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Orgasms are FUN! So, I want you to have less of them:-)

Orgasms are FUN! So, I want you to have less of them:-)

I’ve been having awesome sex with a tantra guy recently who practices ‘not’ ejaculating. This is a part of the whole tantra thing, for guys anyway. Not me. I cum all I want…but I’m supposed to support him in not cumming. That’s certainly new for me…I’m REALLY good at making guys cum. Ha ha.

So I’ve been thinking about my fans & ‘edging’. I’ve blogged about this before & created vids designed to guide you through edging exercises. Bringing yourself close to orgasm, then backing off, building it up again, backing off & repeating several times until finally blowing your top. The result? A more intense orgasm & increased orgasm control which is helpful when you’re trying to please your lover sexually.

I’ve also read some interesting articles on the value of not coming for longer periods of time, days or even weeks. I won’t get into that now but will focus more on shorter-term orgasm control. Watching my vids is great during this process. Why? Because I want to sell you vids, obviously. Hey, I’m not running a charity here! Okay, seriously, watch whatever porn you want but you might find it easier to stick to me, feeling like we have a relationship & we’re on this journey together. You’ll know what to expect from me & will likely be able to control things better. If you search “orgasm control” in either my clips store or members site you’ll find a variety of vids appropriate for this exercise.

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This isn’t about abstinence. This isn’t about denying your sexual urges. This is about playing with your sexual energy and harnessing your sexual power. This is about making your jerk off adventures more interesting & fulfilling. This is about making you a better lover should the opportunity arise.

Here’s a quote from tantra guru Richard Ankhara:

“Don’t take it past 70% of the pleasure point, until you’re experienced. Keep breathing deeply, in through the nose, out through pursed lips. If you get too close, breathe out fast through your mouth, and suck the navel toward the spine pulling up the diaphragm. Visualize the sexual energy moving up from the pubic bone to either the heart or the third eye. Once you’ve been doing it for a few minutes, try clenching your pelvic floor muscles on your inhalation, then relaxing them during your exhalation.
Ta-da, that’s the fundamentals of sexual tantra for men.”

So, my darlings…here’s your homework assignment: practice edging & orgasm control. Pay close attention to how you feel. If you would like to share your experience with me feel free to email me or even better: make a comment here on my blog & share with others. Obviously, this is fantastic for those who struggle with premature ejaculation but really, the energy work is great for any man.

Happy hand-humping!


Mistress T

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Custom vids!

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

I love bringing life to your fantasies! Here’s everything you need to know about ordering custom vids from me.

#1. Requests start at $200 (additional $50 if you want me to use your name in the vid). That’s usually it unless:

-your request is overly complicated

– it involves more people

-you want it to be over 15 minutes

-you need me to wear something I don’t already own (then you’ll either need to buy the item & send it to me or pay extra for me to buy the item.)

#2. PAYMENT via the tribute button on my clips store & put your email address in the comments area. Do not pay until I have said yes to your request. It takes up to 2 weeks for your vid to appear on clips4sale where you’ll buy it for another $10 (approx) or if you’re a member of my site it will be released here for no extra charge. (Amazon Gift Card is another acceptable form of payment).

#3. Email me the basic outline of your request BEFORE you pay. I’ll let you know if it’s do-able. Include the obviously important things. Don’t send a long script, just a brief outline hitting the main points. We can go into more detail if I accept it. Example:

“A humiliating jerk off instruction for a virgin who you caught jerking off with your panties. Please wear office attire & glasses, like a mature business woman & tease with lots of ass views.”

Note: There’s lots of things I don’t, won’t or can’t do so be sure to be clear in your request right away so I can figure out if I can do your request. Examples of what’s on the no-go list (these have all been requested recently too):

– I won’t kill or swallow anything living, goldfish, etc.

– I don’t smoke.

– I can’t lift & carry even a smaller dude.

– I won’t put pantyhose over my face.

– I won’t swallow cum or take a cum facial.

– Nothing goes IN my bum.

– A lot of sex scenes aren’t possible because, well, I’m not a big LA porn production company & I just film sex scenes when I feel like it, the way I like, with who I want to.

Anyway, it’s doesn’t hurt to ask but use some common sense before requesting something you doubt I’ll be able to do. If you’re familiar with my work you probably have a pretty good idea of what my range is.

So that’s basically it. Here’s my email:

I hope I can make your fantasy come to life!

Mistress T

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Jerk Off To Improve Sex

Mistress T in a latex nurse's outfit.

Trust me, I’m a professional…

A lot of my fans are chronic masturbators…jerking off at least a couple times a day to porn. Orgasms are really good for you, medically & mentally. It reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer, reduces stress, etc. So let’s talk about masturbating BETTER! Specifically how to masturbate to have better sex (if you get the opportunity).

