Let’s catch up!


Hello darlings,

It’s been awhile so we have much to catch up on!

My book came out in December which ended up being more emotional than I had prepared for. If you’re one of the many who have now read it you might think it naive for me to say that but it was all logistics at the end, pushing to get it out before xmas. When the feedback started to come in I was a bit caught off guard. The first wave came from my keenest fans and closest peers in the industry, so the feedback was effusive, often very personal and intimate.

I then made the book available to my personal circle, something I hadn’t thought I’d do but the feedback was so positive from the adult industry I decided to make myself even more vulnerable by inviting people in my private life to read it. I have a fairly large social circle having been an active part of the kink party and sex party or “swinger” community for many years.

I’ve already used the term “vulnerable” which describes the feeling most accurately. The interesting thing about that is how it gives others permission to be vulnerable too. Most readers connect with certain aspects of the book, specifically the harder parts. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it but I think something meaningful happens when two people connect over a similar challenging experience.

I said it was an emotional time so it bears explaining that my primary relationship of the last few years also ended in the fall. When I made the post about open relationships being the cats ass, all was well. It was actually the healthiest relationship I’d ever had until the last end. I’ll spare you the details. Break-ups are as common as breathing air & the details are really only interesting to those involved.

After the break up I released the book & went on a bit of a rampage, as you do. Sex parties & debauchery. No one could say my life is boring!

I also ended up with a cute pet Lovebird who has been such a joy. She’s very social, loves to be on me as much as possible but can be a little bratty & bitey. Sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with a 4 inch version of myself. Such attitude!

So I’ve been fucking & partying my way through the Canadian winter, basically, while mourning & processing the end of the relationship. I’m grateful for the support of wonderful old & new friends. Lots of sweet cuddling, meaningful conversations & genuine human connection lubricated by a few drinks & punctuated by lots of luscious orgasms.

I have started to work on another book, fiction this time & in collaboration with a professional writer. It will likely take a couple years so don’t get too excited yet. I’m passionate about the project & it’s nice to feel that. I won’t say much about it now but I assure you that my fans will find it irresistible.

I’m toying with the idea of working more behind the camera. In the fall I enjoyed running camera & directing a couple of scenes for Samantha Mack. I may work with a local mainstream performer who wants to start creating her own FemDom/fetish content, most likely cuckolding. It would be nice to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve amassed in the last decade. Stay tuned for that collaboration.

Speaking of cuckolding…I am now open to meeting men who are interested in a real life cuckolding relationship.

1. He must live in Vancouver. I am 100% NOT interested in a long distance thing even if there is the potential to move here at some point.

2. He must be financially secure. I am not looking for a client but I’m also not looking for someone who may need my financial support at some point.

3. He must be emotionally mature & a high level communicator.

4. He must LOVE me having sex with other men & women. I prefer he not be with others unless I arrange it. I know, I’m a control freak but there are men who are into this arrangement, I’ve talked to dozens over the years.

5. I must like him, respect him & genuinely enjoy his company. I’m looking for more of a loving cuckold relationship. I don’t mind a little playful verbal humiliation but if he really needs to be degraded or demeaned, I’m not into it.

6. I do not care if he wants to be in chastity or not, if he has a working penis or not, if he wants to be denied orgasms or have them controlled. I don’t care if he’s bisexual or if he does or does not want to suck cock/eat cum. Pussy licking is mandatory though. He must love worshiping pussy & be willing to take instruction to learn how I like it.

7. I don’t particularly care how old he is but for compatibility I think within 10 years of me one way or the other would be best. I’m 42, so I likely won’t have much in common with a 25 year old or a 60 year old. You’re welcome to try to prove me wrong but please don’t waste my time. I am selective.

The ideal candidate would be mid 30’s to mid 40’s, be really into his partner having sex with other men but prefers to be devoted to one woman himself. He should be self aware & able to communicate his feelings as well as empathetic & considerate of others. He needs to have his shit together in life in general.

Note: You would not be involved with filming. You would not be an onscreen cuckold. This would be a personal relationship completely outside of my work.

Sound like you? Send me an email of introduction. I will ask anyone interested to read my book before I’ll meet them. It’s not to jack up book sales as the book was never designed to make me money, but if you read the book you’ll understand why it’s mandatory.

Here’s the link to my book “There Is More To The Story” on Amazon, kindle & paperback: https://www.amazon.ca/There-More-Story-Mistress-T

Email: MsT@MistressT.net (Stop. Before you get excited & send a stupid email with one hand on your dick, think. You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. I’ve said I’m looking for someone emotionally mature. It’s hard to fake that. You’re not writing to the fantasy character “Mistress T”. You’re writing to the very real life multidimensional human who is looking for a real life relationship that has absolutely nothing to do with her job. If you haven’t read my book yet I strongly recommend you do so before writing me. Don’t worry, I don’t expect very many applicants due to the narrow geographic area of Vancouver only, so there’s no rush.)


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6 thoughts on “Let’s catch up!

  1. Very sorry to learn that your meaningful relationship came to an end just as you were about to take the exhilarating step of publishing your book. Life is never quite perfect.

    Over the years I have had many conversations with experienced women and am convinced that in order to keep a woman completely happy at least four men are needed each with their own particular characteristics. Your list of requirements for a future cuckolding relationship tends to confirm that view.

    I’m green with envy, but I do hope that there is a guy in the Vancouver area that will fully measure up.

