Road trip!


This isn’t a big profound blog post, it’s just a slice of life.

I will soon embark on a road-trip adventure & I’m super excited about it. I’ve been preparing for awhile, working extra hard to be able to take the time off…although I will still work a bit during this trip.

I love road trips. I love the flexibility & spontaneity.

I’m excited about visiting Ceara Lynch in Portland, seeing Lexi Sindel in Vegas, hopefully Mina Thorne & Meggerz…along with some personal friends & fans. I’m excited about visiting familiar places that I know I love & discovering new places (like Joshua Tree & parts of Arizona).

I’ll be traveling with my honey. I didn’t make a formal announcement that I was no longer single, which maybe seems strange since I posted so much about being single for so long…but we met about 6 months ago & it’s been great. There are pro’s & con’s to being single or in a relationship. I don’t feel one is completely better than the other, they are just different. I’m sure many of you are curious & have questions but understand that I have healthy boundaries regarding how much of my private life I feel comfortable sharing publicly.


All that really matters to most of my fans is that I am happy & not planning to leave the business anytime in the foreseeable future *smile*.

So for the next 6-7 weeks I’ll be tweeting & blogging from the road. I’ll stay connected. Vids will still be going up on a regular basis, dontchya worry.

If you want to meet in one of the Western US states in the next couple months email me to discuss. I’m open to social meet ups, filming meet ups, possibly private sessions…in all cases if properly motivated. This isn’t a work “tour” where I’ll take a dozen 1 hour sessions from a hotel room. I’ll accept meetings from those who are generous & who appeal to me.

I know there are fans who like to spoil & cuckolds who like the idea of contributing to my trip (because I’ve already been contacted by a few who want to pick up the tab for hotel rooms, spa visits, restaurants, etc.)…I’m open to that. My honey & I have sent sexy pics of us to cuckolds who spoil us, for example. So if that floats your boat, reach out.


Mistress T

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Western US Road Trip! (+ FREE fun vid)

Here’s a free, fun little vid to rub your nose in the fact that I get to hang out with some of the most famous & worshiped Goddesses in the world:

Click the link above this pic to see the free vid!

Lexi Sindel & Mistress T. Click the link above this pic to see the free vid!

I like to see you green with jealousy so I’ll let you know about the road trip I’m planning where I’ll be visiting some of my pals, including Ceara Lynch ( & Lexi Sindel (

In November & December I’ll be driving with my fella through Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada & Arizona. It’s mostly a fun, personal trip but I’ll be open to doing a bit of filming here & there. Possibly the occasional social visit with lucky fans. It is unlikely I’ll accept private bookings, it’s not really what this trip is about…but if you want to meet me send me an email & I’ll consider your request. I do enjoy meeting fans, especially for a meal & conversation. If you have a spare room or want to tribute for my accommodation that might endear you to me.

If you would like to be in my films, as a stunt cock for hand job vids or something else (in Vancouver this October or in the Western US in November/December 2015) please read this link carefully & send a clearly communicated film slave application: would normally be in the UK this time of year but since my last trip was so late I decided to do a different kind of trip this fall. Still, I’m sad to not see my UK friends this fall.

I love road trips! I’m looking forward to singing along to music while zipping down the highway or along windy, picturesque roads, eating at random road side diners, staying in quirky cheap motels, camping, hot springs, seeing friends & having adventures.

I’m also looking forward to meeting up with a few fans along the way, ones I’ve met before & new ones.



Mistress T

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LA California – late Sept 2013 – Apply now to meet me.

There are no pictures in this post because I don’t want you to get ‘too’ excited resulting in you sending me some one-handed half-brained email.

Yes, I am finally coming to LA the end of September 2013. Considering the amount of emails I regularly get from California begging me to come there I have no doubt my dance card will fill up quickly.

The main reason I’m coming to LA is social. I’m traveling with a sexy gal pal who wants to visit friends there. It’s a personal trip primarily…BUT I’ll be mixing some business with pleasure… In addition to filming once again with Lexi Sindel & her crew of deviants at the FemDom Empire I will also be filming for my own site & seeing a few lucky fans.


