A Duo Session with Miss Jasmine

Mistress T & Miss Jasmine

Nearly a decade ago in the early days of being Professional Dominatrix’s in Vancouver, Miss Jasmine & I became friends. We did basically the same work & occasionally did sessions together. We’ve supported each other as our careers & lives have evolved.

Jasmine recently reached out to set up a duo session with a client of hers who requested me. I still like doing sessions, I just dislike the process of setting up a session with a new person. Poor communication & flakiness abound. Being contacted for a session by another professional makes the process a breeze. All the pertinent information (without the fluff) is efficiently exchanged & arrangements are firmed up quickly.

The date was set. She & I would have lunch before & then head to his hotel together. He was into a bit of bondage & sensual Domination, feet, hosiery, face sitting (clothed) & anal play/strap-on. It’s rather easy to fill up 90 minutes with those activities.

Jasmine had seen this client many times before & knew him well. He had been a fan of my vids for years & knew my style. That certainly helped with the comfort level. Things were more likely to go smoother.

We arrived & there were hugs all around. Hugging a stranger might seem a bit odd but within an hour I will have touched his private parts, a lot, & have shoved my crotch in his face, might as well get the physical contact part going right away.

He had a bottle of bubbly on ice. We decided to indulge.

Some Dommes won’t drink alcohol during a session. For me, it depends on safety really. How safe I feel with the client & what activities I’m doing. For example, I wouldn’t drink alcohol if I would be doing sounding or CP, but foot worship, face sitting & especially golden showers: sure.

For ladies reading this here’s how I feel safest: The bottle is unopened, I open it & pour my own drink. I don’t leave my drink unattended & the client drinks from the same container. This may sound paranoid but drinks getting spiked is a thing & better safe than sorry.

In my experience a drink or two can enhance the session for both parties, loosen you both up a bit. There is obviously a difference between a drink or two vs. getting smashed & out of control. A very drunk client is no fun to deal with & getting drunk yourself is unprofessional.

The view from his hotel room was stunning. I took a moment after getting changed, to admire the view & sip my drink. I’m sure the view of me in lingerie & heels from behind was a nice view for him too.

We stripped him & tied him spread eagle to the bed. He was grinning ear-to-ear & his cock was already standing at attention, twitching into the air. The next while was likely a blur to him as Jasmine & I took turns putting our feet in his face, sitting on his face & teasing his horny cock. Jasmine had brought some special smelly goodies for him (he has been buying her worn items for years). She had socks she’d worn for a couple weeks & a pair of well-worn panties. She held them over his face & made him breath deeply. He was in heaven. He kept saying he couldn’t believe we were both there & this was really happening.

Out came the rubber gloves, lube & toys/strap-ons. We incorporated ass play into the fun, moving him around in different positions, fucking him while he was on his back, doggy style & laying down doggy. At one point I was fucking him from behind while his face was buried between Jasmine’s thighs, inhaling her scent through her panties & we were left looking at each other. It was a funny moment already really, us facing each other with this guy between us having this incredible experience. I started to pull faces to make her laugh, crossing my eyes, lolling my tongue out & thrusting dramatically. She was trying hard to not laugh at loud to ruin the moment & like a jerk I just dialed up the funny faces, trying harder to make her lose it. I threw my head back, rolling my eyes back & smiling like a maniac. Poor Jasmine had to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. I loved it!

We ended things with him on his back, Jasmine fucking him in the ass with her strap-on & jerking him off while I kept my feet on his face, his eyes darting back & forth between us. I was doing my usual dirty talk, encouraging him along. He was begging enthusiastically to be allowed to cum, Jasmine laughing & holding off on giving him permission…I think most Dommes adore that moment, when a guy is right at the edge of orgasm & he’ll do just about anything to cum but also just about anything to not cum without permission, it’s incredibly powerful to have a man in that vulnerable position.

When she gave permission his whole body convulsed & he looked & sounded in every way to be cumming for at least 20 seconds before the ejaculate came out of his cock. His face was a mix of ecstasy & shock. He was muttering that he didn’t know what just happened. He was explaining that it felt like he came twice in a row. We had been working his ass for about a half hour, he likely had a prostate orgasm just before he actually ejaculated & that is a shocking experience for a lot of guys. A happy surprise *smile*.

I nuzzled his face into my cleavage & kissed his forehead. I’m known for a bit of sweetness at this point in a session, if I feel it’s appropriate. Most guys really love this part, no matter what kind of session it’s been. A bit of tenderness & a quiet moment after cumming.

As we tidied & packed up he kept expressing his joyful confusion about his orgasm & about what an amazing experience he had had. The gratitude was nice to hear. We all like to feel like we’ve done a good job, a sense of pride in accomplishment, don’t we?

