No, we can not discuss meeting in person.

UPDATE: Fuck it. If you send a tribute I’ll discuss meeting in person. It’s still not going to happen anytime soon but for the right money, you can get my attention.

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This blog post will be used as a response to emails asking to meet in person, for a private session, filming or anything else.

No, we can not discuss meeting in person during a pandemic. It would be irresponsible & reckless for both of us and for the community. I certainly wouldn’t take that risk for a few hundred dollars, even thousands of dollars. Certainly not to make an adult video.

WHEN might this change? Not within the next year, at least. Until there is a vaccine, I don’t see how this close, in-person activity, which in 90% of the cases would require one of us to travel to another country (the biggest no-go for the foreseeable future), could happen before everyone has been vaccinated.

So, no, I will not discuss your fantasy now, even if you think it would be possible to meet in a few months (it won’t).

I have been inundated with requests to meet. When I respond that this won’t be possible anytime soon so there is no point in discussing I have gotten more angry, hateful responses than I have received in the last decade combined. I don’t understand why I’m getting such an intense reaction from stating what is reality? Perhaps it’s a measure of the emotional health of the world right now? A desperation for men to have some hope to hold onto, something to look forward to, a fantasy to help them escape the darkness of the moment. I’m sorry, I won’t play along. But good news: there are hundreds of women out there who will. If you have a budget to discuss fantasies with women online, oh boy, it’s your lucky day as there are even more than there were before and they would love your financial support.

If you’ve been sent this as a response to a nice email telling me you’re a really big fan and you’d love to meet and you’re now feeling rejected, defensive and inspired to send me some vitriol or a denial that it will be at least a year until we could meet: take a breath. I’m sorry you feel that way. If you really want to meet me, wait to ask me when it’s actually safe for that to happen, for both of us and for our communities. For now, take care of yourself. xo

Mistress T

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9 thoughts on “No, we can not discuss meeting in person.

  1. Her book was very VERY good! The lady is very smart and survivor tough. Leave her the hell alone horndogs !

  2. Safe move. This will hit sex workers, cruised an escort site and it seems to be business as usual for a lot of them. Even a hook up site I use, still guys ready to get together right now. Self love is safe love for now!

  3. For God sake what is the matter with people, I understand the drive within us can get the better of us, consume us to ridiculous lengths to meet out our cravings and play out our fantasies, but now, right now in the middle of a this apathetic pandemic, get real folks.
    If you want something to take your mind off things read Mistress Ts book, perhaps you might learn some humility from her live journey.

  4. Dear Mistress T. I am sorry that you are getting angry, hateful responses from Men who are selfish by only thinking of themselves, when it is you they should be concerned about. Everyone needs to take care and be safe during this pandemic. But this will pass. All storms run out of rain eventually. While they are indeed, as you stated, “hundreds of women out there,” there is only ONE Mistress T. Take care and stay healthy.

  5. I do hope sex workers are able to access state supports right now and not left in a precarious position or even destitute.

    Quite a few fly under the radar of ‘normal’ society regarding tax and social security which leaves them vulnerable to feeling they have no option but to carry on to sustain themselves and therefore put themselves and by extension their clients at risk.

    Others are transitory visitors in the country they are working in and again may not wish to alert the authorities to their presence and status thus leaving them in a real bind and prey to those who exploit migrant sex workers for their own financial and mendacious ends.

    Troubling times out there…

  6. You would think people would take this time to improve themselves and think about their community. We are all in the same boat all over the globe.

    It’s even more surprising to me that people think being insulting or acting inconsiderate, works in their favor somehow. You said some posts back, that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

    Hopefully there is a vaccine soon and we all return to normalcy. Take care Mistress and stay safe.

  7. Hallo MistressT,
    It is really correct that your health get at first and continue question for datings are terrible bei the time.
    I would just ignore and block such people because “no” is “no” and “private” is “private”! ……
    I wish you at first health und a goot and successful time.
    LG. Conny Römer

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