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Since “Kim K” has plastered the internet with her butt recently & “the bottom” is top of a lot of people’s minds right now, I decided to do a blog post about my rear-end.

Women in my family tend to have pretty big cabooses. Growing up I always looked at those butts with dread because the women in my family complained about them so much. It seemed like a curse. I never heard anyone say that a big bum was a good thing.

As my womanly curves developed I was a bit sensitive about my more ample bottom. I certainly didn’t view it as a positive thing. My family, society & the media had all told me that a large derriere was something to be embarrassed of. Well, except for Sir Mix-A-Lot, he couldn’t lie about his love for big butts…but I thought it was a parody. Any compliments I received I laughed off like people were just being funny or patronizing.

It wasn’t until I got into the adult business that I really understood that not only was my butt great the way it is…but that it didn’t matter what your figure was, guys like all sorts of figures. Some guys like skinny ladies, some like bigger gals, some like Asian, black or blonde…you get the point. Being sexy is so much more than just the measurement of a certain area of your body.

I’ve learned to love my butt…after thousands of compliments over the years. I wish every woman could experience that. It’s a shame that the media & society has brainwashed so many women to believe that they aren’t sexy just because they don’t look like runway models or Penthouse Pets. So here’s a nod to Kim for at least making big booty a more mainstream thing. Bottoms up!

Mistress T

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Here's a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, 'behind'. I slay me.

Here’s a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, ‘behind’. I slay me.

Are you an ass man?

Are you an ass man?

That magnificent ass...

That magnificent ass…


Looks like an ass you'd like to kiss, right?

Looks like an ass you’d like to kiss, right?

MistressT saddle up

Saddle up!

MistressT latex panties

Under that juicy ass!

Ass_hamdress_bum_outDS_ass_pic1redthongred_latex_assEM_morning_bum_feetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

18 thoughts on “Ass Worship!

  1. Thank you for this. The world would be a much better place if women would learn that there are men out there who love their ass just the way it is and would like nothing more than to worship it. The women I’ve known who do realize this are some of the happiest I’ve ever known (even when I wasn’t between their cheeks).

  2. Yes you r absolutely right in ur blog …there r plenty man with different fetish n interest in different types of ladies ;…some like feet ,boobs:;…etc I liked all the pics mention in this blog post ……it’s shows different moods n facets of ur ass …I love your ass …it is so lick able !

  3. It isn’t about individual size, it’s about proportions. A woman with good proportion is a sexy thing. Regardless of her body size. A rail thin woman with no boobs or ass is not attractive to me. I never thought you has an overly large ass. I think your proportions are perfect. Curves are a GOOD thing no matter what the media says.

  4. I agree with Carter. Your proportions are perfect, supersexy. I read once that it is scientifically proven that women with a waist-to-hips ratio of 70% are the most attractive for men. I am almost 100% sure that you must fit into that category. Apart from this, you have a magnificent bum: a gift from the gods.

    Oh, and I feel honoured that you included a picture I took. 😉 x

  5. I can understand why women would be self-conscious about the size of their bum. The female genetics tend to want to put more fat down there, but in terms of sexual attractiveness, its those same curves that are very attractive to all heterosexual men I’m sure. I’ve never thought about Mistress T’s bum being big, but i’ve always found it arousing, i find it strange that she has written a post about it as i assumed she would have always been very proud of it (not just now). I suppose it goes to show that you can’t always assume that somebody feels a certain way about their body just because you feel that way about their body.

  6. I have say, Mistress T, You have a most gorgeous posterior, simply devine – in fact I’d say pure perfection!

  7. I think it was part of an old patriarchal playbook, shaming attractive women to make them humble, keep their power down. Men did it to women and women did it (and still do) to each other. If she’s pretty, treat her like a child. If she’s sexy, treat her like she’s immoral. If she’s got big tits, treat her like she’s stupid. If she’s got a big ass, let her know it’s too much. And if she lacks all of these qualities, ignore her.

    It’s great to see the culture start to reject body shaming and appreciate beauty with some variation.

