Day 2: cuckolding shoot

Going into the second day of filming with I felt even more confident. I had performed well the first day and the theme for the second shoot was my specialty: cuckolding. I knew that this was a controversial theme for Kink. Although some vocal members were very opposed to it, feeling some elements of cuckolding are too ‘gay’, memberships increased every time they released a new cuckold scene. It’s a complicated fetish that most performers struggle with. It is one of my own personal fetishes and one I’ve explored in depth so I knew I was bringing valuable expertise to the table.

I was paired up with a professional male performer, Wolf Hudson (, who would play the part of the bull. I would be fucking him. I could tell from his twitter feed (!/WolfHudsonIsBad) and from how others spoke about him that he was respected and adored by many. The cuckold was a newer guy, Mike J.

I requested less make up for the second shoot and although it was still much heavier than usual it was closer to my style and I felt more like myself. It’s funny how make-up can feel like a mask.

I met Wolf in the green room. He was friendly and magnanimous. He was also very popular. One girl had even made him a special gift! He lifted me up and carried me down the stairs to set. I wasn’t sure why but it was cute and seemed chivalrous.

The three of us had a chance to get better acquainted before the filming began and the chemistry was fantastic. I really enjoyed the cuckold, who played the role of my husband very well. He endured some very painful & uncomfortable moments. He was a good sport. Madeline & her crew were wonderful as well and the second day had more of a ‘fun’ vibe.

It was my first time working with a professional male performer as a bull. His performance impressed the pants right off of me. His cock was rock hard when it needed to be. He fucked me exactly as I instructed. He came on cue.

Deciding on the cum shot was a bit difficult. Since Wolf and I were using condoms  a ‘cream pie’ was not an option (where the cuckold licks the other mans cum out of my pussy as a humiliating act). Madeline wasn’t keen on having the bull cum on the cuckolds face as that had been done in a recent scene. We settled on Wolf cuming on the chastity key which was on a chain around my neck, then having the cuckold lick it off…which meant it was basically a porn finish: cum all over my tits. I understand that it could be considered a degrading act for the hardcore FemDom critics but alas, we were creating a porn and everyone loves a big cumshot. There’s only so many options! I was laying on top of the cuckold, objectifying him, using him as a mattress, and then the cuckold had to lick the cum off of the chastity key and me…which is pretty humiliating for him. I love to see a man cum and Wolf didn’t disappoint. What a mess! One shot even went in my ear as I turned my head to avoid getting any on my face. You’ll see by my huge smile and laugh during the cum shot that I was VERY amused by it. Kind of a porn blooper.

Immediately after Wolf came he scooped me up off of the cuckold and placed me gently on the bed so I could transition to making the cuckold lick up his cum. That part had not been discussed and I found it very gentlemanly. Funny how sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that leave the biggest impression.

Thus ended my second and last day of filming with There has been discussion about me returning to do more filming in December. I enjoyed the experience of working with new people, seeing how another producer creates their product, learning about as a company, etc. It was every bit as awesome as I expected it to be. I was also an experience staying in the Armory for a week. I love historic buildings and antiques.

A friend of mine flew my handy travel companion & I from San Francisco to LA in his little four seater Cessna plane. That was fun! My next blog entry will cover the LA leg of my journey…

After make-up & wardrobe: redy to shoot for DivineBitches Day 2.

Wolf Hudson (Bull), Mike J (cuckold on floor) & myself on DivineBitches set.

Little Cessna I travelled in from SF to LA

7 thoughts on “Day 2: cuckolding shoot

  1. Interesting. What I especially find interesting is when people take something that is a part of some peoples everyday lives, our real lives, something that is important to us, and somewhat “ruin” it with a fake porn flick.
    For the love of god, you don’t even know the definition of a “creampie” so the authenticity of the rest of it is suspect. Its unfortunate that porn people and hookers can’t leave anything to “real” people. Sad.

    • Definition of creampie: “Creampie, also known as internal ejaculation, internal cum shot and, in gay contexts, as breeding, is a term used in pornography to describe when a male ejaculates inside his partner’s anus or vagina.The term also refers to the visible seeping or dripping of semen from the vagina (or anus). Scenes of this type have become common in gay and straight pornography since the turn of the 21st century.” From:
      Now everyone knows the definition!
      vanessachaland: I ‘approved’ your negative BS comment to be publicly posted as a warning to anyone interested in doing business with you…or anyone interested in having anything to do with you. I think your comment says a lot more about YOU than whatever you were attempting to say about me. Now, sod off. (Definition of ‘sod off’ :

  2. Despite what you might think about the make-up, you look super hot in these photos. A little bit like Liz Phair, another petite babe with a tight body, a great ass, and a dirty mouth!

  3. Oh, I’ll be just fine, thanks for your concern. The reason I am sure of that is that I am authentic, real and genuine, which people appreciate and respect, and you are simply a hooker selling your ass in a “profession” which you don’t even understand,,, which no one could respect. Anyhow, thanks for playing and Toodles lambchop. 🙂

    • If a woman chooses her profession then there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘hooker’ (or a stripper or porn star). Being narrow minded, judgmental & broadcasting your personal unhappiness by spreading negativity isn’t exactly respect-inspiring though. Good luck with your issues.

  4. Did you start the company?
    Do you own the company?
    Do you pocket most of the money?
    Do you have total control over what you shoot and own the rights to those images and those copyrites?
    Do you sign the front of the checks or just the back?
    Are you in a happy and stable relationship?
    Own property? Stocks? Bonds? Investments?
    Any security?

    If you answered, truthfully, no to any, or all of those questions, you are not in control of your destiny, you are not empowered, you are not practicing any version of “Female Domination” but are simply a cog in the wheel, simply working for the “man”, a grunt, an hourly employee, and are missing the main point.
    Thanks for the concern with my “issues” as you call them. My “issues” are just fine, and owned by me, and are filthy rich, and again, all mine. 🙂

    • Wow, now I understand: you haven’t read my whole blog & you don’t know who I am! The answer is YES to all of the above questions except the relationship part…(also in the blog) my healthy 4 year relationship recently ended drama-free, these things happen. Anyway. Wonderful to see the successful & filthy rich have so much free time to comment on blogs like this. I’m flattered, your highness. Good day.

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