I am planning to film a scene with Shane Diesel who has the biggest black cock in porn. I don’t normally work with professional male talent but I have been a fan of Mr. Diesel’s ‘work’ for awhile & figured, what the heck. It would be pretty legendary to fuck him. I mean, most people would jump at the chance to fuck the porn stars they’ve been masturbating to for years…if I have the opportunity I might as well jump on it, er, I mean at it.

The scene with Shane Diesel will be for MY site, done my way, in my style. Him as the black bull obviously. I’m happy to film it without a cuckold (point-of-view style) but if you would like to be the cuckold in this scene you may apply. A small white penis & a generous tribute would give you an edge over the competition (for once, your little dick could be an advantage!). Age or body type actually doesn’t matter in this case. You will have to show your face/sign a model release. An opportunity of a lifetime for some cuckold fan, to serve myself & Mr. Diesel: holy guacamole, eh?!

Photo’s: I don’t normally do still photo’s of my shoots but if you have a good camera & skills you can apply to be the official photographer for the shoot with Shane Diesel. It’s not a paid gig…but I doubt I’ll have a hard time finding a willing perv for this role.

Other than being a cuckold in the scene with Shane Diesel I may accept a couple of private bookings or other film slaves. Also, ‘social’ slaves/service slaves who just want to meet me, take me/us out for a meal/shopping, pick us up from the airport, chauffeur us around or be useful in some way. Not to sound crass, but money talks. The time I’ll have to see fans in any capacity will be limited & the highest bidder who seems enjoyable to be around will get my attention.

If you want to see me in LA follow these instructions carefully:

#1. Email (Don’t use my blog or twitter to apply.)

#2. In the subject line write the city & what you are applying for:” LA – Private session” or “LA – Film slave” or “LA – Service slave”.

#3. In the email list what you want briefly but clearly. Point form is great. Just tell me exactly what you want or what you would be useful for.

If you’re applying to be a film slave send clear nude torso pics including your erect penis. (I usually don’t appreciate receiving random ‘dick pics’ but when applying to be in a vid I need to see what you’ve got, either small for small penis humiliation or very large for other scenes. I prefer a fit body type with less body hair 90% of the time.)

SERVICE SLAVES: I enjoy meeting fans. If you just want to be useful by chauffeuring us from the airport to our hotel, giving us foot rubs, taking me/us out for a meal, etc. that can work out really well. If you want to be casual/natural, fine, if you want to be locked in chastity while we hang out, teased or humiliated, used as a foot boy or whatever, some play can be incorporated into our time together. Tribute required…tribute always required.

I encourage you to think beyond traditional 1 hour sessions (not really my thing anymore). I’m a creative real life Domme & a pretty down to earth person. Tell me what gets your dick hard & something can probably be customized. I’d rather have 1 or 2 generous slaves who want to have a more interesting experience that spans a few days rather than 20 guys who want factory-style 1 hour sessions with laundry lists.

Now, LA fans, take a deep breath & send a carefully crafted, well-communicated email. Aim to impress. Good luck!

Mistress T

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1st day of filming with

As I write this I am in the air, between LA & Hawaii. So much has happened in the last two weeks. This blog entry will just cover a small part (more to follow!).

My first day filming with’s DivineBitches (their FemDom site) in San Francisco last week:

My excitement kept me from getting a great night’s sleep but the same excitement kept me alert. Adrenaline doing what adrenaline does.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I initially met with HR they advised me that I would need to take direction from Madeline (the Director). They understood I was used to doing things my way and wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be a control freak, I suppose? However, I had only been given a vague outline of what the scene would entail: corporal, strap-on, B/G, which meant some kind of sex between the slave (boy) & myself (girl).

In the green room, waiting to go through make-up & wardrobe I met the male performer, Dutch Bardoux, who I would be working with for the first time. I found it fascinating that I would be having sex with this guy, who I just met, in a few hours. He was built like a brick shit house, thick and muscular. Handsome. Nice manners. Maybe a little bit shy? I didn’t know what to say. This was my first ‘porn’ shoot where someone else decided who I would have sex with. That part was actually very sexy for me. Later it was confirmed by Madeline: she had chosen very carefully who to pair me with. Another Dominant women choosing a beautiful, greek god for me to fuck. Thank you.

