Feeling grateful *smile*

My birthday celebrations are not over but I am feeling so grateful I just had to make a post today.

Yesterday was my 40th birthday & so many of you helped make my day awesome. It was a wonderfully blended day of my ‘work’ world enhancing my ‘personal’ world.

Cards from family, work peers/friends, films slaves & fans...all together:-)

Cards from family, work peers/friends, films slaves & fans…all together:-)

One of my film slaves popped by first thing to drop off a thoughtful & useful present. Then my boyfriend stopped in for a quick visit & brought a thoughtful surprise.

Then I went for a nice brunch with a close friend.

Brunch at the fabulous "Medina" YUM!

Brunch at the fabulous “Medina” YUM!

Then I spent the afternoon at the spa, using a gift card sent by a fan (thank you!).

My favorite spa, Miraj Hamman, where I am pampered, scrubbed & massaged.

My favorite spa, Miraj Hamman, where I am pampered, scrubbed & massaged.

Then I went for dinner & drinks with another close friend using a generous gift card from another fan.

Delicious food & outstanding cocktails at L'Abattoir

Delicious food & outstanding cocktails & L’Abattoir

I returned home to my thoughtful boyfriend who had baked my favorite birthday cake. He serenaded me & then took me to bed *wink*.

IMG_5340 IMG_5344

I received this wonderful necklace that you’ll see in some of the pics. Thank you Dave! It’s hard to see in the pics but it’s a Fox holding a jewel in its mouth.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.10.13 PM IMG_5333

The most overwhelming present I received was from my dear friends at The English Mansion. Sidonia Von Bork commissioned a portrait from the famous artist Sardax. He blogged about it here: https://sardaxart.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/portrait-of-mistress-t/

A pic of the portrait by Sardax & the home-made card by Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion

A pic of the portrait by Sardax & the home-made card by Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion

I am so honored & touched by this thoughtful & generous gift. My friendship with Sidonia Von Bork has meant so much to me. She is an amazing, fascinating person. I don’t even have the words…

My birthday celebrations continue tonight. I’m heading out with friends to a lively, sexy party where I’ll have a few drinks, dance a lot & who knows what else:-)

Then I will start chipping away at my list of 40 awesome things to do the year I’m 40. I plan to make this milestone year remarkable. Thanks to a sweet fan I already have a night at the symphony (on my list) planned for next week & a big concert (on my list) mid May. I have already started volunteering (which was one of the things on my list). I’ve been paired up with a nearly blind elderly lady for weekly walks. It may not seem like a huge thing, it’s not going to lead to world peace, but it means a lot to her & it feels good for me. It’s a start…& if everyone just did a little something for other people in need the world really would be a better place.

I have a bunch of other things to plan, hiking into hot springs, skydiving, paragliding, kayaking with Whales (ethically, at a respectful distance), finishing my book, random acts of kindness, converting a meat eater to vegetarianism (any volunteers who want help with that? Reduce animal cruelty, help the environment & improve your health!), learning Spanish, etc. I’m super excited about my 40th year!

Thanks again to everyone who sent birthday wishes & to everyone who supports the work that I love. It really means the world to me. BIG love! xoxoxoxo

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7 thoughts on “Feeling grateful *smile*

  1. Mistress, I take my hat off to you.

    I was reading down your list in a rudimentary fashion until I reached the point where you mentioned volunteering and the measure you have taken – good on you, I say.

    In a digital world of instant gratification – yes, I know we’re all culpable via our cyber habits and inclinations – this strikes me as particularly commendable.

    Many happy returns and please accept a peck on your always radiant cheek…xx

  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday Mistress T ..Wishing you a very wonderful one and hope you get all that you wanted on your special day..You are a wonderful, amazing beautiful woman ..Thank you for all that you give of yourself to your fans…kneel down and kiss the lovely Mistress T hand *smile* xx

  3. Dear Mistress T, …glad your birthday was so wonderful, and it is so cool to see the card I mailed in the picture you were kind enough to post. Sorry the gift was rather small but I’ll try to do better each month. I always start my day looking at your blogs & twitter posts and I promise not to be a freeloader anymore and will donate whatever I can whenever I can. Have a great day and thanks again for being so incredible.
    Sincerely, Rick
    Florida, USA

  4. I volunteer as tribute! I’ll be your convert the meat eater into a vegetarian. 🙂
    Lovely post. Happy belated MistressT. I always enjoy reading your blogs and that you bring the “real” person aspect into the industry.

    • Seriously? You’re a meat eater willing to give it up (for the animals, for your planet & for your health)? If so, awesome, email me for any help/tips: MsT@MistressT.net
      While I’m on the topic…I’d like to expand on my perspective on veganism. I grew up in the country & ate wild deer my dad shot, cows, chickens & sheep raised on my grandparents small farm across the road from our house…& if that was the way everyone ate meat it would be fine. But it’s not. Mass factory farming is cruel to animals & extremely harmful to the environment. The growth hormones & antibiotics in factory farmed animals is harmful to our health. The only way for survival is to greatly reduce the amount of meat humans consume. Reduction can be enough but it has to be significant. So the more people who at least cut back on their meat consumption, the better (for the animals, for the planet & for ourselves.)

      • I grew up much the same way and completely agree. Yes, I am willing! Seriously! I share much of the same philosophies surrounding said topic as you do. Just lacking the motivation I suppose! Looks like we found each other for a reason. Chat soon! 🙂

  5. That portrait is phenominal! I envy his skills. I wish I could draw you something like that. Unfortunately I self taught myself how to draw, and I self taught myself how to draw mostly just monsters. Don’t get me wrong it’s served me well. I have a decent fan base that grows daily, and people enjoy seeing my monsters, so I can’t complain. But I wish I could draw something as amazing as that portrait. I wanted to draw you something for your birthday but I didn’t think you wanted a canvas full of monsters, lol. Anyways, happy (late) birthday, and i’m glad to see you had an amazing one! 🙂

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