Method To My Madness

I could also say the madness in my method. I’m talking about how I create my vids. I’ve often been asked what my process is, if I follow a script, where I come up with my ideas, how I choose the film slaves or other performers, etc.

Mistress T mixing up another great vid.

Behind the scenes…the making of a Mistress T vid…

I have performed in well over a thousand vids over the 6 years I’ve been in front of the camera. Most of those for my own site but at least a few hundred for other producers. When I started with Club Stiletto I already possessed a strong understanding of fetish. I had been a Professional Dominatrix for years. Before that an avid reader of fetish erotica & a deviant experimenter of fetish in my personal life.

From the first shoot with Club Stiletto they would just say: “Talk to the camera about foot fetish for about 8 minutes & show your feet.” or “Be mean to this guy who’s playing your uncle & sit on his face in a bratty way for about 10 minutes.” and I would just do it.

The shoots were very casual & unstructured. I was given lots of creative freedom & positive reinforcement. It was fun.

When I started making vids for my own site I didn’t know how to do it any other way. I would start with a basic idea (cuckolding, small penis humiliation, boot fetish, etc.) I would just start the scene with a loose story line & it would usually turn out well. This could be a bit frustrating for those I filmed with because I would often go off in other directions mid scene & they would have to keep up. If you are a member of my site & you look at the vids I filmed 4 or 5 years ago compared to the last couple of years you can see that I’ve improved, I’ve become more skilled, but my style isn’t that different.

Over time I have had the opportunity to film with quite a few different producers (, Mean Dungeon, FemDom Empire, etc.) & the privilege to film extensively with the best in the biz: The English Mansion. I learned that there are many different ways to do what I do. I’ve been on shoots where the whole scene was story-boarded & scripted. Very organized. I’ve filmed with producers who wrote out several complex scenes with multiple slaves & Dommes for the whole day. I’ve filmed where they kept stopping the scene every time the camera person changed angles & I had to remember the last thing I said & continue the dialogue as if there wasn’t a pause. Very challenging!

After all I’ve seen & learned I still do things the way I have from the start. Loose & casual. If I’m making a custom vid I accept brief outlines but refuse to follow scripts or memorize lines. I do things in my own style. I get a lot of repeat custom vid buyers so that seems to be working.

When I film with a film slave things get a little more complicated.

I’m a lot more careful about who I film with these days. My preference is usually fit men with above-average cocks. Bigger cocks just look better in porn, there’s more real estate to work with & since I do a lot of ‘small penis humiliation’ to the viewer it makes sense that the guy I’m filming with is larger. Over the years the numbers have proven without a doubt: bigger cocks equal more sales.

Many of the guys you see in my vids are actually personal lovers & friends. If you look closely you’ll see some of the same guys in various vids. All the other guys in the vids are real fans who email me to apply to be in my vids. I have never paid professional male performers for my vids but in the right circumstances I would consider it. I loved working with Wolf Hudson when I filmed with & Deviant Kade when I filmed with the FemDom Empire. They are both true professionals worthy of being paid for their talent.

The first time I film with a new guy I ask them what they’re into. It can be nerve-wracking for a 1st time film slave & I do my best to ensure they are comfortable. As long as what they’re into is something I think will sell for me we’ll do that. Usually a hand job. That’s an easy one for most guys. Sometimes a ruined orgasm or humiliation or ball busting, etc. Once we get more comfortable with each other we can do different or more complicated scenes.

I do all my own filming. That means that I coordinate the shoot, set up the lighting, put the camera on the tripod, if there’s a film slave I give him basic instructions, hit the start button & away I go. I usually only have the most basic idea of what the scene will be at the start. Sometimes I have a moment of concern that maybe this will be the time I just don’t know what to say…but I always seem to figure it out. I think it gives my scenes a more realistic feel, since I’m making it up as I go along, just as most people do in real life.