After make up & wardrobe I was a touch uncomfortable with my image. I wasn’t used to wearing that much make-up and I felt it cheapened me. There was nothing to be done about it and I trusted that this was a look they wanted and one that would translate well on film.

The set was beautiful. There was a huge painting of Adam & the serpent. Madeline was lovely. Her production assistant and camera woman were also fantastic. I loved that it was an all-female crew.

Madeline explained that she wanted this shoot to be about debuting me, Mistress T. Me enjoying this gorgeous, obedient slave. She gave me free reign to do as I pleased and made anything I wanted available to me. The slave stood in the middle of the room while he was adorned by chains then buffed to a shine with oil. This big hunk of a man was there for MY pleasure. He was ready to do whatever was asked of him. His demeanour was perfectly compliant.

I won’t ruin the experience of watching the video by giving you a play-by-play of exactly what we did. I’ll just touch on a couple of my highlights:
-while caning the slave I enjoyed how animated he became. It made me want to hurt him more. It was a delight to get such a reaction. He eventually and genuinely called mercy which delighted me and disappointed me at the same time. Mercy didn’t mean ‘stop’ but it did mean that he was nearing his limit. I continued anyway, trying to get him to count down but he was so flustered he kept getting the count wrong…which gave me the opportunity to beat him more. This was not set up, he really did mess up the count several times!
-there is a scene where he was over my knee while I administered a bare handed spanking, then used a paddle. The image of this naked, gleaming, chained adonis over my tiny lap will likely be a powerful one on video.

Everything went very well that day. I felt like I delivered a performance that made Madeline happy and that Kink’s members would enjoy. I certainly had a great time!

Dutch had seemed somewhat shy & reserved during the shoot so I was surprised to receive a phone call from him out of the blue a few days later. He simply wanted to say it was a pleasure to work with me. I invited him out that night. We went to see some live music and have some drinks with friends. It was great to see him again, to talk about our experience and get to know each other better. He shared his first impression of me, that I looked so small and innocent (I am only 5 feet tall and 100 pounds!). He thought I was quiet and reserved. He was very surprised to see how I changed in front of the camera. Especially my verbals. I laughed as I hear this often. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and my physical appearance doesn’t really give much hint of what’s going on inside my perverse head.

So that was my first day of filming with and my experience with Dutch Bardoux. I have lots more to share…

Suited up & painted for DivineBitches

Dutch Bardoux & I on set at DivineBitches/

Twas the night before…

It’s 9pm the night before my flight to San Francisco. I’m finishing off last minute packing and details.

It’s been an interesting week. I sold my condo. Got rid of most of my furniture. I’m moving out of the temporary apartment I’ve been subletting the last few months. Most of the rest of my stuff is in storage.

It’s been a time of transition since my relationship ended several months ago. I have adjusted to running the business without a camera man and full time stunt cock. I have explored opportunities outside of Vancouver. I’ve had a lot of fun being single.

I wonder how much the casual observer picks up just looking at my vids. Do they notice that I’m different? Do they notice there’s been significant changes? Do they care? (Assuming their orgasm is the only immediate concern).

Tomorrow I fly to San Francisco. Next week I film with I wonder if the experience will be as epic as I imagine? I wonder what will happen next?

The following week I film with Glen from in LA which I’m excited about. I’ve seen him work & I like him.

I’ve been overwhelmed with emails from fans in San Francisco and LA wanting to see me and I simply won’t have the energy to see everyone. I’m careful these days to accept meetings only with those who I feel confident I will enjoy spending time with. Of the few I accept I’m anticipating some memorable times.

That basically sums up what the next two weeks will probably be like: memorable times. This is the kind of living that will comfort me in my golden years: “I remember when I was 35 & I went to California…” This is the kind of living I carved out of the lame existence I had during most of my 20’s. I wanted to LIVE my life, not just go through the motions. I wanted adventure, excitement and stories to tell. I’ve certainly gotten that and more….and maybe the best is yet to come!

Stay tuned as I tweet  (!/MistressTdotnet ) and probably blog throughout this adventure. I’ll be staying in a very nice hotel (compliments of a fan) for the first few nights and then moving into the Armory. Exciting!