1. Make sure your dick will be ready to fuck a real pussy! If your dick only knows your hand & you jerk the same way every time you may struggle to keep your boner or to ejaculate when it’s “business time”.

Experiment with lighter grips & hand positions/use your other hand. Don’t always do exactly the same thing.

Masturbate while wearing a condom! (I’m told this is called a “Posh Wank” in the UK). Get your dick used to fucking with a rubber (often free at clinics).

Get a Fleshlight or other masturbation device that feels more like a vagina. You can shop on the internet discreetly for that stuff or your local sex shop.

Or make your own home made one! I googled “DIY masturbation device” and found this helpful article, I’m sure there’s more (Feel free to comment below if you have a DIY tip to share):

That DIY (do-it-yourself) article reminded me of when I was a horny, resourceful teen. I made an ‘insertable’ by wrapping tissues around the neck of a wine bottle (to make it softer & more life-like) & securing a condom over it with an elastic band. Yup, I was THAT serious about safe sex. Ha ha:-)

2. Build a better orgasm AND learn orgasm control by ‘edging’ yourself. Bring yourself close to orgasm then ease off…let it build again & just before you ejaculate, ease off or stop…repeat several times (or for hours!) before finally enjoying a powerful release. This will help you have more control if you do have sex with a woman (no one likes a minute man!)

3. Try different things. It’s okay to like what ya like…but experiment with variations of what you like. This will help you keep a boner & ejaculate at the right time when in situations other than just that one specific way you’re used it. You can watch different porn, or hell, use your imagination once in a while (worst advice ever from a smut peddler, eh?)…Try sitting, standing, laying down, in the shower, maybe sneak one off at work or in the car (don’t get caught).

That should keep you busy for awhile. Remember, sex takes practice and your biggest sex organ is your brain. That means if you’re nervous you might find your penis not behaving as you like. There’s a lot more to sex then just intercourse…like touching, kissing, massage, teasing…You always have a mouth & if you learn to lick pussy like a champ your lady won’t mind if it takes your dick awhile to catch up.

Mistress T

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A Peek Inside MY Fantasy World

One of the most common questions I’m asked is:

“What fetishes are you REALLY into?”

Obviously, it’s unlikely I’m personally turned on by every vid that I do. Who has that many kinks?

The answer is complicated. I find another person’s arousal arousing. Leaving judgement at the door I’ve allowed myself to be turned on by a wide variety of things. In the moment, in the right circumstance, almost anything can be eroticized. Spell checker is telling me that’s not a word? Fuck you spell checker:

eroticize, eroticise[ɪˈrɒtɪˌsaɪz]


(tr)to regard or present in a sexual way

eroticization , eroticisation n

I digress.

So, what goes on in my head when it’s just me and my hand in bed…or the jets on my tub…?

Here’s the tip of the iceberg: Objectification, humiliation and shame are usually a part of my personal fantasies. Taboo family fantasies often come into play too. Don’t read too much into that. I would never condone incest, pedophilia, etc in real life. As long as no one is harmed in real life, what happens in my head or in your head is fine and you should only feel ashamed of it if shame is what you’re into.

Here’s an example of a scenario that I would masturbate to:

It’s late at night. A car is parked in the driveway of a house. You can barely make out two people inside the car having sex from the perspective of looking out a window of the house. Who is looking out the window, watching? It’s the father of the teenage (about 18) daughter who is having sex with a guy in the car. The father is kneeling, his knees getting sore. He’s been there for hours, waiting, as instructed by the daughter. This happens pretty much every Saturday night.

The car door opens, she steps out pulling down her skirt and giving her boyfriend one last passionate kiss good night. She comes inside and ignores her stupid father at first until she gets herself into position, bent over the kitchen table, skirt pulled up, the moonlight coming in through the window showing her glistening, freshly fucked pussy. Cum smeared and dripping down her thighs. She snaps her fingers, he knows the drill, he crawls over and starts licking her pussy, cleaning her and giving her another orgasm. She’s cruel to him, saying things like: “You’re a sick fuck for being attracted to your own daughter. I would never, ever fuck you but I’ll humiliate you and use your mouth for my pleasure…the only way you get to lick my pussy is if it tastes like another man’s cum. I don’t want you to enjoy this too much. You’re so weak and horny you’ll do anything I tell you to. I know you’re thinking about me when you’re fucking mom. I know you feel ashamed and grossed out with yourself and you should. If I ever told anyone the truth your life would be ruined.”

Her complete control over her father turns her on, the power rush…but she’s not attracted to him. That’s why she bends over the kitchen table so she doesn’t have to look at him while his mouth pleasures her. He is objectified, degraded, used. He feels shame and sometimes even cries…which I love.

