder I could see the male Dom, clad in all leather, holding a huge, heavy, mean looking flogger. He told me to turn away and I felt the weight of it come down on me…on my back, against my ass, with increasing intensity. It was glorious. I started to sweat. I felt so alive. I’ll never forget that night.

My friend & I laid awake most of the night processing what had happened. He and I stayed platonic friends.

I traded contact information with the male Dom and he became an important friend. I’ll tell you more about him later.

For those who are confused about me being a Domme who enjoyed being flogged, let me explain further. I am first and foremost an exhibitionist. Although I am naturally Dominant I am open-minded and feel that Dommes should know what it feels like to be a sub, even if that doesn’t really ‘do it’ for them. I make a lousy sub, by the way. I’m a real brat, too strong willed and stubborn. I also hate pain. In the words of the great Mae West: “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”

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