1st day of filming with Kink.com

As I write this I am in the air, between LA & Hawaii. So much has happened in the last two weeks. This blog entry will just cover a small part (more to follow!).

My first day filming with Kink.com’s DivineBitches (their FemDom site) in San Francisco last week:

My excitement kept me from getting a great night’s sleep but the same excitement kept me alert. Adrenaline doing what adrenaline does.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I initially met with HR they advised me that I would need to take direction from Madeline (the Director). They understood I was used to doing things my way and wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be a control freak, I suppose? However, I had only been given a vague outline of what the scene would entail: corporal, strap-on, B/G, which meant some kind of sex between the slave (boy) & myself (girl).

In the green room, waiting to go through make-up & wardrobe I met the male performer, Dutch Bardoux, who I would be working with for the first time. I found it fascinating that I would be having sex with this guy, who I just met, in a few hours. He was built like a brick shit house, thick and muscular. Handsome. Nice manners. Maybe a little bit shy? I didn’t know what to say. This was my first ‘porn’ shoot where someone else decided who I would have sex with. That part was actually very sexy for me. Later it was confirmed by Madeline: she had chosen very carefully who to pair me with. Another Dominant women choosing a beautiful, greek god for me to fuck. Thank you.

After make up & wardrobe I was a touch uncomfortable with my image. I wasn’t used to wearing that much make-up and I felt it cheapened me. There was nothing to be done about it and I trusted that this was a look they wanted and one that would translate well on film.

The set was beautiful. There was a huge painting of Adam & the serpent. Madeline was lovely. Her production assistant and camera woman were also fantastic. I loved that it was an all-female crew.

Madeline explained that she wanted this shoot to be about debuting me, Mistress T. Me enjoying this gorgeous, obedient slave. She gave me free reign to do as I pleased and made anything I wanted available to me. The slave stood in the middle of the room while he was adorned by chains then buffed to a shine with oil. This big hunk of a man was there for MY pleasure. He was ready to do whatever was asked of him. His demeanour was perfectly compliant.

I won’t ruin the experience of watching the video by giving you a play-by-play of exactly what we did. I’ll just touch on a couple of my highlights:
-while caning the slave I enjoyed how animated he became. It made me want to hurt him more. It was a delight to get such a reaction. He eventually and genuinely called mercy which delighted me and disappointed me at the same time. Mercy didn’t mean ‘stop’ but it did mean that he was nearing his limit. I continued anyway, trying to get him to count down but he was so flustered he kept getting the count wrong…which gave me the opportunity to beat him more. This was not set up, he really did mess up the count several times!
-there is a scene where he was over my knee while I administered a bare handed spanking, then used a paddle. The image of this naked, gleaming, chained adonis over my tiny lap will likely be a powerful one on video.

Everything went very well that day. I felt like I delivered a performance that made Madeline happy and that Kink’s members would enjoy. I certainly had a great time!

Dutch had seemed somewhat shy & reserved during the shoot so I was surprised to receive a phone call from him out of the blue a few days later. He simply wanted to say it was a pleasure to work with me. I invited him out that night. We went to see some live music and have some drinks with friends. It was great to see him again, to talk about our experience and get to know each other better. He shared his first impression of me, that I looked so small and innocent (I am only 5 feet tall and 100 pounds!). He thought I was quiet and reserved. He was very surprised to see how I changed in front of the camera. Especially my verbals. I laughed as I hear this often. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and my physical appearance doesn’t really give much hint of what’s going on inside my perverse head.

So that was my first day of filming with Kink.com and my experience with Dutch Bardoux. I have lots more to share…

Suited up & painted for DivineBitches

Dutch Bardoux & I on set at DivineBitches/Kink.com