A ‘disclaimer’ on this: I lost my virginity when I was 15 to my 16 year old boyfriend. It was nice. I was never sexually molested by anyone and no one in my family was ever sexually inappropriate. This fantasy isn’t about me, they usually aren’t. The first time I felt arousal I was reading an erotic story which seemed to have set a pattern of fantasizing about other people rather than myself in a scenario. Having said that, I was a VERY sexual teen. The summer I was 16 I had many lovers and I loved every minute of it. I perused boys. I initiated sex. I know I’m not alone. Teenage girls tend to be just as horny as teenage boys.

The reason that many of my vids have complex story lines is because that’s how I’m wired. All of my fantasies are complex. There’s a lot going on. How people are feeling about what’s going on…rather than just penis-in-vagina sex that makes up most mainstream porn. I don’t judge if that’s what does it for you, but if there isn’t a story I won’t have an orgasm. I know by now that there is actually a lot of men that are on the same page.

I suppose in a way fantasy for me is more realistic if it’s complex. That’s life, isn’t it? Usually there’s more going on than just penetration. The brain is the most important sex organ!

Mistress T

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"Put that tongue to work!"

Brat girls know their power!


Fan Mail – Fuckdoll?

I get a lot of fan mail. Most of it isn’t worth repeating but once in awhile one comes along that is worth sharing. This one made me smile, then laugh. See if you can catch the humor too…


Ode to an internet beauty
Mistress T,

You’ve written about getting messages obviously written one-handed. Don’t slight us or yourself. I’m here because the moment I first saw your photo, I experienced involuntary movement of a major body part. Has that ever happened to you? Can you imagine if you saw a really sexy guy and all of the sudden your arm moved without you making it do so? I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, and my cock got hard until it throbbed incessantly. When I very soon after watched that first brief video clip somewhere on the web, yes, I couldn’t help but watch with one hand. I had no choice but to masturbate. I had to. You beauty forced an erection on me, forced incredible lust on me, and forced me to masturbate. My hand grabbed my cock as if directed by a power beyond my control, tightly, and starting stroking it like it was a jackhammer. Seeing you, that classically beautiful face, the high cheekbones, the petite, thin frame, the tiny waist, the very round hips, the perfect-size breasts that are perfectly shaped and are firm and high, those legs, and, just as much a work of art as your sculpted face, that absolutely round, extremely high, tight, and symmetrical rear end that makes for a perfect outward arch–such an incredible curve, the best curve a woman can have and you have every curve, one word inhabited my mind, my hand, my cock, my heart, my soul as I looked….

…My brain function devolved back in time to its most primitive state where I could no longer even think. Primal instinct took over and it made my cock hard and throb, made my hips thrust in a fucking motion even though I was alone, and made me think, over and over and over as I was captured by your sexual power, only of one one syllable word: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck her.  Fuck that woman. I need to fuck the hell out of this woman before I die. I HAVE to fuck her. It’s an animal reaction you create in us. It’s what makes us view, subscribe, write. I lose control over my penis where you are concerned: I get hard even if I don’t want to, I jackoff harder than I intend to as my body acts as it would were I actually be fucking you, I come harder, I ejaculate more, and I come much sooner than I’d like to because you take over my mind, body, soul and cock. You own my cock, in a way. In real life, I’d want to drill you forever, but in reality would surely come very quickly given how much you turn me on.  You are a living fuckdoll in the most complimentary sense. We men fantasize about having Mistress T the fuckdoll as our personal fuck-toy. That’s the secret hope for some of us; we’re not all submissive wimps. I want to take you under me and have my way with you, touch you everywhere at once, lick you forever, and pound you until my cock falls off.

It’s real–you capture our core beings merely by looking as you do, by being you. I have had innumerable orgasms while watching your videos and looking at your photos. You have the best ass–when a woman is so perfectly round back there, I get overwhelmed with lust.  I love everything about your appearence, but it’s that extraordinary rear-end of yours that keeps me coming back, and keeps me looking with only one free hand.

You’re the best.


Mistress T new pantyhose

Ass encased in pantyhose...*sigh*

MistressT saddle up

Saddle up!

MistressT latex panties

Under that juicy ass!

MistressT Bum

Love that ass!


Before I begin, I’ll point out that I’ve added a ‘subscribe’ box at the bottom of this page. You can subscribe and get an email notification when I add a new entry. I’m new to blogging so if anyone has tips or advice please send them to:


In my last entry I mentioned that I had saved up enough for the down payment for a condo but qualifying for a mortgage was another story. I needed to get a job that looked good to the bank. It was back to office work for me. I’ll tell you in advance that this was the last office job I had and it lasted just over 1 year even though I only needed to work there for a few months to qualify for a mortgage and buy my condo. I hated it, so why did I stay? I can’t answer that, fear I suppose. Since meeting that beach boy on the nude beach years before I had struggled to follow a path not taken. I was afraid of course, of not having a regular pay check and all the security that comes from working for other people. Let me tell you, do not take entrepreneurs for granite. It takes a certain bravery to do your own thing.