By the way…if you are in London & you would like to see a Canadian Dominant women (I know many of you love my ‘accent’) I would recommend two lovely Canadian Dommes who I had the pleasure of working with and spending time with:
Lady Bellatrix & Greta Darklight.

Lady Bellatrix:
Since Lady Bellatrix relocated to London, she has made it her mission to unleash her signature cocktail of pleasure and pain upon the stiff upper echelons of British society. She is elegant, discerning and strict. Specializing in mind control, interrogation and elaborate role play scenarios such as blackmail this Lady will leave you feeling humiliated to the highest degree. She loves to be worshiped and a foot lover’s dream come true with her small but perfectly formed feet. She sessions from a fully equipped dungeon in London W4 but also tours frequently around the UK.

Lady Bellatrix

Greta Darklight:

Miss Greta is a sparkling muse, who combines holistic elements of Taoist practices, Tantra, and female domination into her tailored sessions. She is a genuine scholar of Tao, and a lifestyle BDSM enthusiast. One of her particular specialties is the healing release of emotional, physical pain and repression, through her unique practice which can be successfully combined with sensory deprivation and other play.

Greta Darklight

Greta Darklight

California dates set! Oct 26-Nov 10

Members site:



I will be in San Franciso to film with (exciting!) between Oct 26 – Nov 4.

I’ll be attending’s Halloween party and staying at the Armory for most of the week! Can you imagine what that’s going to be like? I was there for a few hours last month and I saw all kinds of crazy stuff!

I will have some time to see clients privately and to do some filming of my own, for my own website. If you would like to be a film slave for me, for MY site (not or if you would like to see me privately you can apply by email. NOTE: For anyone I haven’t met before I require either a reference or a deposit to hold your booking.

I will be going to LA after San Francisco (Nov 5-10) to film with MeanBitches (& maybe others). Same as above, I will have time for private bookings and filming for my site.


-Include a list of your interests.

-Indicate private or filmed or either.

-***Tell me which CITY you’re in!***

-Request 2 different dates/times that you know you can commit to.

-Send your reference or ask for directions for deposit.

NOTE: I am currently in Vancouver, which is my home base. The above applies here too so if you would like to meet me in Vancouver follow the above instructions and remember to say which CITY you’re hoping to meet me in!

UPDATE: I’ve just confirmed that I will have a STUNT COCK for this trip! Cuckolding scenes (private or filmed) and forced bi (you suck his THICK cock!) will be possible! (California only, not Vancouver).


You could have THIS view!

Dressed as a Dominatrix IN a dungeon?!

An Epic L.A. Day

I will back track later and tell you about Burning Man (complete with pics!) but today I want to tell you about my epic day in Los Angeles yesterday.

To set the stage, I left Vancouver on August 26 to begin a road trip of fun and business. I am still on the road. My worthy travel companion is one of my closest friends. One of the smartest people I know with just enough quirks to amuse me without annoying me.

We drove for two days to Sacramento to rent the RV for Burning Man, staying in low-budget but reliable Motel 6’s and eating at small town diners along the way. We both experience the same feeling of exhilarating freedom as the miles stretch out behind us. There’s just something magical about a road trip.

I’ll skim over the Burning Man part and leave it for another blog entry. I had an opportunity to meet up with Ceara Lynch. She’s one of my most favorite people and it was great to see her in that environment. I also plan on filming with her in Portland next week. By the way, she’s launching an exciting new website in a day: . I also met Lexi Sindel and Deviant Kade (  Check out his fascinating blog: ). More about Lexi in a moment.

After Burning Man we made our way to LA where Samantha Mack ( ) joined us for a few days. We had a great time hanging out on the swank rooftop of The Standard Hotel in downtown LA. Our first day on the roof I walked past a man dining alone and noticed a stunned look on his face. Later he did a somewhat obvious walk by me so I smiled and said hello. We spoke for a few minutes and it started to become obvious that he knew who I was. It turned out he was a huge fan of my vids and was blown away to meet me in person. He was very respectful and interesting so I spent a couple hours chatting with him. I loved hearing about his fantasies and kinks.

He emailed me later offering to be of assistance during my stay in LA. I took him up on his offer and he became an important part of my epic day. I’ll call him ‘slave driver’ as he ended up being my chauffeur.

