LA California – late Sept 2013 – Apply now to meet me.

There are no pictures in this post because I don’t want you to get ‘too’ excited resulting in you sending me some one-handed half-brained email.

Yes, I am finally coming to LA the end of September 2013. Considering the amount of emails I regularly get from California begging me to come there I have no doubt my dance card will fill up quickly.

The main reason I’m coming to LA is social. I’m traveling with a sexy gal pal who wants to visit friends there. It’s a personal trip primarily…BUT I’ll be mixing some business with pleasure… In addition to filming once again with Lexi Sindel & her crew of deviants at the FemDom Empire I will also be filming for my own site & seeing a few lucky fans.


I am planning to film a scene with Shane Diesel who has the biggest black cock in porn. I don’t normally work with professional male talent but I have been a fan of Mr. Diesel’s ‘work’ for awhile & figured, what the heck. It would be pretty legendary to fuck him. I mean, most people would jump at the chance to fuck the porn stars they’ve been masturbating to for years…if I have the opportunity I might as well jump on it, er, I mean at it.

The scene with Shane Diesel will be for MY site, done my way, in my style. Him as the black bull obviously. I’m happy to film it without a cuckold (point-of-view style) but if you would like to be the cuckold in this scene you may apply. A small white penis & a generous tribute would give you an edge over the competition (for once, your little dick could be an advantage!). Age or body type actually doesn’t matter in this case. You will have to show your face/sign a model release. An opportunity of a lifetime for some cuckold fan, to serve myself & Mr. Diesel: holy guacamole, eh?!

Photo’s: I don’t normally do still photo’s of my shoots but if you have a good camera & skills you can apply to be the official photographer for the shoot with Shane Diesel. It’s not a paid gig…but I doubt I’ll have a hard time finding a willing perv for this role.

Other than being a cuckold in the scene with Shane Diesel I may accept a couple of private bookings or other film slaves. Also, ‘social’ slaves/service slaves who just want to meet me, take me/us out for a meal/shopping, pick us up from the airport, chauffeur us around or be useful in some way. Not to sound crass, but money talks. The time I’ll have to see fans in any capacity will be limited & the highest bidder who seems enjoyable to be around will get my attention.

If you want to see me in LA follow these instructions carefully:

#1. Email (Don’t use my blog or twitter to apply.)

#2. In the subject line write the city & what you are applying for:” LA – Private session” or “LA – Film slave” or “LA – Service slave”.

#3. In the email list what you want briefly but clearly. Point form is great. Just tell me exactly what you want or what you would be useful for.

If you’re applying to be a film slave send clear nude torso pics including your erect penis. (I usually don’t appreciate receiving random ‘dick pics’ but when applying to be in a vid I need to see what you’ve got, either small for small penis humiliation or very large for other scenes. I prefer a fit body type with less body hair 90% of the time.)

SERVICE SLAVES: I enjoy meeting fans. If you just want to be useful by chauffeuring us from the airport to our hotel, giving us foot rubs, taking me/us out for a meal, etc. that can work out really well. If you want to be casual/natural, fine, if you want to be locked in chastity while we hang out, teased or humiliated, used as a foot boy or whatever, some play can be incorporated into our time together. Tribute required…tribute always required.

I encourage you to think beyond traditional 1 hour sessions (not really my thing anymore). I’m a creative real life Domme & a pretty down to earth person. Tell me what gets your dick hard & something can probably be customized. I’d rather have 1 or 2 generous slaves who want to have a more interesting experience that spans a few days rather than 20 guys who want factory-style 1 hour sessions with laundry lists.

Now, LA fans, take a deep breath & send a carefully crafted, well-communicated email. Aim to impress. Good luck!

Mistress T

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11 thoughts on “LA California – late Sept 2013 – Apply now to meet me.

    • It’s about chemistry. If I feel it, it doesn’t matter if the person is purple. Yes, I said person, I have felt great chemistry for women, transgendered people, men of different ages, body types AND ethnicity.
      I prefer to film with guys who have a certain look. Video is a visual medium & I’m making content to sell. I have determined that certain looks sell better than others. That does not necessarily represent the choices I make in my personal life.

  1. This is for friggin exciting. Please, please tell me you will be saying lots of n-word with Shane. You’ve done lots of videos with race play. He’s done quite a lot of them in his Hush Pass days and somewhat for Dog Fart too. It makes perfect sense. Please, please do it. It will make lots of your fans have super raging boners

    • Sure. I have no issues with Asians. One of my lovers personal lovers is Japanese with an average size dick but he doesn’t want to be in vids.

  2. Hi Mistress T,

    I’m sure you’re really busy but was hoping you would answer my question about the extent of race play there will be in your scene with Shane. I will probably only buy it if you’re gonna to use the n-word at least a few times with him in the scene. I’m a black dude addicted to raceplay and your spellbinding ability to produce convincing scenes, not like the typically canned crap available out there.

    • I’m not sure why I find your comment so abrasive, maybe it’s the demanding, ultimatum-ish feel…it makes me want to tell you to sod off.
      However, knowing that there are others who may have the same question I will answer it. Yes, we both use the n – word throughout the vid(s).
      If you usually like my vids then you’ll like this too as it was done in my style, which I understand is NOT like typically ‘canned crap’.

      • I am so sorry my comment came off as abrasive. I was just so excited I couldn’t help myself. And you can tell me to “sod off” anytime, goddess 😉 Please excuse my boorish behavior. It’s against my usual nature. N-word porn does that to me. Well then, there’s nothing left than to happily anticipate your video’s release so I can purchase it. Do you have an idea of when it might be available?

        • 1st vid in the next week (he & I talking to u POV, might splice in a couple quick teasers of the sex-stuff).
          Full sex vid a week or two after.
          Hey, did u see my latest release “New Prison Bitch”? There’s a ton of N bombs in that one:-)

          • No I haven’t. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get it. Do any of the other vids with that same black partner have at least a few n-bombs in em?

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