Paying for sex…

This post is all about ME paying for sex (not men paying me to have sex with them).


I’ve long had a fascination of paying for sex. It felt dirty & exciting. In my early 20’s I had a very handsome boyfriend who would play along with one of my fantasies. I liked to imagine that I was a very wealthy woman who attended a high society party where the individuals who were ‘for rent’ sexually wore a certain flower. You could arrange to have the person of your choice join you in your room during or after the party to service your intimate needs.

During sex I would have my boyfriend act professional, polite & service oriented. I would have him say: “Is that the way you like it Ma’am?”


I have had a variety of occasions to pay for sexual services from both males & females for myself & partners. A Lithuanian prostitute in the red light district in Amsterdam. A high end prostitute in Mendoza, Argentina & a lower end gal in a brothel in Buenos Aires. (In Amsterdam & Argentina I paid for prostitutes to fuck men while I watched.) I’ve paid male service providers for massages with hand releases for myself (rub n’ tug). Etc.

As some of you know, I have filmed almost exclusively with volunteers, fans & personal lovers. I have never paid male talent for my site but I have had the pleasure of working with them for other production companies. I felt that when it came to submissive men it just went against the authenticity to pay them. I’ve received some back lash for that but the show has gone on….I have done just fine with this business model…but then I decided to try something new.

It occurred to me that I am in the position to fuck the men who are the porn Gods of the day. The men that most men want to be. The men that most women want to fuck. I am not just a porn performer who has to fuck who ever the producer tells me to fuck, I am also the producer, in full control of everything & I can fuck whoever I choose.

It was an amazingly powerful feeling when it dawned on me that all I have to do is contact whoever I wanted to fuck & just set up a paid shoot. I get what I want PLUS it’s for business so I’ll make that money back.

With that sense of power coursing through me I thought: “If I could fuck ANY man, who would it be?” Shane Diesel, the biggest black cock in porn, a true professional with a great reputation. Now that’s going to happen. This week!

In a conversation with another female porn producer she told me that she likes paying male talent because then she knows she’s going to get exactly what she wants. Now that’s FemDom.

So it’s with great excitement & a bit of nervousness that I prepare for this occasion. I bought really good lube today, for example. I also had to decide whether to do the scene with him just POV (just the 2 of us) or with a cuckold. Having a cuckold in the scene is always a gamble. The energy between 3 people doesn’t always work. My priority is to have great sex with Shane. This is for me. I’m going to need to be relaxed & comfortable to take that huge cock safely. Dealing with another guy might be distracting. So even though the vid might sell a little better with a cuckold I decided to make all of you my cuckold. As you watch the vid you can imagine you are right there, seeing what you can’t give me.

So I’m paying for sex really & I’m very okay with that. I admit that I like the idea of it being a guys job to fuck me properly. In my head I will likely be playing out fantasies of being a high society lady who pays for sexual services and/or the owner of a plantation (you know where I’m heading with that one.)


To add to the hotness my current boy toy is really into cuckolding & black bulls. He won’t be accompanying me this time but it’s is hot knowing there is an authentic cuckold I’m close with these days who is very horny about me fucking a black porn star he’s idolized for years. It’s refreshing to be involved with a guy who loves & supports all the kinky stuff I’m into.

So, wish me luck! xo

Mistress T

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7 thoughts on “Paying for sex…

  1. Dear Mistress T,i would being a slave in one of your films./?f course you should
    not pay a slave for being your film ,that would be so against principle of what is
    right and proper.i agree slave’s should not be paid to be in your films.sincerly
    yours sissy slave ted

    • I’ll consider it…I’m not familiar with him but I am starting to look at potentials for future films. A lot has to do with their attitude, personality, professionalism & reputation in the industry. Shane Diesel is well know for being a great guy to work with. He’s actually very respectful to women in real life (unlike the role he sometimes plays in vids). I can & will only work & fuck guys who treat me with respect.

  2. Silly simple request for your next blog post. Could you read it out and upload the recording? We all know how your voice sounds but that’s you in your character, from reading your blog that never really goes away, but I’m certainly curious what your speaking voice is like, does anybody else agree?

    • That’s not a silly question…in fact I keep meaning to do that. Maybe next time…we’ll see.

  3. “I’m certainly curious what your speaking voice is like, does anybody else agree?”

    That’s a very good idea and not “silly”, at all.

    I’m sure all regular followers of this column will agree and look forward to it…

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