You can find more of Miss Jasmine here: http://eurasianpersuasion.com/ & here: http://clips4sale.com/studio/18927


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Ass Worship!


Since “Kim K” has plastered the internet with her butt recently & “the bottom” is top of a lot of people’s minds right now, I decided to do a blog post about my rear-end.

Women in my family tend to have pretty big cabooses. Growing up I always looked at those butts with dread because the women in my family complained about them so much. It seemed like a curse. I never heard anyone say that a big bum was a good thing.

As my womanly curves developed I was a bit sensitive about my more ample bottom. I certainly didn’t view it as a positive thing. My family, society & the media had all told me that a large derriere was something to be embarrassed of. Well, except for Sir Mix-A-Lot, he couldn’t lie about his love for big butts…but I thought it was a parody. Any compliments I received I laughed off like people were just being funny or patronizing.

It wasn’t until I got into the adult business that I really understood that not only was my butt great the way it is…but that it didn’t matter what your figure was, guys like all sorts of figures. Some guys like skinny ladies, some like bigger gals, some like Asian, black or blonde…you get the point. Being sexy is so much more than just the measurement of a certain area of your body.

I’ve learned to love my butt…after thousands of compliments over the years. I wish every woman could experience that. It’s a shame that the media & society has brainwashed so many women to believe that they aren’t sexy just because they don’t look like runway models or Penthouse Pets. So here’s a nod to Kim for at least making big booty a more mainstream thing. Bottoms up!

Mistress T

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Here's a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, 'behind'. I slay me.

Here’s a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, ‘behind’. I slay me.

Are you an ass man?

Are you an ass man?

That magnificent ass...

That magnificent ass…


Looks like an ass you'd like to kiss, right?

Looks like an ass you’d like to kiss, right?

MistressT saddle up

Saddle up!

MistressT latex panties

Under that juicy ass!

Ass_hamdress_bum_outDS_ass_pic1redthongred_latex_assEM_morning_bum_feetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Casting call! (No experience req’d)

Although I have worked with professionals a few times in the past I film almost exclusively with fans & personal friends/lovers. That means that YOU could have a chance to be in my films. Pretty thrilling, eh?

Here’s everything you need to know:

#1. At this time I’m only filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you aren’t here or coming here in the next month please do NOT email me asking if I’m planning to come to your city. I film in the UK in the spring & fall. Other than that, these days I’m only filming in Vancouver.

#2.  I’m currently looking for film slaves for the following roles:

Stunt cocks for hand job vids & possible intercourse (bulls in cuckolding scenes). You must have a BIG/THICK, fully functioning cock. That means you can get erect, stay erect & ejaculate fairly easily. I can work with premature ejaculators but I can’t work with guys that are super difficult to get off. I need cum shots. Any race or age (18-60) is fine if you have a good body for filming: not super hairy & no big tummies. Of course, the better looking you are the more interested I’m going to be. Video is a visual medium!

>BONUS if you show your face on film and/or are okay getting your cock sucked by another dude.

Mistress T with a huge cock.

Big cocks & huge cum loads make me HAPPY!

Black bulls with BBC given preference...naturally:-)

Black bulls with BBC given preference…naturally:-)

Cuckolds who suck cock & will eat cum (not cream pies as I only have condom-covered sex in Vancouver). This is the opposite of the stunt cock. I don’t care how hairy/fat or ugly you are & the smaller & more useless your dick is the better! You must be okay with being humiliated & showing your face on film. Bonus if you can take it in the butt (strap-on).

Mistress T in a cuckolding scene.

My sissy, cuckold hubby fluffs a bigger cock for me…

Cuckolding, cocksucking filmed with Mistress T.

Screenshot from a cuckolding vid with ‘Encouraged Bi’ for my site.

Strap-on bottoms: do you have a gaping slut hole that can handle very large insertions? Great! I don’t really care what you look like but bonus if you’re attractive, have a functioning cock & show your face. Must be able to take HUGE toys in your butt.

Mistress T with a large strap-on.

Giant strap-on scene for my site. Wow, right?

Mistress T & Deviant Kade

Deviant Kade taking my big black dick…

Facsitting/ass worship slaves & pony boys (scenes for Club Stiletto): must show face.

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass...but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass…but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

Mistress T pony riding.

A nice day for a ride on the Club Stiletto pony!

Would I REALLY be talking on the phone?!

Ass worship! Get in there!

My club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth

My Club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth. (Shoulder riding)

#3. I don’t pay males in my vids. I figure that getting to hang out with me & do kinky stuff is enough of a treat…and a great opportunity for those who can’t afford a private session. Also, with a reference from me you could have a chance to film with other Goddess’s like Kandy Kink, Miss Jasmine, Bijou Steal, etc…I also have on occasion whored out my ‘film slaves’ to girlfriends for personal fun (not filmed).