Now that the stage is set I can tell you about my epic day, yesterday.

It started with a breakfast meeting with a potential publicist. That went well and was informative. ‘Slave driver’ then picked me up and we drove for an hour to ‘The Valley’ to meet Glen from and watch part of shoot. This was an AMAZING experience for me (and for my lucky slave as he is a big fan of MeanBitches too).  It’s always educational observing how other producers work. Glen couldn’t have been nicer and I would be honored to work with him in the future.

I then had a lucky opportunity to meet ‘The’ agent/manager in LA for porn stars. Although I knew it wasn’t a good fit (I am not the type of performer he represents) it was still a valuable meeting. I came into his home (left the slave in the car) and met his very clever cat who did tricks like a dog. His coffee table was covered in porn magazines. He was a quirky man, fast-talking, sharp-as-a-tack. He wasted no time. Reclined on his sofa, barefoot, wearing casual shorts and a t-shirt he rattled off names and email address’s for everyone in the biz he thought I should contact. He told me to say that he referred me to them. I double-checked to make sure he didn’t want to be my agent, he did not and for good reason (I am not a mainstream porn girl). Plus he said that I was bright enough to get my own work and now I had all the right contacts. He told me I could call him anytime…he made a fuss about how short I was and I was out the door feeling high on adrenaline from the information overload and intensity of the meeting.

During our drive back to the city my ‘slave driver’ asked if I would like to see his penis…is was in the backseat in a brown paper bag. Sure enough, there was a perfect reproduction of his erect penis (made from a mold) along with the harness he wears. He explained that he is a bit of a premature ejaculator and when he’s fucking his wife and cums too quickly he can then put on his strap-on and continue to pleasure her with his hard cock. Brilliant! Needless to say the conversation was fascinating. It was enlightening to dig into the imagination and real life of one of my devoted fans.

After arriving back at the hotel it was time for a dinner meeting with another potential publicist. This meeting also went very well giving me lots of food for thought. Who will I choose? Or neither? Maybe a publicist I haven’t met yet? Follow my blog to find out!

After this action packed day you might be surprised that at 10pm Lexi Sindel ( picked me up and drove me to her studio to film. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We had both filmed with in the same month (April 2011) and we both have popular, top-selling clips4sale stores (Vicious FemDom: ). We had fun filming scenes for both of our stores and it was a pleasure meeting her well-trained slaves. We hit it off so well that we may even travel together to London the end of this month.

I slept very well last night. I’m told I even snored, which is rare. I must have been exhausted but satisfied with a very epic and productive day in LA.

I only have a few snaps to go with this post, I regretfully didn’t take pics with with Glen, Lexi or anyone else….but below is a pic with a pink banana vibrating dildo a darling LA slave gave me (which I love!), a fun pic of Samantha, my travel buddy & I in our funky bathroom at The Standard and a pic of me on the roof at sunset.

Next stop: San Francisco!

A hot pink vibrating banana dildo? Awesome!

Sharing a bathroom w/Samantha Mack & best travel buddy ever.

Mistress T on the swanky rooftop of The Standard Hotel in LA

Story Paused: Travel Schedule

I’m pausing the story to give notice of travel plans.

From the end of August 2011 to mid-late Sept I will be on the move. Driving to Nevada for Burning Man. It’s my 5th ‘Burn’ and if you’re curious:

In the past I have made a bit of a road trip out of it and met fans on the way down and after, on the way back to Vancouver. This year I’ll be heading to California after Burning Man (San Fran, LA, Napa), then heading along the coast hopefully stopping in Portland to visit one of my favorite people Ceara Lynch (if you’re curious: ) and Seattle. I may go to Vegas before or after.

I will have my camera & camera operator with me and will be accepting applications for FILM SLAVES. I will also consider private meetings with fans. I am hoping to work with other producers as well.

If you are a fan and you would like to meet me, either privately or for filming, understand that it is up to you to prove that you are serious (not a time waster). You can do this by providing references from other providers or by making a tribute of some kind. Understand that I am inundated with emails from guys who are NOT serious, who do not have the best intentions…this is just a part of the business but knowing that, if you are worth my time you will have to prove that you are not like the others.