I do my own editing as well & occasionally I’ll use a little editing magic to spruce up a vid. Recently I did a scene where I basically just gave a blow job for 8 minutes. (This was a personal lover & it was his 1st time being on film. For him, a blow job was my best chance to get a cum shot.) I couldn’t talk with my mouth full so I thought the vid was a little boring with no vocals. I decided to record a voice over (Masturbation Instruction) with lots of sensual, teasing verbals: ta-da! It turned out great & has been my best selling vid this month: “You Crave My Mouth”.

So there ya go. I’m not sure if you’ll be disappointed or amazed at how I create my vids. Maybe you’ll wish there was still some mystery to it…but really, it’s very fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. When I’m wearing pants anyway…and I like it that way.

Mistress T

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Day 2: cuckolding shoot

Going into the second day of filming with I felt even more confident. I had performed well the first day and the theme for the second shoot was my specialty: cuckolding. I knew that this was a controversial theme for Kink. Although some vocal members were very opposed to it, feeling some elements of cuckolding are too ‘gay’, memberships increased every time they released a new cuckold scene. It’s a complicated fetish that most performers struggle with. It is one of my own personal fetishes and one I’ve explored in depth so I knew I was bringing valuable expertise to the table.

I was paired up with a professional male performer, Wolf Hudson (, who would play the part of the bull. I would be fucking him. I could tell from his twitter feed (!/WolfHudsonIsBad) and from how others spoke about him that he was respected and adored by many. The cuckold was a newer guy, Mike J.

I requested less make up for the second shoot and although it was still much heavier than usual it was closer to my style and I felt more like myself. It’s funny how make-up can feel like a mask.

I met Wolf in the green room. He was friendly and magnanimous. He was also very popular. One girl had even made him a special gift! He lifted me up and carried me down the stairs to set. I wasn’t sure why but it was cute and seemed chivalrous.

The three of us had a chance to get better acquainted before the filming began and the chemistry was fantastic. I really enjoyed the cuckold, who played the role of my husband very well. He endured some very painful & uncomfortable moments. He was a good sport. Madeline & her crew were wonderful as well and the second day had more of a ‘fun’ vibe.

It was my first time working with a professional male performer as a bull. His performance impressed the pants right off of me. His cock was rock hard when it needed to be. He fucked me exactly as I instructed. He came on cue.

Deciding on the cum shot was a bit difficult. Since Wolf and I were using condoms  a ‘cream pie’ was not an option (where the cuckold licks the other mans cum out of my pussy as a humiliating act). Madeline wasn’t keen on having the bull cum on the cuckolds face as that had been done in a recent scene. We settled on Wolf cuming on the chastity key which was on a chain around my neck, then having the cuckold lick it off…which meant it was basically a porn finish: cum all over my tits. I understand that it could be considered a degrading act for the hardcore FemDom critics but alas, we were creating a porn and everyone loves a big cumshot. There’s only so many options! I was laying on top of the cuckold, objectifying him, using him as a mattress, and then the cuckold had to lick the cum off of the chastity key and me…which is pretty humiliating for him. I love to see a man cum and Wolf didn’t disappoint. What a mess! One shot even went in my ear as I turned my head to avoid getting any on my face. You’ll see by my huge smile and laugh during the cum shot that I was VERY amused by it. Kind of a porn blooper.

Immediately after Wolf came he scooped me up off of the cuckold and placed me gently on the bed so I could transition to making the cuckold lick up his cum. That part had not been discussed and I found it very gentlemanly. Funny how sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that leave the biggest impression.

Thus ended my second and last day of filming with There has been discussion about me returning to do more filming in December. I enjoyed the experience of working with new people, seeing how another producer creates their product, learning about as a company, etc. It was every bit as awesome as I expected it to be. I was also an experience staying in the Armory for a week. I love historic buildings and antiques.