#4. You must be over 18, be photographed holding your photo ID beside your face + sign a model release (even if you don’t show your face in the vid). These records are kept VERY secure & would only ever be used if YOUR age or consent was every questioned by the proper authorities…so probably never, but by law I need to collect it, so I do.

#5. To apply send a brief, polite email with the following:

– state that you are in Vancouver or the dates you will or can be here. (Again, I film in Vancouver only at this time). I won’t cover your travel expenses.

– list exactly what you’re willing to do/interested in doing on film. (Suck cock? Take a big strap-on? Want to be a ‘bull’?)

– include appropriate photo’s (clear nude torso with erect penis, try using the bathroom mirror). Include your face if you’re willing to go unmasked.

– DO NOT send a long flowery, complimentary email or try to engage me in sexy email chat. This part is all business for me. I’m coordinating scenes & filling roles. It’s personal when it’s in person but email is logistical. Be respectful of my time & to the point.

Email address: MsT@MistressT.net

Mistress T

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My visit to Whiplash Towers…

I had the pleasure of visiting Whiplash Towers in the UK a couple weeks ago. This was my 3rd visit & as always it was both fun & productive.
I love working with Nikki Whiplash: http://www.MistressWhiplash.com  She’s beautiful (inside & out), experienced, has a devious imagination & a velvety voice that will just make you melt. I could listen to here talking filth with that gorgeous British accent all day long. We had some fantastic private & filmed sessions, ganging up on our lucky victims for trampling, facesitting, tease & denial, forced bi, ballbusting, etc.

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T

As always she took great care of me. I got to cuddle her many doggies and hang out with her helpful personal slaves. My favorite part was spending time with Nikki though. Since I usually work alone in Vancouver it means a lot to connect with & ‘talk-shop’ with other like-minded producers, Dominant Females, business women…those who understand the realities of this work & lifestyle.

I hope to visit Nikki again in the spring for more good times & filming! Until then you can find the vids we’ve produced together on my site (www.MistressT.net) & hers:



You can follow Nikki on twitter:



Mistress T

Email: MsT@MistressT.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MistressTdotnet

Members site: www.MistressT.net

Here’s a bunch of pics from my visit at Whiplash Towers:

One of Nikki’s MANY doggies. SO cute:-)

Meet Keith, Nikki’s semi-famous Ass Gnome. He’s an ass toy. An ‘insert-able’.  (The pic below, NOT the doggie above….for the love of pete). Keith the Ass Gnome really gets around. You can even follow his exploits on twitter:


The famous 'ass gnome'! Yes, that's right: he goes in yer butt!

Nikki’s famous ‘ass gnome’! Yes, that’s right: he goes in yer butt!

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T...mmmm leather bitches!

Nikki Whiplash & I…mmmm leather bitches!

Nikki Whiplash (see her strap-on cock?) & Mistress T...getting ready to film.

Nikki Whiplash (see her strap-on cock?) & I…getting ready to film.

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T..."Kiss our boots!"

Nikki Whiplash & I…”Kiss our boots!”

Teased by Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T...

Teased by Nikki Whiplash & I…

Nikki Whiplash & I making a slave lick his own cum up off the floor.

Nikki Whiplash & I making a slave lick his own cum up off the floor.

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T training a trannie to suck cock...

Nikki Whiplash & I training a trannie to suck cock…

Found at Nikki Whiplash's place (ha ha)

Found at Nikki Whiplash’s place (ha ha)

Another funny sign found at Nikki Whiplash's...

Another funny sign found at Nikki Whiplash’s…

Miss Jasmine, in the UK July 14-25

My friend & fellow Domme Miss Jasmine (who resides in Vancouver) will be visiting London and the the vicinity July 14 – 25.

I expect you Brits to show her a good time!

Miss Jasmine will be seeing lucky subs one-on-one as well as teaming up with Lady Bellatrix. She’ll be doing some filming too.

Those wanting to meet her are instructed to fill out a little form here: http://www.eurasianpersuasion.com/contact.htm

Jasmine is great. I’ve known her for years personally & professionally. She is skilled & experienced, very sadistic and sexy as hell.

If you’ve seen me and want to use me as a reference email: MsT@MistressT.net

Find vids of Jasmine on my clips store and members site. Just search ‘Jasmine’.

NEW INFO: Jasmine will be teaming up with Madame Caramel, Mistress Kiana & Lady Bellatrix for a FemDom party on July 19! All details here:


Mistress T

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Jasmine in the vid “Facesitting Fiesta”. Look at those legs! Wowza!

