Last chance for Goddess Party Sept 29, 2017!

Top left: Samantha Mack with Evilyn13 (tongue out). Bottom left: Skylar Heart Right: Mistress T sitting on Miss Jasmine's lap.

Top left: Samantha Mack with Evilyn13 (tongue out).
Bottom left: Skylar Heart
Right: Mistress T sitting on Miss Jasmine’s lap.

A couple months ago I announced an upcoming Goddess Party for Sept 29, 2017:

With only 10 spots for slaves in the private (non-filmed) part of the party, it filled up very quickly, no surprise…BUT we decided to have a little sadistic fun & keep one spot available for y’all to fight over. So, how badly do you want the last spot? To be the last guy, lucky number 10 at a small private party with 5 Goddess’s: Miss Jasmine, Samantha Mack, Skylar Heart, Evilyn13 & yours truly?

It’s an auction boys & the prize goes to the highest bidder. Minimum bid is $800. Send your bid to Miss Jasmine after reading the party details here:

Deadline for getting your bids in: September 10th, 2017.

So that’s for the 2nd part of the party, the private part. If you’re a big ol’ whore & not camera-shy the more the merrier at the 1st part, the filmed encouraged bi gang-bang, circle-jerk, slurp & ass fuck cum-fest. Strap-on fun & cock sucking will be on deck for the 1st part of the party, this part will be filmed (hoods/masks to cover your ugly face are a-okay.)

Recent, clean STI tests are required to get your gay on & model releases will need to be signed!

We have a nice selection of man-sluts for the first part already, this is gonna be FUN. Read the party info for all the dirty details. Read it. Don’t just get all excited & go off half-cocked. Read the info. Got it? Good boy.

If you’re confused, this link should clear it up. But again, there are 2 parts of the party. The 1st part is the gay stuff, that’s filmed. No cap on the number of sluts for that one. The 2nd part is private, no filming, only 10 slaves allowed & the last spot is being auctioned off to the highest bidder:


Mistress T

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Goddess Party: September 29, 2017!

Miss Jasmine, Mistress T & Samantha Mack

Miss Jasmine, Mistress T & Samantha Mack

There’s a lot of history between Samantha Mack, Miss Jasmine & I. 10+ years of history & that includes some EPIC Goddess Parties. They weren’t all filmed but some of them were. Oh yes. If you search “Goddess Party” on my clips4sale studio or members site you’ll find many debauches party scenes of women playing with submissive men. Highly entertaining stuff.

It’s been a few years since we’ve thrown a party & the requests have never stopped rolling in, so we decided to have one! Yippee! We’re combining filmed with un-filmed activities & keeping it really intimate. The bigger parties tended to get a bit too crazy so we’ve capped the private party to 10 sub males & 5 Goddesses.

Jasmine, Samantha & I have chosen a couple of other great gals for the party. Evilyn13 is a well regarded fetish model with a playfully sadistic side. She’s been very involved in the local fetish party scene in her personal life for many years. A feast for the eyes & will have guys groveling, no doubt. More on Evilyn13:

Skylar Hart is a whip smart, highly skilled & experienced Dominatrix. Don’t let her youthful looks fool you, this woman knows exactly what she’s doing. For those who are more into the technical aspects of BDSM, Skylar will be a dream come true. Skylar Hart’s clips4sale page:

We announced the party a few days ago on twitter & we’ve already filled 3 spots (for both parts of the party), so if you want in on this get your application in ASAP! (Demand has been higher than expected so we might auction off the last couple of spots to the highest bidder…we’ll see *grin*)

Before the private (non-filmed) party we’re having a filmed encouraged bi gang bang. The main focus there will be guy/guy cock sucking & strap-on play. If that’s your main interest &/or you’re on a budget that’s a great option. Masks/hoods are optional if you don’t want to show your slut face.

You have the option to come to just the 1st part, just the 2nd part or both.

All the info is here: Please read it carefully before applying. We are getting quite a few applicants & your chances of getting in on this will be better if you’ve applied properly/communicated clearly.

Can't read the tiny print? Of course not. Clink the link up there & go to the actual info page!

Can’t read the tiny print? Of course not. Clink the link up there & go to the actual info page!


Mistress T

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Canadian wish list: Click here

US wish list: Click here



London Fetish Weekend Sept/Oct?

I’ve been invited to London Fetish weekend: (Sept 30-Oct 2) and am gathering information to help me decide whether the trip is do-able. I would stay several days longer and film with other producers and/or film for my own site with London film slaves and possibly accept private bookings.

If you are a producer located in London and you would like to work together during that week, email me.

If you are a potential film slave or you would like to have a private booking, email me.

If I get enough interest and IF I can juggle my schedule it would be great to come to London for Club Pedestal and Torture Garden. I’ll keep you posted!


MistressT red corsette

Party in London?

More fun in San Francisco…

I kept in touch with the male Dom who I met at The Power Exchange…he who flogged me first. He invited me to come back and I can resist anything except temptation.

On one trip I brought my boyfriend at the time. This turned out to be a poor choice but a worthwhile learning experience, but I’ll get to that. First I’ll tell you about meeting the famous “Midori” ( ) Among other things, she’s known for being the author of “The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage”. She was doing a rope bondage stage performance at a big fetish bash and I had the opportunity to help out behind the scenes body painting some of her victims/models. I got to meet her and received a signed copy of her recent CD of erotic stories. She was lovely and it was a thrill meeting someone so well known in the fetish community.

During this event I also had an opportunity to ‘bottom’ under some very talented Doms. I loved being strung up in front of a crowd. I was spanked, flogged and experimented on (electro-play, etc.). To be honest, I didn’t care for the acts (other than flogging) as much as I loved being watched.

I had been having my fun, checking in with my boyfriend from time-to-time. It was a big party, he was wandering off and coming back and I thought he was having a good time. I was deep in ‘sub space’ being flogged in front of a large crowd when I caught his eye and noticed something was off. I went up to him and asked. Things were NOT okay. He had just had enough of watching me ‘getting beaten’. He looked disgusted. People were watching us talk, they could read the situation. I was humiliated and ashamed. I felt like a freak for enjoying myself. I felt selfish for not realizing he wasn’t having fun. I was emotionally vulnerable after hours of ‘play and excitement’. It was like being dropped from a 10 story building. I just broke down.

That was about 10 years ago and I was not then who I am today. Now, at 35 I would likely not get myself into such a situation and if I did, I would react differently. Then, however, it was crushing. I cried in the cab all the way back to the hotel and cried all night. He did not try to comfort me. I felt like a disgusting human being for being into kinky stuff.

Obviously, we didn’t stay together, but that doesn’t even matter. The important lesson I learned was about emotion and the vulnerability of¬† ‘sub space’. It helped me later on to be a good Domme.

My journey in learning to accept my kinky side has not been a straight path. I had my set backs and uphill battles. Maybe you, my reader, have similar stories? I invite you to comment here if you like. I know I’m not alone in my love of kink anymore…you are not alone either *smile*.

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