An unusal day in the life…

It’s been an unusual day (for me).

I woke up at my Mothers house in Nova Scotia on my last day of my family visit. I opened my email & found out that I’d been dumped (more on that later). Mom drove me to the airport where we had our usual teary farewell before I spent the rest of the day traveling to an American city for a session I’ll have tomorrow.

I’m sitting in my swanky deluxe hotel suite reflecting on my family visit, my dying uncle, my dead relationship & mentally preparing for tomorrow. Between civilized conversations I’ll be administering extreme corporal punishment (beating him with various implements like paddles, canes, etc.), strap-on ass fucking/ass stretching with large butt plugs…& defecating in his mouth if I feel so ‘moved’. He has paid a ridiculous sum to have me come here…as is the case these days. “Make me an offer I can’t refuse” is my new slogan to those who want me to travel to their city for a session.

Another fancy hotel room...such extravagance...heavens-to-betsy.

Another fancy hotel room…such extravagance…heavens-to-betsy.

As for getting dumped this morning…it didn’t come as the biggest surprise. The ‘relationship’ barely had a chance to get off the ground before I left on this trip & I predicted it wouldn’t survive a month away. I’m a hellava drug, but my pull decreases with time & distance. We both knew that we weren’t compatible in the long term but the sex was fantastic enough to keep us both in play anyway. Well, until this morning when the dear boy finally mustered the courage to walk away from the best sex he’s ever had to seek a more compatible mate…one who wants kids (I don’t) & one who’s naked caboose isn’t all over the internet. Yes, as turned on as he was by Mistress T, he felt he could never introduce me to his family, friends & business associates.

When you’re married to your work all other relationships are just affairs. The combination of what I do & how much I travel is poison for relationships. This isn’t the 1st one I’ve lost because I’m not in town enough. It is the 1st one who has had that big of a problem with me being a Dominatrix/Fetish Film Performer. Probably won’t be the last.

“The best way to get over a man is to get under another.” ~ Mae West

I am lining up suitable candidates for when I’m back in Vancouver:-)

Nova Scotia was good except the whole terminally ill uncle thing. Heart breaking.

Here’s some random snaps of other moments like a lobster feed, farm fun & you know you’re at grandma’s house when the toilet paper has it’s own pretty basket.

Wish me luck tomorrow, ya know, with the whole bodily function thing.
Mistress T

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A Nova Scotia visit wouldn't be complete without a good feeding of lobster!

A Nova Scotia visit wouldn’t be complete without a good feeding of lobster!

An old barn that used to be so important for over 100 years, now just a home to cats.

An old barn that used to be so important for over 100 years, now just a home to cats.

Baby lambs: awwww.

Baby lambs: awwww.

Grandma's house...such a contrast to how I'll use the toilet tomorrow.

Grandma’s house…such a contrast to how I’ll use the toilet tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “An unusal day in the life…

  1. Even if the sad news somehow impregnated this blog post, you still managed to make me laugh out loud with your caption for the toilet paper picture. I love it: nothing explicit, everything implied.
    Good luck tomorrow (today already?) and I hope resuming your usual activities helps you go on.

  2. Great post Mistress. Sad and funny

    Life finds a way of working out. The man of your dreams is just round the corner. It’s why we keep on walking and turning corners

    • Re: “The man of your dreams is just round the corner. It’s why we keep on walking and turning corners”
      Thanks for the sentiment…but that may not actually be true & none of us have any way of knowing that. I’m not Cinderella. Being a believer in non-traditional relationships & non-monogamy I accept that my life might be about a series of relationships rather than ‘the one’…and that’s okay.
      I have two sets of grandparents. One set met when they were in their teens and are still together & happily in love today. The other set stayed together but hated each other the whole time. So I know that marrying one person & staying with them forever isn’t necessarily the right thing for everyone either.
      “The man of my dreams” would have to be a hellava man & I’m not sure he exists but I’m enjoying the good parts of many men as I keep my eye open for him:-)

      • Great reply Mistress.

        I think you are spot on – maybe it’s the “hope” that the man of your dreams is just around the corner? Certainly, without hope, what motivates us?

        So many different people on this crazy planet. And if nothing else, you bring so much pleasure to so many people already. As a believer in karma, I think you’ll get it back tenfold!

  3. Hey Mistress T, Sorry to hear you got hurt recently. I know you don’t want pitty, but I feel bad. It sucks seeing you smiling & looking so happy in all the candid pics, when I know you are hurting. Being alone can take its toll on anyone. It’s human nature to want to bond. I can only imagine how hectic things are for you owning your own business & travelling as much as u do. I think your a choc-A-holic I mean work-A-holic. For what it worth, I just want to tell ya your not alone, myself and I am sure other fans are thinking of you and truly appreacite the work of art your produce. BTW Your composition in your photographs are brilliant! : )

    • You’re darn tootin’ right I don’t want pity. I’m not hurting that bad either. I have an amazing life. I strive for balance & although it’s slightly unbalanced with more work I am very passionate about my work. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction.
      People die, relationships end, shit happens. It’s all a part of life & helps you appreciate the good stuff even more.
      I know that I have fans who are lonely & have their own issues. I hope that my vids give them a bit of escapism & pleasure. xo

  4. ” he felt he could never introduce me to his family, friends & business associates.”

    Or perhaps introduce them to you without them making embarrassing fools of themselves.

    Time for another go at internet dating sites?

    But that shot of you with the lobster really freaked me for a moment.

    I wondered what you were doing in my Mothers kitchen 🙂

  5. Dropped by e-mail?

    Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned or behind the times but seems very shallow and shabby to me, Mistress…at least have the guts to pick up the phone or meet face-to-face, dear boy…

    Oh well, onwards and upwards you’ll go, I’m sure…

    • Agreed. Which is why I insisted he see me in person. As he feared, in person he couldn’t resist…so, yeah, we’re not so ‘done’ after all:-)

      • Obviously nothing wrong with his red blood count then…I do like a happy ending…

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