Exact locations and dates are not set and will remain somewhat flexible as this is part vacation road-trip and part work trip. The right client or filming opportunity will sway me so if you want to see me in Vegas, anywhere in California or along the West Coast email me:

-introduce yourself

-tell me where you are

-tell me whether you’re interested in being a film slave or a private meeting

-tell me what activities you’re most interested in

-prove you’re serious! Provide a reference or express your interest in making some kind of tribute (there are a lot of options here, the gesture is most important.)

-be brief but be clear. Please use paragraphs (look at the format of this blog entry. See how much easier it is to read then everything all squished together?)


While I’m on the topic, all of the above also applies to Vancouver when I’m in my home city. I am always looking for good film slaves and I accept private bookings with those who prove themselves worthy. It’s also possible to chat with me on Skype and NiteFlirt (phone & webcam).


Mistress T at Burning Man

I love Burning Man!


BDSM beginnings…

While I was working as a receptionist at that big company in my early 20’s a coworker introduced me to an interesting website. I think it was called “Bianca’s Woods” or something like that. It was a place where people could write sexy stories and post them for others to read.

Most of the stories were the usual sort of thing but one story really caught my attention. It was a long story written from a woman’s perspective. She needed work and took a job as a maid/servant in a fancy mansion. She sensed something was unusual there but couldn’t place it. When she finally met the owner of the house and her real boss she was so nervous she spilled his drink. He took her over his knee and spanked her. What followed was a slippery slope of events that climaxed in a very intense scene…she was prepared, presented, strung up, stimulated, and fucked by a group of people. The interesting part was that it was all written from HER perspective, and it was very consensual. The reader could ride the emotional roller coaster with her, her shame, her wrestling with this side of herself, her giving into it, etc. There were various elements of BDSM, electro stimulation, pain & pleasure and in the end, even a dog!

The same author wrote other stories, all from the woman’s perspective. Her struggle with giving herself, submitting.

I found this theme very exciting. Submission. Control. Domination. Pain & pleasure. I wanted to explore but I didn’t know how…but just like most, I found my way, didn’t I? *grin*

A couple years later I was in San Fransisco with a platonic male friend. I asked the concierge at our hotel to recommend a place that would blow my mind. All I wanted was an address, no other info. We ended up at ‘The Power Exchange”. If you’re familiar with this place now, understand that it was very different 12 or 13 years ago when I first went. I’ll describe it:

The Power Exchange was a live sex/BDSM kink club. The first room we walked into, hearing loud music coming from somewhere beyond, was a medieval themed room with a big wooden table & fireplace…and a huge viking looking man flogging a women tied to a cross…her male partner on the other side of the cross kissing her and stimulating her front. It was a powerful introduction and I watched in awe for the first time, someone being flogged and whipped. Each time she was struck her body moved so beautifully.

We continued on and each room we entered offered more to overload my senses. Cages, peep holes, a room full of TV’s playing porn movies, people masturbating, people fucking, people watching, people being Dominated…a women lying on a bed with about a dozen men fondling her…eventually we came across a scene that many others were watching. A beautiful woman was tied to a cross being punished by a somewhat mean looking man dressed all in leather. She was instructed to explain to the crowd why she was being punished: she had burnt his toast that morning. A rumble of laughter went through the crowd and I smiled too. That’s when he looked directly at me and asked if I wanted to come into the scene.

I didn’t even turn to look at my poor, freaked out friend, I just slide under the chain and into their space. They both quickly explained that this was all consensual, explained safe words, etc. He handed me a vibrator and instructed me to touch it to the cloths pegs that were attached all over her nipples, breasts and pussy. I loved the way she reacted. She was very animated & vocal. She kept looking me in the eye and smiling between screams of pain. He then put a rubber glove on my hand, lubed me up and instructed me to fist her. I did and it was like having the whole world in my hand. By now the crowd had grown to dozens, all watching the naive newbie play in public for the first time. I must have been quite the sight.

I realize at this point I have your full attention but I also understand that attention spans are short these days so I will leave it there for now and continue later. There is more, oh-so-much more *grin*.

MistressT Femdom Fetish Goddess in red & black

Decending into the depths of depraivity