Last chance for Goddess Party Sept 29, 2017!

Top left: Samantha Mack with Evilyn13 (tongue out). Bottom left: Skylar Heart Right: Mistress T sitting on Miss Jasmine's lap.

Top left: Samantha Mack with Evilyn13 (tongue out).
Bottom left: Skylar Heart
Right: Mistress T sitting on Miss Jasmine’s lap.

A couple months ago I announced an upcoming Goddess Party for Sept 29, 2017:

With only 10 spots for slaves in the private (non-filmed) part of the party, it filled up very quickly, no surprise…BUT we decided to have a little sadistic fun & keep one spot available for y’all to fight over. So, how badly do you want the last spot? To be the last guy, lucky number 10 at a small private party with 5 Goddess’s: Miss Jasmine, Samantha Mack, Skylar Heart, Evilyn13 & yours truly?

It’s an auction boys & the prize goes to the highest bidder. Minimum bid is $800. Send your bid to Miss Jasmine after reading the party details here:

Deadline for getting your bids in: September 10th, 2017.

So that’s for the 2nd part of the party, the private part. If you’re a big ol’ whore & not camera-shy the more the merrier at the 1st part, the filmed encouraged bi gang-bang, circle-jerk, slurp & ass fuck cum-fest. Strap-on fun & cock sucking will be on deck for the 1st part of the party, this part will be filmed (hoods/masks to cover your ugly face are a-okay.)

Recent, clean STI tests are required to get your gay on & model releases will need to be signed!

We have a nice selection of man-sluts for the first part already, this is gonna be FUN. Read the party info for all the dirty details. Read it. Don’t just get all excited & go off half-cocked. Read the info. Got it? Good boy.

If you’re confused, this link should clear it up. But again, there are 2 parts of the party. The 1st part is the gay stuff, that’s filmed. No cap on the number of sluts for that one. The 2nd part is private, no filming, only 10 slaves allowed & the last spot is being auctioned off to the highest bidder:


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Goddess Party: September 29, 2017!

Miss Jasmine, Mistress T & Samantha Mack

Miss Jasmine, Mistress T & Samantha Mack

There’s a lot of history between Samantha Mack, Miss Jasmine & I. 10+ years of history & that includes some EPIC Goddess Parties. They weren’t all filmed but some of them were. Oh yes. If you search “Goddess Party” on my clips4sale studio or members site you’ll find many debauches party scenes of women playing with submissive men. Highly entertaining stuff.

It’s been a few years since we’ve thrown a party & the requests have never stopped rolling in, so we decided to have one! Yippee! We’re combining filmed with un-filmed activities & keeping it really intimate. The bigger parties tended to get a bit too crazy so we’ve capped the private party to 10 sub males & 5 Goddesses.

Jasmine, Samantha & I have chosen a couple of other great gals for the party. Evilyn13 is a well regarded fetish model with a playfully sadistic side. She’s been very involved in the local fetish party scene in her personal life for many years. A feast for the eyes & will have guys groveling, no doubt. More on Evilyn13:

Skylar Hart is a whip smart, highly skilled & experienced Dominatrix. Don’t let her youthful looks fool you, this woman knows exactly what she’s doing. For those who are more into the technical aspects of BDSM, Skylar will be a dream come true. Skylar Hart’s clips4sale page:

We announced the party a few days ago on twitter & we’ve already filled 3 spots (for both parts of the party), so if you want in on this get your application in ASAP! (Demand has been higher than expected so we might auction off the last couple of spots to the highest bidder…we’ll see *grin*)

Before the private (non-filmed) party we’re having a filmed encouraged bi gang bang. The main focus there will be guy/guy cock sucking & strap-on play. If that’s your main interest &/or you’re on a budget that’s a great option. Masks/hoods are optional if you don’t want to show your slut face.

You have the option to come to just the 1st part, just the 2nd part or both.

All the info is here: Please read it carefully before applying. We are getting quite a few applicants & your chances of getting in on this will be better if you’ve applied properly/communicated clearly.

Can't read the tiny print? Of course not. Clink the link up there & go to the actual info page!

Can’t read the tiny print? Of course not. Clink the link up there & go to the actual info page!


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Canadian wish list: Click here

US wish list: Click here



Back to work!

So I got back to work yesterday. I filmed for the first time in months, the longest filming break I’ve taken.

I had planned to start filming again in April & my keen film guys were chomping at the bit so filming got scheduled for April 1, without delay.

What hadn’t been scheduled was a bout of unglamorous food poisoning the day before. I was feeling pretty weak the morning of filming and considered cancelling the whole thing but decided to soldier on. I have always hated cancelling plans & pride myself on a reputation of being super reliable.

I dusted off the lights that were in storage and checked the camera to make sure it was still working. During its hiatus the battery had stopped working even though it was charged, but the camera works while plugged in, so no panic. That wonderful camera has traveled all over the last few years and has served me well. I don’t plan on retiring it. Hopefully a new battery will do the trick.

I had recently converted my purple ‘set’ to teal and I was excited to see how it would film. Yup, that’s what gets me excited and I’m not alone. I’ll give you a bit of behind-the-scenes info. I’ve filmed on a lot of sets and producers tend to put a lot of thought into colors and details. We really do get excited about our sets. Truth.

I took extra time to do my hair & make-up. I knew I was feeling tired, I didn’t want to look tired.

