Ballet & Fuck Marathon

I have two different blog topics for today but decided to combine them into one. So, kind of a double hitter.

First is regarding the big news story this week of the ballet dancer who got punted from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for being in a porn film.

More details & related video’s:

Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancer gets fired for doing porn.

Ballet dancer gets sacked for doing porn.

In a nut shell, a very talented & successful ballet dancer decided to express himself artistically in a different way by doing porn & then lost his prestigious job as a ballet dancer for it.

A great quote by one of his friends: “So many people are watching porn but people are not supporting the people making it. You’re still allowed to look down on them, which isn’t really fair.”

Jeppe Hansen (the ballet dancer turned porn performer) says that he hopes this opens up the discussion of what art is & the parameters around how sexuality is expressed artistically…especially considering how much sexuality is in mainstream media like music video’s, movies & commercials.

I applaud Jeppe & am confident this young man will do very, very well in life even without the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, which can go fuck itself really…because how the hell does one of their dancers doing porn effect how he performs as a dancer in one of their performances?!

NEXT TOPIC: Fuck Marathon.

In other news, twitter followers got a taste of my often bizarre personal life this week as I tweeted live from a fuck marathon. Here’s the full story, or at least as much as I’m willing to share publicly.

On Wednesday I received a text from a girlfriend asking if I wanted to have a dirty day the next day…get a few guys over…ya know. Sure, why not?

She has been a very dear friend of mine for years. She & her husband have a relationship that inspires me. They’ve been together for many years & have the healthiest relationship I’ve ever seen. They love the heck out of each other, still have tons of passion for each other, they’re best friends, work like a team…& yes, they have sex with other people.

Between her & I we rounded up three different guys to come over at different times. The first guy came back a second time later on…and she actually started the day having sex with her husband in the morning. So, it was a pretty full day for her! I confess, the day was really more about her. Sure, I had some fun myself but I didn’t actually have sex with all those guys, not that I wouldn’t have if it had felt right in the moment. I just let her enjoy the majority of the days offerings.

Mistress T with people having sex.

Let the games begin!

Mistress T in a threesome.

That’s it, put your back in to it!

I did enjoy the sexual freedom & naughtiness of the whole thing. I loved texting my lovers & asking them to come over for a threesome with my hot bi friend. I loved blowing their minds. I loved laying in bed naked with them eating the dark chocolate, raspberries, strawberries & blueberries they brought as gifts…as the sun was setting, all the smiles & touching…I loved being propped up against pillows, holding my wine glass while he licked my pussy & my girlfriend sucked his cock. I felt like a Queen being entertained & spoiled by her subjects…her sex slaves.

Mistress T being orally pleased by a black man.

Feeling like royalty…

Often sex for me is less about the actual act & more about all the surrounding moments. The lead up, the hunt, the flirting, kissing, touching, skin on skin…the play of candlelight against skin, the look on my lovers face as they climax, the giggles, the debauchery, the freedom. The next day, the replay, the memories.

Interracial sex with Mistress T.

This was so beautiful to watch. I do love to see a black man sexually servicing a white Goddess.

There’s so much more to sex than just penetration.

I feel blessed to have wonderful friends in my life who are on the same page, who challenge me to be even dirtier than I already am.

Keep being dirty my friends.

“You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Mae West


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8 thoughts on “Ballet & Fuck Marathon

  1. First off I love your blogs, it a real challenge responding to them. Which make it so much fun. Again it about choices. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet has every right to decide who represent them. Just like you have every right in who sleep/associate with. That their choice and they have that right to it. Just like it your choice to decide what works with you.. Understand people that go to those type of events wouldn’t like porn to be associated with something like that. So that can hurt business. So again it about association and the type of people you want to associate with. Do you like to associate with extremely religious people ? NO! Do you like associate with guys that aren’t rich, are their certain races that you don’t associate with. You embrace the type of people that resonate with you and there many thing that factor in all that. Like I said in the last blog we are all selective in who we except. Just because you don’t an issue with porn that doesn’t mean other have to except it.

    • I disagree with you Jason.
      Personal choice about who you sleep with is not the same as a business deciding that an employee should be fired for something that is unrelated to his work.
      Audience members watching a ballet should have no reason to care what a dancer does when they are not dancing for them.

      Also, I resent the implication that I don’t associate with certain men or people based on race, money or religion. I have had friends & lovers of many different races, including Asian (because I suspect you think I don’t fuck Asians. I have & I do.) Most of the guys I’ve dated have made less money than me…& as for religion, I could care less what others believe as long as they don’t try to jam it down my throat.

      • Ms T I am a Liberal and I see nothing wrong with it either. But unfortunately most people have a problem with sex in our society. If you read the comments under that article it all negative. It like I said earlier it bad business/image for RWB. Why because many people are against porn. For what ever reason. They have every right to decide what type of people represent them. For example if you done porn, try getting a job as a teacher. It just isn’t to happened. People have biases toward those in the porn industry. And that unfortunate. Many company/corporation don’t want any of the member to be attach to the porn because of some of the negative attitude that some people have. It about having a certain image. Now me person I could careless because you simply aren’t hurting anyone.

  2. The ballet company should be sued for their outrageous hypocrisy. No doubt many of the ballet’s managers and financial backers are kinky up the butt. Wouldn’t the cause of civilization be so much more advanced if they created ballets that featured the eroticism that most keep hidden in there hearts. Isn’t that exactly what is needed to open closed minds? As luminaries of the arts they should support all forms of artistic inclination and shape public opinion rather then cowering beneath it.

    Frankly, it could be a huge financial success in very short order, and how incredibly beautiful to see short bursts of spot fuckery amidst the general excellence of the choreography.

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