From the vid: “Giantess’s Jasmine & T”. Jasmine is pretty tall but she’s not REALLY a Giant! *smile*)

Thank you Club Stiletto

If you’ve been following the story you may recall that my first try at video was a flop. I gave up on making video’s. We all know something changed because I have now performed in over 1000 scenes!

A personal slave kept pestering me to meet the people from Club Stiletto. It was a local fetish film company who a few of the local Dommes had worked with. I reluctantly agreed. We met, we filmed and I loved it. Some of my first vids with them were big hits. They were really excited to keep working with me but I didn’t really understand why yet. I didn’t watch the top 50 charts on clips4sale. I lived in a bubble.

I enjoyed filming with them but I never watched my vids. I just saw it as a fun way to make some extra cash. They were very complimentary but I figured they just spoke to all of their models like that. I was still a busy Pro Domme. I had even set up a large, multi-room space for parties and dungeon rental for other Dommes. A sort of ‘Domme House’ modeled after places in New York.

About a year into my relationship with C he and I hit a rough patch and split up for six weeks. It was a hard time. The ‘Domme House’ wasn’t going so well. There wasn’t enough business to support multiple Dommes. I also got an eviction notice when my landlord found out about one of my ‘Foot Parties’. It was just a foot worship event but he called it a sex party and gave me notice. He didn’t have a legal right to evict me but I knew he would continue to make my life difficult so I left.

While C & I were apart he decided to pursue his dream of filming the type of shoejob porn he loved. He bought all the equipment and learned how to use it. He found models and although it wasn’t a runaway success he enjoyed it. Then we became friends again and I modeled for his shoejob clips store. I started to learn the business from behind the camera.

I made an offer to Club Stiletto to produce & sell them as much content as they wanted. With integrity rarely seen in the porn world they advised me to start my own clips store instead. They knew I had more potential than I was using. They could have kept me all to themselves and I might never have known what I could do on my own. It was their encouragement that gave me the push to open my own clips store.

In the first couple of weeks my clips store rocketed into the top 5 on clips4sale (www.clips4sale.com/23869). I had several #1 best selling clips in that first month as well. I wish I had known then what all of that meant. It was exciting when it was happening but I didn’t appreciate how rare and special it was at the time.

Eventually my friendship and business relationship with C evolved back into a full relationship. We traveled together (New York, Burning Man, California, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, across Canada, etc.) We filmed together, lived together and we were happy.

A year after I started the clips store I opened my members site (www.MistressT.net). It was also an instant success. I thought it would cannibalize my clips store but it didn’t. Business was booming.

Here’s a shameless plug for the good folks at Club Stiletto who you can thank for being instrumental in bringing Mistress T, the fetish film performer, to you: www.clubstilleto.com  and their clips store: www.clips4sale.com/896

Mistress T Facesitting

One of my 1st facesitting shoots.

Teen Hormones

I almost entitled this entry “Sport Fucking”.

Wikipedia says this about hormones: “In essence, it is a chemical messenger that transports a signal from one cell to another.” It’s important to remember that we are really just animals. Evolved & complex yes, but really just animals. We’re hard-wired to reproduce. It’s natural for us to be horny, to want to mate. It’s our big, beautiful brains that keep us from fucking like monkeys. We learn to control our impulses to adjust our behavior…but when you’re young, with little life experience and feeling horny is new & powerful it can be difficult to avoid fucking like a monkey. Especially combined with the high of exploring your power over men.


That’s a long way of saying that I was very promiscuous, which Wikipedia explains this way: “In humans, promiscuity refers to undiscriminating casual sex with many sexual partners.” They are careful to note this behavior only has a name for humans because no one ever judges a monkey for being a slut.


I kind of feel about my teen promiscuity like Charlie Sheen feels about his party binges: proud of it. It was epic. And I know full well, as Charlie does, that others judge…but many of those who judge have never had that kind of fun. They’ve never LIVED. Some think Charlie is crazy. Me, I don’t care if he’s crazy. I don’t have to love EVERYTHING he’s said or done to love SOME of what he’s said and done. This isn’t really about Charlie, this is about making our own choices even when others poo-poo it. It’s about being true to yourself and as long as you’re not hurting others, do what you want.


I bet you’re hoping I’ll finish my soapbox rant and just give you the juicy details of my teen sex life?


I’ll share a little. Why not?


When I was 16/17 I had a 3some with 2 guys who were best friends that lasted for about 6 months. We were all close friends but had no illusions that we were boyfriend(s) girlfriend. It was just sex with friends and it was great. It only ended when one of them started a serious relationship with another great gal who he later married.


I’ve really just run out of time to write this blog entry right now but I’ll spend some time thinking about all the great sex I had as a teen and if there’s anything worth sharing maybe I’ll add it in later. It’s enjoyable thinking back to that time. Fun.


MistressT fetish goddess asslicking ass worship

Happy Slut