About a year into that job a new manager offered me a generous promotion. The new position would mean more time spent doing the job tasks I hated the most. It was a big step up but it hit me all at once how miserable I was. I turned it down and two weeks later I was fired. They said that although they’d love to have me stay they could tell I wasn’t happy and they were doing me a favor by giving me the push I needed to find what would make me happy.

I still resent that that’s how my office career ended. I wish I could say that it was me who was so self aware and brave that I made that decision. Instead, I was cowardly enough to stay at a job I hated until someone else shoved me out of the nest toward my destiny.

I bought another wig and called an agent. My first gig was on a slow Sunday night and I thought I would just be doing private dances. There had been a miscommunication and I was actually expected to do three stage shows that night. I had never danced on stage before. I didn’t have costumes, music or moves. The DJ helped me with the music and if you’d like a soundtrack to read this post to, this is the first song I danced on stage to:  Global Deejay’s The Sound of San Francisco. I stripped on stage in front of four sleepy patrons with my heart pounding in my chest. I loved it.

I starting working more full time at the friendliest and safest club in town. I liked it there and did private dances plus stage shows for a few months. I was dating a nice guy who is still one of my best friends. I was happy.

It was around that time that I formally met Samantha Mack. We had met informally months earlier, by that I mean we smooched at a fetish party but didn’t trade contact info. When she showed up to work at the club one night I thought I recognized her but it took a few days for me to speak up. We became fast friends and then lovers. Samantha eventually becomes a more prominent character in my story.

I’ll take a pause here to shamelessly promote Samantha as she is still a close friend and involved in lots of interesting things, including raising money for breast cancer research, being an advocate for the gay community, etc. etc. Check out her website:

I got the travel bug again and went to Brazil and Argentina for two months. When I returned something had changed with my boyfriend and our relationship had become more of a friendship. I found myself looking for excitement. I went on Craigslist under ‘Casual Encounters’ (I had never done this before and am not even sure how I got the idea) and I found an ad that intrigued me. A man was looking for a nude house cleaner. Light housework, more for the voyeur aspect, no touching, paid. I know it sounds crazy, risky and even stupid, but it was thrilling. Remember, I am an exhibitionist first, almost everything else follows that. I went and it was just as he said. I cleaned the windows of his highrise apartment where anyone in other buildings could see me. He sat, clothed, reading a magazine and casually glancing at me. I then vacuumed in the nude and worked up a bit of a sweat. I loved it. He paid me then and said I was free to go. I asked if I could shower first, he asked if he could watch. That was fun, I put on a bit of a show for him in the shower, he paid me more. He then asked if it would be okay if he took a very close up photo of my vagina, only my vagina, not my face. I said yes. He paid me more. Then he asked if it would be okay for him to sit on a chair beside the bed and masturbate while I played with myself. He offered more money and frankly, the combination of the exhibitionism AND getting paid was so erotic that I climaxed quickly and with shocking intensity.

I went straight home and placed an ad for nude housecleaning with masturbation show. This was one of the most important events in my history. I started doing no-contact ‘voyeur shows’…I never cleaned another house although I pretended to clean a spotless yacht once. There was a huge market for this! Men who were looking for a bit of dirty fun, a bit of excitement but for one reason or another, they didn’t want sexual contact. Some had never been with an escort and would be too nervous to perform. Others didn’t want to feel like they were cheating on their partners and this felt okay to them. Some had erectile dysfunction. Some were so paranoid about sexually transmitted infections that no-contact worked better for them…and other reasons. I was skilled with the dirty talk. I have a filthy imagination and with just a few questions I could figure out how to push any man’s buttons verbally. They sat on a chair beside the bed and got themselves off watching and listening to me. I loved the power of it. I was in complete control.

Word got out on the internet and a gentleman who wanted to write a review asked what my stage name was. I didn’t really have one so he chose ‘Miss T’ and unfortunately it stuck and I became famous before I could figure out something better. I took as many bookings as I could handle and still turned away business every day. I had loads of positive experiences and met the most wonderful men. Was it safe? Well, nothing bad ever happened while I was doing ‘voyeur shows’. It seemed to attract a gentle, respectful type of man. I became friends with quite a few. They would take me for nice dinners, bring me thoughtful gifts, etc. It was less complicated back then and part of me wishes I could go back to that time but alas, even as content as I was, when the thrill started to wear off I started to look for the next rush…

Mistress T nude with boots

Probably taken after an orgasm...I look pretty happy!