    I very much look forward to your new book. The mind boggles where your imagination may take you in a work of fiction.

    Your superb first book has reignited my original love affair with books and have now got an eclectic mix ‘on the go’ ranging from The Creation of the Patriarchy by Gerda Lerner to Existentialism and Humanism by Jean-Paul Sartre.

    Thank you so much for bringing so many new dimensions to my life.

  2. Hello, Mistress T! I am really sorry to hear about your break-up. 🙁 These periods can be complicated and together with the release of your book it may have brought a certain instability. I hope you are coping well. I feel for you and I miss you. Sending good vibes for you. Xoxo

  3. Hi Mistress T, I am sorry that your primary relationship went kaput just as your book came to fruition.

    I am extremely excited and happy for you in regards to your seeking a cuckold partner, I think it can be really good for you, and fulfilling for you and the right kind of gentleman! Someone with a positive self-awareness and a heart and mind open to the joy of reciprocal admiration between two parties to a special form of Love. Someone confident enough to be able to process the bumps in the road with you, and emerge past them more in synch.

    (Sorry what follows is so long, if you choose to delete any or all of this post I will not be offended. )

    In regards to the cuckold relationship, I have been trying to plot a story about such a relationship for several months now. It was in response to a challenge on a story website (Literotica) to write a story in a positive light about sharing one’s partner.

    The one that seemed the biggest challenge, and a fail for even most good authors was the cuckold one. If the cuckold is the primary partner, such as a husband in a marriage, it is hard to write a man who can acknowledge and live that aspect of his life without being obsessed over that one facet. The other place where most of the writers failed was writing a woman who can clearly lead her cuckold in almost all things sexual without that leading into control of his total life to the point where her control of him makes her lose consideration for him, or even worse, lose respect for him.

    Of course cuckolding fans will get off on the whole concept just based on the paraphilia. The hard part is to write a credible story where multifaceted husband and wife have a respectful and supportive relationship with little or no derision towards the cuck by any of the parties involved, any, disrespect towards the cuck, or abrogation of the primary partner role by the cuckold. Where of course the cuck, and just as importantly the cuckoldress, is supported through the trials that may occur in juggling more than one substantial relationship at a time, and supported in dealing with the sometimes ignorant and hateful things society often says about such relationships.

    Of course if the cuckoldress and the cuckold are not in a primary-primary relationship, and if their relationship is along cuckold lines from the start it is a much easier story to plot. I have failed to even come up with an outline for a married couple who converts to “cuckold” I like. But I think it is possible to write so I am not giving up.

    Of course I do believe it is possible to succeed at such a marriage in real life. But I doubt it is as common to be in a mutually stable and supportive and healthy cuckoldress cuckold relationship as proponents state it is.

    I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, and have sort of established a loose framework in my mind of the cuckold. It is loosely based on a Lush Stories writer called GoodHusband, whose latest epic Novella, “Awakenings”, does the best job I found of showing a detailed “real” Loving cuckold relationship.

    Your post is intriguing because you are starting from a really good place by opening the communication and dialog up front in a healthy way. Cuckoldry is pretty simple if one uses the old dictionary type definition of a woman who has sex with others and a partner who only has sex with her.

    Porn, especially internet videos, tend to show a very extreme aspect of cuckoldry, which I doubt is its most common form. I have no recent in person experience discussing cuckoldry or open marriage with couples. But my real life experiences from 30 years ago and my online discussions and correspondence show there are happy successful couples where the woman is swinging a lot, and the man not at all or almost not at all. Pretty much a cuckoldry relationship, unless one feels cuckoldry excludes the partners from conventional sex between them.

    But if all parameters are open to definition, the list of decisions to be made or worked out by experimentation is long. Will the cuckold be the primary partner in terms of time spent together and emotional involvement? Is the cuckold aspect of the relationship to be the most pronounced aspect/flavor, or just an occasional seasoning? Is the fuel for the cuckold’s ardor based on a desire to serve his Lady by helping her prepare for her lovers and deal with the logistics of her liaisons? Or is he just happy to see his beloved getting lots of great sex, and he doesn’t really want to get too involved in details? How does the cuckoldress feel about those items.?

    If the cuck has no vaginal or anal penetrative sex with the cuckoldress, will there be other forms like cuddling and masturbation of the cuckold, or outercourse, or mutual or one sided strap-on fucking, or face-do, or blowjobs? Will there be sharing of the details, or just generalizations? How much of a role will post cuckolding ritual or aftercare or quality play in keeping the relationship running smoothly?

    Way cool are the possibilities, and as circumstances evolve, I am confidant that people like you who are habitual thinkers and readers and “discussers” have a very good chance to make it work!

    I wish you the best, and I hope you find some good prospects soon!

  4. Mistress T you are a living legend and an icon!I wish you would write on your blog more!I think that a man could learn more from your writings than from anyone in history!Thank you for being YOU!I would love to smell your stockinged FEET!

  5. I just had to tell you: you’re an incredibly good writer. Your book was so engaging, and clearly written, and interesting. Even this blog post is so well-written. You clearly have a talent for it. I hope you keep exercising it!

  6. Your book is astonishing! Sent you my application, would love to meet you in person. Am sorry I finished reading it so fast, didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, it has a profound effect on me, in so many ways. You are so brave & funny! Hope that you are doing better now & the heartbreak is not as painful.


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