Purge, Plan & Play.

Some of you know that I’ve been moving this last week. Moving is always stressful. It’s been an interesting process for me though.

My previous partner & I had been together for four years and lived together the last couple of years of our relationship. When we packed up our stuff and put it in storage in December of 2010 we planned to come back from Thailand and find a new place. All of our stuff, all packed together with the intention of seeing it again in just a couple of months.

One thing led to another, we kept traveling (to Europe) and then broke up in June. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in Vancouver. Business opportunities were calling in the US and UK. So I took temporary, furnished apartments or stayed with friends in between frequent travel during all of 2011. My stuff stayed in storage. My ex had done his best to untangle his stuff from mine but the storage space was a disorganized mess I avoided dealing with.

I finally decided that not only was Vancouver the right place for me to live, but that I loved it so much I would travel less in 2012. I rented a permanent apartment and got my belongings out of storage.

This last week I’ve thrown out a lot of stuff. How or why we accumulate ‘stuff’ is baffling. It wouldn’t have been up to ‘hoarder’ standards but there was certainly too much stuff I’ve paid to store & move that I just paid to have taken away. What a waste. Why did the ME from a year ago think all that was worth holding onto?

I suppose living out of a couple suitcases for a year re-taught me what I learned backpacking through India in my mid-twenties: you only really NEED what you can carry on your back.

Of course, it’s not that simple at this stage of the game. I have a huge container of stuff I kept just for vids & fetish parties (lingerie, costumes, corsets, etc.) I have lots of BDSM implements & toys that I look forward to using again for private sessions. However, there is no doubt that I held onto a whole lot that I didn’t need.

I have had requests for used items. If acquiring used personal items is what floats yer boat, I have good news for you! I will be getting rid of dozens of shoes/boots that I had accumulated for shoejob/bootjob vids with my ex. Some are well-worn, some have never been worn outside. I have some other personal items, like lingerie, pantyhose, etc. that I’m ready to part with as well. I’ll make a separate blog entry with those items. (If you’re reading this and you’re confused: some people enjoy jerking off smelling/licking/humping personal items that belonged to someone they worship. Try thinking of a time where you’ve smelled a jacket or some other piece of clothing worn by a lover, how their smell brought feeling up in you…it’s something like that.)

For now, I’m still settling in. The help I’ve received from friends who really care has helped me to feel even better about my decision to stay in Vancouver. I have quite the family here now.

It’s exciting having my own place again. I prefer to live alone, the control freak that I am. I never have to be lonely. If I want company I have plenty of friends & never any shortage of lovers.

I had a great session tonight. It was with a nice client I’ve seen before in a high end hotel room. It was very pleasurable for me. I am often in awe that I get paid for what I do. Sure, some sessions are ‘work’ and I earn every cent. Tonight though, was easy & fun.

I am very excited to get back into private sessions.

On my walk home I encountered a skunk gang bang….or a skunk orgy. It was hard to tell..but there was at least 5 skunks and there was for certain fucking. I watched for a little while and observed the female skunk trying to fight off the male, turning her head around and snapping at him. Maybe it was skunk rape?

I just googled “skunks fucking’ to learn more and found this funny (& somewhat informative) article: http://youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily.com/how-to-survive-an-attack-by-fornicating-skunks/

My experience was similar to the one described above, only thankfully they weren’t on my doorstep! Where I live, in the West End of Vancouver, right next to Stanley Park, there are loads of urban raccoons, big squirrels, skunks, Canadian Geese, etc…but I only just learned that February is mating season for skunks. Now you know too!

In other news, Slave Jay has added another journal entry about our time together in Vegas. It’s worth a read: http://slave2vegas.livejournal.com/4276.html

Check out the FemDom Resource where they recently wrote a little thingy about one of my pics: http://www.femdom-resource.com/2012/02/04/giggity/

To give you a little eye candy I’ve included a pic taken right now of me sitting on my new throne chair. It’s going to be great for filming…a pic I took this evening of skunks fucking and some images of recently released vids that I filmed in Vegas featuring Ceara Lynch: http://www.cearalynch.com/, Domina Snow: http://www.dominasnow.com/, Sarah Blake: http://sarahblake.com/ & Slave Jay. Find those NOW on my clips store, and in a few weeks on my members site.

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Me on my throne, taken Feb. 7, 2012

Neighborhood Skunks Fucking

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch in "Shrunk Cheating Boyfriend"

From "Inescapable Scissorhold"

Sarah Blake, Mistress T & Domina Snow from "Mommie & Friends"

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  1. Thanks again for the pics, especially the different view of you on the bed. These are my favorite types of pics if you couldn’t tell. And the fact that it is called ‘Mommy and Friends’ makes it even more exhilarating. Wow!

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