My pal Samantha Mack popped by to grab my dick. An impromptu visit. She had a custom vid request that required a very large strap-on dong & I had just the thing for her. We had a quick catch-up & I saw her out just before my first victim, er, film slave arrived.

It was great to see him. We’ve filmed dozens of scenes together. He’s very chill & best of all, he has a hair trigger for a cum shot. By that I mean that he cums very easily. He was the guy in the vid that I made ejaculate with just one finger. That makes my ‘job’ a lot easier. I can control the pace of the scene better that way, rather than getting to the part where I want the cum shot & having to jerk hard for a few minutes to get there, dragging out the dialogue past where I had wanted it. This whole hand job thing is an art. I know I make it look easy but it isn’t always easy.

He’s also great to work with because he has such a wide range of perversions. Pretty much anything I want to do he’s down for. The scene we did yesterday was an evil step-mother thing. I like playing the bad guy. It gives me an outlet for my dark side…& we all have a dark side.

We had a nice chat and a cup of tea after before he went back to work, in a better frame of mind for an important meeting. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s the truth.

Up next was a young fella I’ve filmed with a few times. I hadn’t seen him in quite awhile & he had worked hard to lose weight for me. He only had a little belly before and I’m not sure if I mentioned it to him but bellies can make filming more difficult as it can hide the action & make a dick look shorter. I was impressed that he went to the effort without being instructed…but I was most glad that he was just healthier. He had lost the little belly by cutting pop and junk food out of his diet. That will serve him well in the long run. I’m a real health nut.

We did a brother/sister scene which he thought was amusing because last time we did a mother/son scene. I promised him next time we’d do something with leather as I know he has a thing for that. He was a trooper though & performed like a champ.

The last victim of the day was a guy I have a lot of history with, 5 years at least. A slave I sort of dated for awhile a couple years ago. It wasn’t much of a relationship but it was fun while it lasted. He’s a good boy, crazy about ball busting, cuckolding & femdom. A true submissive with gentlemanly style. He loves to serve & he’s cute. A nice combo. I like filming with him & he’s made the rounds filming with most of the other Dommes around town. Little slut:-)

We did 2 ball busting scenes, both quite different. I don’t normally do hand job scenes with him (he doesn’t ejaculate as easily as I like) but he was so riled up & horny, he promised he would cum easily. And he did. The scene was super hot. A cuckolding scene incorporating real life events for us from the past. As I said, we have a long history so there’s a lot to draw from.

He hung around after filming, catching me up on his recent escapades. As a cute, fun guy he gets a lot of action in the local fetish scene. He did admit that sometimes girls say they’re intimidated by the fact that he dated “Mistress T”. An obstacle he no doubt manages to overcome. I told him he should do a blog about his adventures. He’s a ball busting film slave & party boy. He has an interesting life.

I was almost done for the day when another one of my ex’s came by for a visit. We were together almost a decade ago & have been great friends since. After he left I got ready for bed. I was tired but felt rejuvenated. All the filming went really well, I enjoyed it. I also felt blessed to have spent time with 3 of my ex’s (Samantha & I had a thing years ago as well). I’m grateful to have maintained friendships with people I’ve been in intimate relationships with.

This was a long blog with no pictures. I didn’t think to take any yesterday. I know not everyone likes to read long entries but for those who want to get to know me more intimately this blog probably hit the spot.


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Clowning around…

And now for something completely different.

A little while ago I received an invite to join my pal Ceara Lynch for Dan Savage’s ‘Hump’ amateur porn film festival in Seattle.

When I mentioned it to my long time friend (and former lover/partner) Samantha Mack ( ) she decided to create & submit something in the humor category. When she said it would be a lesbian clown porn I told her I couldn’t perform in it, as it wouldn’t be good for my ‘Domme’ image but I helped out behind the scenes. It wasn’t until the project was nearly finished that she pointed out the film was about our early romantic relationship.

I was floored. I had been focused on the clowns & the funny gags, not on the main storyline or the back story.

Samantha & I met about 8 years ago when we were both strippers…although we actually initially met at a fetish party where we started making out on the dance floor without saying a word to each other…we didn’t even exchange names. Later when we met again it took a few days for us to figure out how we knew each other.

We were working at the same club & a friendship quickly formed along with a sexual spark. We soon found ourselves in a full blown relationship.

It’s been a lot of years & although we’re no longer sexual the relationship has evolved into something very special for both of us. Beneath all the make up & the larger-than-life persona is one of the sweetest, most generous people I know.

I was touched to read her blog entry today about her recent clown porn. I am the ‘Bobo the clown’ she refers to:

So today I’m feeling blessed to have wonderful people in my life. A friend who loves me enough to make a clown porn about our relationship?! Yup, pretty awesome.

Samantha & I at a haunted house…vewy scawy!

She actually gave me this shirt to wear. Pretty funny.

Samantha & I will be joining Ceara in Seattle for the ‘Hump’ film festival mid November. Aside from a little filming with each other we aren’t planning to work or meet fans…but who knows…a quick meeting to buy a worn item (panties/socks, etc.)…picking up our tab at a restaurant/bar…you can always email & ask. Money talks. No formal private sessions tho.

Here’s the link to the lesbian clown porn. If the link doesn’t work (email me to let me know: but here it is for now:

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