Thank you Club Stiletto

If you’ve been following the story you may recall that my first try at video was a flop. I gave up on making video’s. We all know something changed because I have now performed in over 1000 scenes!

A personal slave kept pestering me to meet the people from Club Stiletto. It was a local fetish film company who a few of the local Dommes had worked with. I reluctantly agreed. We met, we filmed and I loved it. Some of my first vids with them were big hits. They were really excited to keep working with me but I didn’t really understand why yet. I didn’t watch the top 50 charts on clips4sale. I lived in a bubble.

I enjoyed filming with them but I never watched my vids. I just saw it as a fun way to make some extra cash. They were very complimentary but I figured they just spoke to all of their models like that. I was still a busy Pro Domme. I had even set up a large, multi-room space for parties and dungeon rental for other Dommes. A sort of ‘Domme House’ modeled after places in New York.

About a year into my relationship with C he and I hit a rough patch and split up for six weeks. It was a hard time. The ‘Domme House’ wasn’t going so well. There wasn’t enough business to support multiple Dommes. I also got an eviction notice when my landlord found out about one of my ‘Foot Parties’. It was just a foot worship event but he called it a sex party and gave me notice. He didn’t have a legal right to evict me but I knew he would continue to make my life difficult so I left.

While C & I were apart he decided to pursue his dream of filming the type of shoejob porn he loved. He bought all the equipment and learned how to use it. He found models and although it wasn’t a runaway success he enjoyed it. Then we became friends again and I modeled for his shoejob clips store. I started to learn the business from behind the camera.

I made an offer to Club Stiletto to produce & sell them as much content as they wanted. With integrity rarely seen in the porn world they advised me to start my own clips store instead. They knew I had more potential than I was using. They could have kept me all to themselves and I might never have known what I could do on my own. It was their encouragement that gave me the push to open my own clips store.

In the first couple of weeks my clips store rocketed into the top 5 on clips4sale ( I had several #1 best selling clips in that first month as well. I wish I had known then what all of that meant. It was exciting when it was happening but I didn’t appreciate how rare and special it was at the time.

Eventually my friendship and business relationship with C evolved back into a full relationship. We traveled together (New York, Burning Man, California, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, across Canada, etc.) We filmed together, lived together and we were happy.

A year after I started the clips store I opened my members site ( It was also an instant success. I thought it would cannibalize my clips store but it didn’t. Business was booming.

Here’s a shameless plug for the good folks at Club Stiletto who you can thank for being instrumental in bringing Mistress T, the fetish film performer, to you:  and their clips store:

Mistress T Facesitting

One of my 1st facesitting shoots.

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