A friend of mine flew my handy travel companion & I from San Francisco to LA in his little four seater Cessna plane. That was fun! My next blog entry will cover the LA leg of my journey…

After make-up & wardrobe: redy to shoot for DivineBitches Day 2.

Wolf Hudson (Bull), Mike J (cuckold on floor) & myself on DivineBitches set.

Little Cessna I travelled in from SF to LA

1st day of filming with

As I write this I am in the air, between LA & Hawaii. So much has happened in the last two weeks. This blog entry will just cover a small part (more to follow!).

My first day filming with’s DivineBitches (their FemDom site) in San Francisco last week:

My excitement kept me from getting a great night’s sleep but the same excitement kept me alert. Adrenaline doing what adrenaline does.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I initially met with HR they advised me that I would need to take direction from Madeline (the Director). They understood I was used to doing things my way and wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be a control freak, I suppose? However, I had only been given a vague outline of what the scene would entail: corporal, strap-on, B/G, which meant some kind of sex between the slave (boy) & myself (girl).

In the green room, waiting to go through make-up & wardrobe I met the male performer, Dutch Bardoux, who I would be working with for the first time. I found it fascinating that I would be having sex with this guy, who I just met, in a few hours. He was built like a brick shit house, thick and muscular. Handsome. Nice manners. Maybe a little bit shy? I didn’t know what to say. This was my first ‘porn’ shoot where someone else decided who I would have sex with. That part was actually very sexy for me. Later it was confirmed by Madeline: she had chosen very carefully who to pair me with. Another Dominant women choosing a beautiful, greek god for me to fuck. Thank you.

After make up & wardrobe I was a touch uncomfortable with my image. I wasn’t used to wearing that much make-up and I felt it cheapened me. There was nothing to be done about it and I trusted that this was a look they wanted and one that would translate well on film.

The set was beautiful. There was a huge painting of Adam & the serpent. Madeline was lovely. Her production assistant and camera woman were also fantastic. I loved that it was an all-female crew.

Madeline explained that she wanted this shoot to be about debuting me, Mistress T. Me enjoying this gorgeous, obedient slave. She gave me free reign to do as I pleased and made anything I wanted available to me. The slave stood in the middle of the room while he was adorned by chains then buffed to a shine with oil. This big hunk of a man was there for MY pleasure. He was ready to do whatever was asked of him. His demeanour was perfectly compliant.

I won’t ruin the experience of watching the video by giving you a play-by-play of exactly what we did. I’ll just touch on a couple of my highlights:
-while caning the slave I enjoyed how animated he became. It made me want to hurt him more. It was a delight to get such a reaction. He eventually and genuinely called mercy which delighted me and disappointed me at the same time. Mercy didn’t mean ‘stop’ but it did mean that he was nearing his limit. I continued anyway, trying to get him to count down but he was so flustered he kept getting the count wrong…which gave me the opportunity to beat him more. This was not set up, he really did mess up the count several times!
-there is a scene where he was over my knee while I administered a bare handed spanking, then used a paddle. The image of this naked, gleaming, chained adonis over my tiny lap will likely be a powerful one on video.

Everything went very well that day. I felt like I delivered a performance that made Madeline happy and that Kink’s members would enjoy. I certainly had a great time!

Dutch had seemed somewhat shy & reserved during the shoot so I was surprised to receive a phone call from him out of the blue a few days later. He simply wanted to say it was a pleasure to work with me. I invited him out that night. We went to see some live music and have some drinks with friends. It was great to see him again, to talk about our experience and get to know each other better. He shared his first impression of me, that I looked so small and innocent (I am only 5 feet tall and 100 pounds!). He thought I was quiet and reserved. He was very surprised to see how I changed in front of the camera. Especially my verbals. I laughed as I hear this often. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and my physical appearance doesn’t really give much hint of what’s going on inside my perverse head.