  8. Keep in mind that your booty is all natural. Kim Kardashian is widely rumored to have had work done and if you are aware of the plastic surgery and treatments available, you’ll see exactly what she has had done over the years. Not to judge, we’re all free to do with our bodies whatever we want. But Kim Kardashian is frequently used as a symbol for non-conforming beauty, curves, girls should use her as an example of how to be proud of their bodies and yet she wasn’t proud enough and needed work done before she was able to. Sort of a do as I say, not as I do mentality no? Sorry if that sounds bad. As for me, race, shape, creed, size has never mattered to me, but whether someone is happy and healthy is what I always care about.

  9. Wait, were there words to this post?

    I saw a fantastic ass with a T-Back, and black leather gloves. What’s the point in scrolling down after that?

    I’m shallow like a rain puddle.

  10. it s not the perfection of Your ass that makes us crazy but the power that You give off that makes every man like a puppy under Your command!

  11. Mistress T your luscious bottom is mesmerising me, I am obsessed with your divine curvey enslaving body, I wish If I was a tiny person to be kept between your ass cheeks

  12. Just wanted to say you have such a lovely ass Ms T. But as always I wanted to challenge you on some points. When it comes to being sexy or what considered attractive by the media and even society standards men have far harder than women do. When you say the “media and society brainwashes women into thinking they have to look like a run way model or penthouse play to be consider sexy”. Well that somewhat hypocritical. And Ill tell you why. By the media & society standards if you don’t look like Ryan Gosling or a white male your not consider attractive. Just look at the People magazine’s sexiest man alive it always giving to a white male. Good thing is people are not criticizing it now. Also height is factor when come to being sexy/attractive for men. Plus you have to look at what you perpetuate which is the size of a man penis. You put a lot of emphasis on the penis being large. Which does have an impact on attitudes, basically saying if you aren’t like a horse that you’re not worthy. And you know penis size matter to you. And this what society does also. So let not be hypocritical

    • Jason, don’t fling the word “hypocritical” around. Everyone’s a hypocrite in one way or another & using that word just pisses people off. Also, it’s time for you to stop harassing me about your penis size issues. I cater to a fetish called “Small Penis Humiliation”. If “Small Penis Validation” made me as much money I’d do that too, but it doesn’t. I’m not a real therapist, I just play one in porn scenes. If you need therapy or validation about your penis size, seek it elsewhere & stop berating me for saying I prefer big cocks. I have a right to a preference, whether it’s personal or business. You’re not “challenging” me, you’re using that as an excuse to shout: “Women aren’t attracted to me & I’m lonely & resentful.” I don’t have a solution for your problems but I hope you find a more effective way to deal with them than commenting on my blog. Lastly, plenty of short, bald, chubby guys with small penis’s fuck & marry attractive women…be it personality or money…but it’s pretty rare to see a model-hot guy with a woman who his buddies wouldn’t say is attractive. Generalizing: most men care more about looks than women do.

      • Wrong. If I am a loser than that fine I’ll deal with. I get make angry is how hypocritical women can. My point is that women love to trash men for views when they consider it superficial or shallow. Just look at the new Victoria secret ad that said their model where the perfect image. Look at the uproar it caused. Aren’t men allow to have our choice to with out being attack by women. I really don’t have a penis issue. I bring up because women love emphasis on the importance of it. Yet if men where to do that about a women boob he would be called a sexist jerk. What don’t like are these double standards by women. The reason is that I am pretty shallow to. I generally stop dating women when they hit 30, my standards are penthouse pet types or anything above 7. Yet I am called a pig for this. So I was challenging you and if you think my life suck than that my problem. It like men are always criticized by women for what we like yet women standards for men are worst than our. You said that you see hot women with ugly guys but never the other way around, even seen Huge Jackson wife, or Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp all have ugly spouses. I could on and on. This isn’t about it about the bigger picture.

  13. Love Ass Worship…My Fave Is Too Have My Dom Goddess Fully Clothed In Very Tight Fitting Gorgeous Clothing & Boots So She Can Feel Every Pulse Radiating Through My Body & Mouth Against Her Then Slowly & Systematically Remove All Clothing & Continue To Worship Her Ass & Legs Until Blissfull Climax 🙂

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