Man Hater?

I was recently asked if I felt my job has caused me to hold men in contempt.

It’s a common misconception that Female Dominants, especially Pro Dommes and online Dommes are man haters. I take issue with broad generalizations. Things are just not as black and white as some might wish. Sure, some FemDommes are man-haters but that can’t be assumed of all of us.

You could look at my vids and see how I degrade and humiliate men and jump to the conclusion that I hate them…but if you think about it a little bit deeper you’ll realize it’s just the opposite. I degrade those who have a desire to be degraded. I’m not walking up to random nice guys on the street and calling them names!

In my personal life do I ‘hold men in contempt’ was the question. I thought about it and thought about how this job has changed me. Of course it has in many ways. I feel that a lot of men think with their dicks and can be manipulated by an attractive woman to do just about anything…but this isn’t just from my job, it comes from the media, advertising, movies/TV, etc. Beautiful women are used to sell endless products/services and to manipulate the masses. A man’s sex drive is his Achilles heel. It causes men to make poor choices. I do see it as a weakness, a vulnerability…but does it make me contemptuous?

When I was a little girl I had an uncle who nicknamed me “Little Nellie” after the snotty, stuck up girl on Little House On The Prairie. He teased me about thinking I was better than everyone else. I come across as confident (even if I’m not feeling that way in a moment!) and some people interpret that as superiority. Notice I didn’t say misinterpret? The fact is that I do feel better than some people sometimes…but not just men, women too. Doesn’t everyone feel that way in different situations? Does that make me a cunt? Well, yes, sometimes I can be a cunt too…which leads me to my answer to the original question…

I said that I tend to hold others, of either gender to a higher standard than is realistic. People often disappoint me because of my unrealistic expectations. Sometimes that causes me to hold them in contempt and I can be a bit of a cunt about it. I don’t hate men. I’m the Mother-fucking-Theresa of fetish porn. I give men what they crave. If I hated them for it would money alone be motivating enough to continue giving such a precious gift to those who need it? No, but you can’t blame me for capitalizing on that need!

My work hasn’t made me a man hater, nor has my personal experiences with men. I am a strong, independent women who has a low tolerance for bullshit, especially with men/relationships/sex/romance. If I’m treating you with contempt it’s because of something you’ve done to trigger that…not what’s in your underwear.

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7 thoughts on “Man Hater?

  1. I may be putting this it in too simplistic of a form. But when I look at the cuckold stuff you do, there is also the guy whom you do not degrade and humiliate, the guy you fuck in front of the other guy. He is a man as well. I have wondered if some women are indeed man haters, but I never wondered that about you. The way you treat two men so unequally in your cuckold videos is enough to tell me.

  2. Submitting to pro-dommes rather than opportunistic self-acclaimed mistresses has been the highlight of my BDSM life. I have never found a man-hater amongst them. On the contrary I found them to be very considerate towards my submissive needs. Maybe I have been lucky, but even those that use me in the most grotesque toilet feeding games, have been more caring to me than girlfriends and wives I had… Almost 50 yo now, I still enjoy enormously engaging to their services…

  3. I am not a man hater either, in fact, like you. I love men 🙂 If you don’t mind, I reblogged this. I could not have written it better myself. xxx

  4. I often come across the same misconception. One of my concerns I had when I started working as a dominatrix was that I would see so many wrinkled old dicks, a lot of my clients are extremely mature, that’d I’d be sick of them entirely by the time I turned 20. And while this hasn’t really happened (yet), perhaps my disdain for men has increased a bit with this job and the type of men I come in contact with day in and day out. But working in a dungeon full of dommes can also increase ones disdain towards other women just as easily.

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