So that was my first day of filming with and my experience with Dutch Bardoux. I have lots more to share…

Suited up & painted for DivineBitches

Dutch Bardoux & I on set at DivineBitches/

San Francisco – the first week

Happy Halloween! I’m writing this from my beautiful Edwardian bedroom on the Upper Floor of’s Armory in San Francisco.

I’ll back up a bit. I arrived last Wednesday, October 26 and stayed in a gorgeous hotel for the first three nights, compliments of a very generous and appreciative cuckold slave.

I am fortunate this trip to be accompanied by a useful thick-cocked bull who is a joy to be around. He’s been well-used as a film slave and camera man. I also enjoy his company a great deal (the sex is fantastic!) which has made this trip even more pleasurable! We’ve filmed some amazing smut & had a couple of private meetings with slaves that have been VERY memorable.

We took advantage of the upscale hotel room to take photo’s & I’ve attached a couple below.

We arrived at The Armory on Saturday afternoon as things were buzzing, preparing for their big Halloween party. I was in awe of the stunning bedroom we were set up in. I love antiques, four poster beds, lush rugs, high ceilings, ornate lamps, etc. The Armory is HUGE. I still haven’t seen all of it. They give tours to the public so if you get to San Fran I encourage you to come have a look for yourself. You can also see it in Kink’s many video’s. They certainly have the best set’s in the biz.

The party was full of action. My favorite part was when the two new Upper Floor sub girls were brought in, crawling on their hands and knees. I love exhibitionism and I can just imagine the thrill of being humiliated like that in front of over 100 strangers. What followed was a marathon of humiliating acts, corporal, spankings and sex (cock sucking, finger fucking/squirting, female masturbation, intercourse, etc.) It was a very sexually charged evening and it continued on after the camera’s were turned off. The party was broadcasted live and the vids will be up on the site so you can watch them and probably catch me in the background. I was wearing my latex nurse’s dress (see below).

Tomorrow is my first filming day for’s Divine Bitches (FemDom site). I’m excited to work with the director Maitresse Madeline & the film slave Dutch Bardoux. Am I a little nervous? At this point, no (maybe tomorrow?). I’m a big fan of’s Divine Bitches and am familiar with their style. I’m naturally a great fit and I feel confident it’s going to go very well and be a blast! Wish me luck!

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In my Edwardian bedroom, Upper Floor of's San Francisco Armory!

Putting my feet up after shopping in San Fran...

Enjoying a fancy hotel room in San Fran...

My date & I for's Upper Floor Halloween Party in San Fran Oct. 29, 2011

California dates set! Oct 26-Nov 10

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I will be in San Franciso to film with (exciting!) between Oct 26 – Nov 4.

I’ll be attending’s Halloween party and staying at the Armory for most of the week! Can you imagine what that’s going to be like? I was there for a few hours last month and I saw all kinds of crazy stuff!

I will have some time to see clients privately and to do some filming of my own, for my own website. If you would like to be a film slave for me, for MY site (not or if you would like to see me privately you can apply by email. NOTE: For anyone I haven’t met before I require either a reference or a deposit to hold your booking.

I will be going to LA after San Francisco (Nov 5-10) to film with MeanBitches (& maybe others). Same as above, I will have time for private bookings and filming for my site.


-Include a list of your interests.

-Indicate private or filmed or either.

-***Tell me which CITY you’re in!***

-Request 2 different dates/times that you know you can commit to.

-Send your reference or ask for directions for deposit.

NOTE: I am currently in Vancouver, which is my home base. The above applies here too so if you would like to meet me in Vancouver follow the above instructions and remember to say which CITY you’re hoping to meet me in!

UPDATE: I’ve just confirmed that I will have a STUNT COCK for this trip! Cuckolding scenes (private or filmed) and forced bi (you suck his THICK cock!) will be possible! (California only, not Vancouver).


You could have THIS view!

Dressed as a Dominatrix IN a dungeon?!

An Epic San Fran Day

Yes, I know, I’m still behind in my Burning Man blog…I will get to it and yes, there will be fun pics of me in bizarre costumes…but ‘this’ I can not wait to tell.

