What do you see?

What do you see when you look at the picture above? Do you see a Dominant, sexual woman? Maybe I’m inviting you to crawl up those stairs & service my feet or pussy? Do you think I’d want you to fuck me? Can you see the crotch of my panties are wet? Does that tell you I’m already horny & ready? Or does it imply that I’ve already had sex & another man’s cum is seeping out?

The position: legs wide open…along with the look on my face…does it communicate sexual power? Is it intimidating? If you were actually there would you have the balls to actually come closer & try to please me?

Now look at it in a different way…is the picture objectifying? Although not nude, it is overtly sexual & you can almost make out some details of my vagina through the wet crotch. If my expression was a little different, a shy smile & the camera angle was looking down at me…wouldn’t it feel very different? Innocent maybe?

The imbalance of power is so important, isn’t it? Most of the men who read this want me to appear Dominant. They want me to be in control because they so badly crave to give up control. That is the minority though…there are way more images of women portrayed as objects, having things done TO them, etc. As a society, are we naturally more hard wired to find female objectification hot or have we been conditioned to be that way? Even though many of you reading this may not be into female objectification or submissive females…there’s no denying that many, many people are. Not just men either.

There’s a lot more I could say but I’d like to hear from you. Maybe have an open discussion about this rather than just a monologue. There’s a comments section. Please share your thoughts about female objectification, power exchange, etc. Or tell me your first thoughts or what story you created in your mind when you looked at the photo above.

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