Booking filming spring/summer 2016

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Cum here.

I’m starting to resurface after taking some time off to write and to deal with the loss of a family member. Thank you to those who offered your condolences and thank you to those who respectfully gave me space.

I’m excited about starting filming again! I’ll now accept applications for those wanting to film with me in April and beyond.

At this time it is unlikely I will accept private sessions or distance slaves as I’m still writing my book. I’m returning to work part time. I might make an exception in the right circumstances (a VERY generous offer from a well-mannered, interesting, easy-to-deal with client).

#1 requirement to apply to film with me: you MUST be in Vancouver as I am not traveling anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Again: filming in Vancouver ONLY.

To be extra clear: if you are not in Vancouver do not email me about filming.

Got it? Good.

#2. You must send a $100 deposit for me to review your application. What? Yes, you have to pay me to even consider you. Why? Because I have more duds than I do viable applicants and I have enough regular film slaves that I don’t really need new ones. So you have to prove you are worth my time.

3 options for tributing:
1. Online E-Transfer to this email address (from any major Canadian bank):
2. Tribute button on my clips store:
3. Gift card for my favorite spa. You can buy online with paypal or go in & pay cash in person. Ask them to email the gift card to They are used to it as a lot of fans send me gift cards from there.:

#3. You must email at least 1 clear nude torso pic with erect penis. I prefer average to fit guys with less body hair and bigger dicks. If you don’t look like that you may not want to apply but you are welcome to. If you send $100 I will seriously try to find some way to film with you. The only time it’s okay to send me a ‘dick pic’ is when you’ve paid me $100 to look at it…but please try to get more than your dick in the pic. Standing in front of a mirror works. I don’t need your face in the pic or in the vid. The headless are welcome to apply:-) Email pics AFTER you’ve sent the deposit:

#4. Tell me what you’re into. List what activities you’re into or how you think you could be used in MY vids. I use stunt cocks, if you just want to lay there & get jerked off, say that. If you can take a big strap-on in your ass, let me know. If you’ll suck cock or would let a guy suck you, tell me. If you’re a fan of my vids you know what kind of scenes I film & where you might fit into the mix.

NOTE: I am NOT filming any toilet stuff. I will not allow oral worship, do nude facesitting or have intercourse with strangers. If you film with me for awhile & I want to do those things with you we’ll discuss it if we reach that comfort level that but do not expect any of that in the beginning.

I think that covers it. $100 gets my attention. Applications without it will be ignored:-)


Mistress T

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Film Slave Application

I get a lot of emails from guys hoping to be in my films. So here’s all the info you need to apply correctly (Note: Who? What? Where? When?):

1. LOCATION! (Where?) I am only planning to film in Vancouver starting April 2016 for the foreseeable future. I am not filming at all until then & I have no plans to travel anywhere else & film at this time. So if you are not in Vancouver or willing/able to come to Vancouver there is no need to apply.

(Do not email asking if I’m coming to Denver, Germany, Boston, Toronto, Dubai or anywhere else to film. I travel a lot but I don’t film all over the world. If you can’t come to me but you can afford to pay all my expenses to come to you, then maybe, but I don’t “tour” & it’s highly unlikely I will randomly be in your city. I do not have plans to return to the UK at this time.)

2. PICS. (Who?) You should never send an unsolicited “dick pic” to anyone…but if you’re seriously applying to be a film slave I need to know what you look like. But not just your dick: your whole nude torso with erect penis. I prefer fit guys with big cocks for most of my films but there are certain roles where other body types & penis sizes are used. Face pic optional.

3. WHAT? List what you would be useful for in a film/what you’re into. Here’s what I would be most interested in:

-really big dicks that produce big loads of cum (for FemDom Fetish Handjobs)

-guys that can take big strap-ons


-forced bi guys who will suck or get sucked by a dude

-ballbusting guys

4. WHEN? If you’re coming to Vancouver: when? If you live here: what days/evenings are you available? (Again, I won’t be filming until April 2016)

Note that everyone appearing in my films must be over 18, sign a model release & be photographed holding their photo ID next to their face (whether you show your face in the vid or not).

I have more film slaves than I need right now so if you’re not accepted but you want to book a private session, that’s also an option. Some of my film slaves started out as private session guys.

Recap: When you email me be brief & include the “WHO? (pic) – WHAT (activities/roles) – WHEN (dates?) – WHERE (Specify Vancouver)”


Mistress T

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