Today I met with For those with a short attention span: I got the gig. There is a happy ending.

For those who like to read, I’ll make it worth your while.

For the last year one of my main goals was to have an opportunity to appear on DivineBitches, a website. being the biggest fetish film producer in the world (as far as I know) located in San Francisco.

I voiced this goal to whoever would listen, including the big time agent I met with in LA last week (the one who did not want to take me on as a client) but he did give me the right contact info for…which led to my meeting today.

I arrived at the armory a bit nervous. Yes, they have an entire, historic armory. The talent manager was very nice and the meeting went well but was by no means ‘in the bag’. It depended on if the directors wanted to shoot with me, he said. We talked about everything that needed to be talked about and then it was picture time. I happily disrobed and posed naked in a few positions, especially nailing the butt angles. He complimented me on my ample bottom, and knowing that he didn’t know how famous I was for my ass I just smiled to myself.

We then went downstairs looking for Maitresse Madeline, the director for DivineBitches. We ended up in a dingy, empty basement with crumbling walls and floors. I commented that this would actually make for a great scene: gal comes for a meeting, gets led down to a deserted basement…fill in the blanks. That was not the case though and we did eventually find where Madeline was filming. As soon as we entered the space she recognized me, seemed excited to see me and asked why I was there. The talent manager explained that I wanted to work on DivineBitches and she said: “she’s hired, set it up for as soon as possible.” (I had never met her before but I suppose we both know each other from our online reputations.)

As we walked out the talent manager could probably read a bit of shock on my face so he said it again: “You’re hired. That’s it. We’ll set it up.”

I left feeling a bit shell-shocked but happy. I walked a few blocks, called my mom to tell her the news, got her voice mail and then started looking for a cab. I was standing on the corner looking for a random cab when the window of a parked limo rolled down and a middle-aged hippie rolling a joint asked: “Are you lost?”. I said I was just looking for a cab. He continued to roll his joint and asked where I was going, then said he would take me for $20. I knew my destination was at least a $15 cab ride away and read a dope smokin’ hippie with a limo to be relatively harmless so decided to go for it.

For the fearful and cautious, know that there are more people in this world who would rather hug you than hurt you…and I’m a pretty keen judge of character.

He turned out to be an entertaining dude. He ran a legal marijuana dispensary out of his limo. We even went for lunch.

After lunch I went back to my hotel room, filmed some smut and then it was time to clean laundry. I’ve been traveling for awhile now so it needed to be done. From traveling often I’ve picked up the habit of wearing just a few outfits all the time and really, this simplicity removes a lot of stress from my life.

I had to go to a corner store to get smaller bills for laundry change. Alcohol in corner stores is a novelty to us Canadians so I decided to buy a mini bottle of champagne to celebrate my good news. Booze and laundry? Why not. I was on my own as my travel buddy was off doing his own thing for the afternoon and it was nice to have some alone time to reflect & plan. So while my clothes were being washed I went for a walk, sipping champagne from the bottle feeling a bit reckless thinking that if my fans could only see me now…no doubt they would wonder:

A. Why is a slave not doing your laundry?

B. Why aren’t you drinking the champagne from a crystal flute instead from the bottle?

While my clothes were in the dryer I went looking for food (and more champagne as I had finished my mini-bottle). When I saw a place called ‘The Tipsy Pig” I couldn’t resist. I ended up having a nice chat with an Irish fellow at the bar until my friend arrived. Nothing else of note happened but just one positive meeting at is really enough to make a day epic, with or without the booze & laundry fun.

Below: a pic of the sign in front of the the building, a pic of me in the limo and a pic of me with my mini bottle of champagne. Tell me what’s behind me/where I am and get a free 3 day membership to my website: (Either email or send me a direct message through twitter:!/MistressTdotnet

Sign at

Mistress T in a random limo

Guess my location & win!