Oral sex?

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I know you want to be him, but cool your engines & read this before emailing me begging to lick me…

I get a lot of emails from guys wanting to lick my ass and/or pussy. So I decided to make a blog post on the topic so I can just email this link rather than explaining over & over.

If you’re not a reader, the short answer is: “No”. But if you’re interested in more info please read on…

If you know my story from the beginning you’ll know that I started out doing no-contact voyeur shows/masturbation shows where the guy could jerk himself off while watching me…because although I was excited by being an exhibitionist & enjoyed naughty play I wasn’t comfortable actually having sex in that situation. I didn’t like the idea of feeling obligated to have sex with a guy just because he had paid me. From voyeur shows I transitioned to Pro Domme work & I followed the so-called traditional rules of Professional Domination (no intercourse, no oral sex, no hand jobs) & that was fine but they weren’t MY rules and over time I adjusted the rules to suit me (occasionally requiring oral service from regular clients I felt comfortable with, for example.) I even ended up in a long term relationship with someone who started out as a client.

At one point I decided that I couldn’t be sure ‘escort work’ wasn’t for me unless I tried it so I gave it a go & after about a half dozen clients my curiosity was satisfied. I simply do not enjoy being in a situation where I am obligated to have intercourse or oral sex with someone because they have paid me…when it’s my job to provide that service. All sex work is providing a service to a certain extent, even traditional Pro Domme work (you are exchanging a service for money). I am naturally Dominant & a control freak. There are limits to how “service-oriented” I can be before I hit a wall.

Hand jobs tho? I love giving hand jobs & I have no issue with that. But that’s my hand vs. my vagina, so that’s understandable. It’s certainly a lot more intimate for someone to touch my vagina or anus than my HAND touching them.

I know some people see my vids and get the impression that I do everything with anyone. BUT the men I’m intimate with in my vids are men that I am very familiar with. Often they are my own personal lovers. Sometimes friends or clients I’ve had for years. Sometimes they are slaves that have served one of my fellow Dommes for a long time, making them more comfortable to be with.

If you’re reading this & trying to figure out how you can get between my legs…it’s not impossible but it’s unlikely if that is your only selfish goal. You can pay for my time in private to get acquainted or if you have value as a film slave, you can apply…but don’t try to date me. I’m running a business. Respect that. Sure, I have been in a relationship with someone who started as a client (although that was 1 out of hundreds, so the odds aren’t in your favor)…but I have NEVER gone on a date (with no compensation) with someone who has started as a fan of Mistress T. Guys looking for free play greatly offend me.

So to recap:

– I don’t offer “escort” type sessions (intercourse or oral sex for pay). That means no oral worship, no direct contact between your mouth, hands or penis & my vagina or anus. By the way, prostitution is legal where I live so this is not a legal disclaimer, it’s real.

– Hand jobs are fine (along with strap-on, role-play, humiliation, foot worship, golden showers, ballbusting, spanking, sissy play/X-dressing & a few other things.)

– My social rate is $100/hour & I LOVE meeting fans! We can go for lunch or dinner…a walk, shopping, to the theater, parties, whatever. I’m a social chameleon.

– My private session rates vary depending on details but nothing in private happens for less than $300 the first time. I am very selective about who I see in private & rarely accept sessions these days. I’m pretty busy creating all the amazing content you love to jerk off to! I do need to eat though so you’re welcome to take me for a meal (at $100/hr social rate) & discuss the possibility of a private session.

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5 thoughts on “Oral sex?

  1. A thought provoking blog entry – highlighting the pull between fantasy and reality, the erotic wonder of images and videos against the realities of human beings interacting and having boundaries.

    What man who finds facesitting, oral worship and ass worship a huge turn on could honestly say they have not had a fantasy about being the ‘man in the pictures’, the ‘model in the film’ – especially where Mistress T is involved – the videos and photos seem to dive so deep into the fantasies I cherish that it is almost as if there is a direct line from her mind to mine…

    But, of course, that is the business of creating and marketing the wonderful fantasy that keeps men like me in awe and rapture. The realities of me as a human being and Mistress T as a human being are swept away in a passion of eroticism and lust.

    What I want is as valid as what Mistress T wants – but unless those wants are aligned, unless, to be crude, Mistress T wanted to sit on my face as much as I want her to sit on my face, then the equality disappears and reality becomes a place of potential disappointment and sadness.

    The fantasy still lives though – I can be the man in the videos, I can be the man doing things or having things done to me (Yep, mostly that) that fire me up. And Mistress T can be the woman doing them – and in the world of fantasy there is no harm done – it is safe. We can both be what we want to be.

    It may not be what I would ideally like, but then satisfying my fantasy in reality would not be what Mistress T would want either… To me, all sessions are playtimes – if both players want the same thing then playtime is the most fantastic experience for both participants. If both participants want different things, then the world of fantasy can be a safer way to live the dream.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to be the one though… To break through and drive Mistress T’s passion to the heights that she loves doing to you the very things you love having done to you – now there is a fantasy worth closing my eyes and thinking about – probably safer that way as well… Because in reality, I know I won’t be the one… But that’s okay… I can dream safely and without bounds…

    • Thanks for your comment…and to clarify, I didn’t mean to shut down anyone’s hope that they may one day get to be intimate with me…I am not an impenetrable fortress…it’s just not going to happen by emailing me to set up a session, sight unseen, a complete stranger…like how you set up sex with an escort. It’s just not how I roll.

  2. Love the idea of the impenetrable fortress. Can’t help drifting off wistfully to the thought of you lowering the drawbridge and letting me enter the inner sanctum… 🙂

    Sorry – off for a cold shower now… before my moat overflows…


  3. Its just few weeks that i met You but im completely addicted to You. I like the way You are and the way You talk. I cant belive how all the men do everything You want…i think You are a real goddess.

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