Story Paused: What else will I write about?

Some of you may be wondering what the dickens I’ll write in this blog when the story gets caught up to present day…and we are getting close.

I have a few ideas…one of which is digging into specific fetishes. The more bizarre the better. I’ll educate & inform, shock & titillate…maybe introduce some folks to new kinks. I’ll include pics & vids for those who are more visual.

I’ll also go back in time and recant some other personal stories that I left out in the first big picture of story telling.

I will answer questions. You’re welcome to email me and ask for something to be answered or explained in my blog:

I will give you insight into the current day-to-day life of a 35 year old fetish film producer & performer. I have some pretty interesting interactions with fans (privacy always respected but if you write me a crazy email expect that I might share it with the world without your identity).

You can come along with me on my journey which is no where near complete. What will happen next? Find out WITH me.

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