Rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated.


I have no plans or intentions to retire in the near future.

That could be the end of this blog post, but I’ll expand on it.

Apparently there has been some rumors circulating that I will soon retire. The only reason I can think of for the rumors is a possible misunderstanding regarding the short break I took several months ago to start writing my book.

By the way, there has not been much progress on the book since I returned to work so it looks like I’ll have to schedule more breaks from work & write in chunks as it does not seem possible to do both simultaneously.

But taking breaks for 1-3 months once or twice a year is not the same as retiring!

I have been Mistress T for about a decade and I recently turned 40. In this biz both of those milestones are significant. Most female performers in adult films do not stay in the industry that long & most are not doing it into their 40’s.

I still love it though & it’s the best job I’ve had. I love running my own business, working for myself, having full control over things & the freedom to create work life balance however I choose. I did my time in my 20’s working more traditional 9-5 jobs in the vanilla world & I would not go back to it. Working for other people, dealing with office politics, following other people’s rules…it wasn’t for me.

So what will I do after this? I honestly don’t know & I don’t feel like I need to know yet. I have no plans to retire any time soon but I have been careful with my money & I have a lot of transferable skills. I’ll have more options than the cliche 30 year old ex porn star with no other job experience or education who didn’t save any money.

I have been working less the last year & that will continue. I put a lot of time & energy into building this business for years. I practically lived out of a suitcase traveling internationally to film & session. I’ve done all my own filming & editing, answered my own emails, written my blog posts, managed my own social media, marketing & all the other small & big things that business owners do. I’ve been rewarded & have the business built up to the point where I don’t need to put in as much time for it to keep chugging along. Sure, I could make more money doing more web cam & sessions, producing more content, etc…& I know my fans desperately wish I toured the world constantly so they could session with me in their city…but the personal expense of that extra money is too great. My physical & emotional/mental health is worth more. At this time, I am happier living a quieter life in Vancouver, working less, enjoying other aspects of life more.

But I am not planning to retire! Working less probably means that ya’ll will have me around for longer.

So if you want to meet me, you have 2 choices but both are expensive unfortunately. You can come to Vancouver…or you can possibly bring me to you. I am not keen to travel these days BUT if I’m compensated very well AND I feel interested & comfortable, it’s possible. Both in Vancouver & elsewhere that means meeting just me/solo or with my lover & I (cuckolding and/or encouraged bi).

I love meeting fans for interesting conversation over a nice meal. Yes, going for lunch or dinner with Mistress T is a pleasure many lucky fans have enjoyed & I hope many more.

I rarely web cam/skype but that’s possible too…usually for the very generous & fairly flexible. Email:

Custom vids are a favorite of mine. I enjoy making your fantasies come true. Info on ordering custom vids:

Film slaves/stunt cocks are still welcome to apply. Filming only in Vancouver these days. So ya need to be here or willing & able to come here. READ THIS BEFORE EMAILING:

Lastly, please be respectful of my valuable time & don’t waste it. Please do not email me only to compliment or praise. As well-intentioned as it is, it adds up to more of an annoyance than anything beneficial. Please only email if you’re sending a properly communicated application to be in my films, if you want a custom vid or want to pay for my time/attention. If you want to SHOW your appreciation & adoration sending a tribute is far better than expecting me to take up my valuable time reading an email compliment. Here’s my wish list: AMAZON WISH LIST


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7 thoughts on “Rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated.

  1. Fortunately in the FemDom world I don’t think it has the same age limit boundaries as ordinary porn, and maybe other areas of the sex industry. There’s still a market whatever your age.

    You’re one of the best at what you do, and that won’t go away as you age, in addition to you having other transferable skills that you can take elsewhere if you need to, or stick within FemDom but take more of a backseat if you really had to. But the good thing is you won’t have to. You can just do it whenever and for however long you want, there will always be a demand.

  2. Nearly every “prodom” that quits does so in a flash. One day their websites are up and the next they are down. They vanish. And , I’d lay odds when your day comes it will be somewhat the same.

  3. Hi Mistress T, I know the chances of you seeing this are very unlikely, and I know that’s because you are a busy woman. If you do read this though, I just wanted to know 2 things. 1. Can I try drawing you? 2. If you let me draw you, would you even want to see the drawings when they’re done? I’ve drawn other models before based off their photos and some of them were complimented, some actually enjoyed fan art, others were too busy to look but let me draw them anyways, which was nice. I definitely don’t want to email you the drawings, because i know that your email is for business and stuff. Anyways, here’s an example of my latest drawing of a model, if you’d like to see my style:

    If you read this, and looked at my drawing, I just want to say in advance thank you for your time. 🙂

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