My interesting life…

This is going to be one of those hodge-podge blog entries. Just an update on what’s happening in my world.

Since I got back from my tropical vacation I’ve been catching up with friends, filming & editing smut, getting ready for Vegas, having some fun flings & making plans for 2013.

I don’t really make resolutions. As always I plan to strive for work-life balance & a healthy lifestyle. I’ll continue with yoga & healthy eating. I have some business goals & plans for this year but I prefer to announce things when they are done rather than when they are just in the planning stages.

I had an interesting session last week. I rarely take sessions these days. I’m just too busy with filming…but things were slower between Xmas & NY’s so I accepted a booking. It was for an all-day session in a nice hotel room which sounded fun. He was into corporal, strap-on & a few other things.

I arrived late morning & he was already tipsy. That wasn’t a good sign. He really just wanted to sit around & talk (& drink). He had only seen my pictures on the internet & read a little about me. He hadn’t even seen my vids. He just wanted to meet me & had flown to Vancouver for that reason alone. Hey, if you’ve got the money for those sorts of indulgences, why not?

He proceeded to pound booze like it was water on a hot day. He was an interesting guy so I amused myself with learning all about him while I pretended to sip the very expensive champagne he insisted I have. Drunks hate to drink alone.

It’s not that unusual for clients to want to spend social time with me, heck, these days I get that more than anything. A lot of guys have no one else they can talk to about their private kinks. I’m the understanding sort & they consider me to be one of them. When he launched into a lecture about the importance of dental health, flossing to be specific I knew he was nicely toasted.

I suggested we get on with his requested activities & started laying out the implements I brought. I proceeded to beat the fuck out of him (nicely) & fuck him in the butt until he seemed like he couldn’t take anymore fun. He then passed out cold.

Our dinner reservation wasn’t for a few more hours. Luckily I had my new iPhone so I answered some emails & took photo’s of myself.

Mistres T with exposed cleavage.

Self portrait #1. Bored in a hotel room while client was passed out drunk.

Mistress T looking stunning in the sunlight.

Self portrait #2. The face that drives men to drink.

Mistress T laying on a tourquise sofa.

Self portrait #3. Getting paid to lay around taking pictures of myself. What a life!

I have met all kinds of fellows in this line of work. I regret not keeping better notes to remind myself…but I could tell you stories…oh my…the guy who used to like to eat food off of my feet while pretending to be a dog….the guy who wanted to be mock cooked like soup in the bathtub…the guy who liked large produce like eggplants stuffed up his arse…Hmmm, I must be hungry if I’m recalling a bunch of food related sessions.

Moving right along. Vegas is coming up & boy am I excited! I’m sharing a room with Ceara Lynch, one of my favorite people. I’ll be filming with some great folks. We have two or maybe three slaves coming specifically to serve us during our trip. The black guy I filmed with on my holiday is even coming to Vegas to spend a few days with me! More filming with him for sure *smile*.

I plan to head to LA for a couple days after Vegas to film with Lexi Sindel of the FemDom Empire. I always have a blast with her.

I am working on nailing down my return dates for the UK/The English Mansion. It will be sometime between early Feb & early April. I’ll keep you posted.

Personally…I’m blessed with a few delightful lovers at the moment. It never rains but it pours. I’m not complaining. One of them is an exhibitionist like me & was keen to play out a fantasy of being a porn star. He did a great job playing my bull in a POV cuckolding vid called “Thick Cock For Your Wife” to be released soon. Here’s a teaser:

Mistress T & bull in cuckolding scene.

Still image from vid “Thick Cock For Your Wife” by Mistress T.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell for the moment. A big thank you to all my loyal fans. Without you it wouldn’t be possible for me to do what I love. Thanks to your support my ego has been stroked by a very high ranking on the top 50 list the last few weeks:

Top 3 best selling studio.

Top 3 in clips4sale’s top 50 overall most popular studios! Pretty awesome!

I wish you all the best for 2013!


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11 thoughts on “My interesting life…

  1. Honestly, if I had the money to book you for an all-day session, the last thing I would do is drinking till I pass out. On the contrary, I would drink only water, so that absolutely no drug blocks my mind and I am able to store in my brain every memory of that day. I can’t understand that guy.

    • Meh…he told me that he loved me & asked to see me again in a couple weeks (when he was sober the next day) so I guess he remembered enough. I will likely take a pass though.

  2. you look even more stunning than usual in the pictures. it’s a shame that he was in no shape to appreciate it

    • Oh, he was fine. I was there ALL day. He had plenty of time to look at my beautiful face & enjoy sparkling conversation. Thank you for the compliment…probably that ‘just back from vacation’ look that makes many people more radiant *smile*.

  3. Reading the above and looking at the photos, Ms T, leads one to to invert the old saw…in other words – and lucky for us -: the more he drank, the prettier you got!

    But it just goes to show that alcohol and sex don’t really mix. I enjoy a good drink myself but know at this stage that seldom do the twain coalesce in perfect, or even imperfect, harmony.

    An experienced female friend of mine who swings and blogs and enjoys herself in many diverse ways, made the point to me a long time ago that there is very little drinking done in the serious kinkster community…

    Apart from all that, have a spicy and sensuous New Year and please do carry on canoodling at every opportunity…must be the thought of on-going trysts with your new black buddy that has you looking so well!


    • Alcohol & sex don’t really mix? Bullocks. Every situation is unique. A couple of drinks can really enhance an encounter.
      In this situation I’ll just assume he had a severe drinking problem & that he would have been drinking no matter what he was doing. He drank so much he passed out for awhile…then got up & kept drinking. It was basically harmless, just annoying. He had a fabulous time & desperately wants to see me again so he was happy…but as I said, I’ll probably pass on that.
      Thank you for the compliment & yes…I am excited about seeing the black fella in Vegas this month:-)

      • “Alcohol & sex don’t really mix? Bullocks.”

        Why don’t you say what you really think, Ms T! )))

        Actually, I agree with you in the sense of the guy who coined that happiness and money co-relation thingy. Below a certain point, lack of money will cause unhappiness but when money exceeds the amount needed to be happy, one doesn’t get exponentially happier as cash accumulates…in the same way that a few drinks can lower inhibition and bring people together but excess of drinking can then take away the erotic edge needed for a truly fulfilling experience…

        Or something like that…

  4. Some Dommes don’t deal with slaves who are intoxicated. I guess yours was a happy drunk though! I enjoy a drink but don’t have anything if I’m having a session. I’d be worried I’d forget what had happened to me. Also it might alter my pain threshold!
    You look great in the photos.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

    • Every situation is unique. I’m pretty experienced & I’ve probably seen just about everything by now. Him being drunk was a touch annoying but that was all. Otherwise I was being paid to provide a service & I did so to my best abilities. In this case he was basically paying for me to hang out with him…intelligent conversation with a beautiful woman…the BDSM activities were a very small part of the day. As for his pain threshold, all was thoroughly discussed before the session & he was an experienced player. Not to worry:-)
      Thanks for the compliment. xo

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