Worn boots available for purchase!

Would you love to have something that has belonged to me? A momento? Let’s face it, you’re going to jerk off using it as a prop, right? That’s cool.

I rarely get around to selling off my worn items. If a fan emails & asks for something like worn pantyhose or socks I can usually make that happen. I’ve sold a few pairs of ballet flats & sneakers over the years. This is the first time I’ve decided to part with some of my beloved sexy boots. I just don’t have the space for everything & I know some fans will love these boots, maybe even more than I have.

Simply email your bid to:


I’ll let the bidding go for a couple weeks & I’ll let the highest bidder know when he’s won them. My minimum for mailing ANYTHING (even pantyhose or socks) is $200USD including shipping. So bids under $200 will not get a reply.

Payment will be via the tribute button on either of my clips stores or Amazon gift card…or a gift card for something else, like the spa (if paypal is the ONLY way you can pay). Cash in the mail can work too.

In some cases for more money, when possible, I might be willing to take more pics, do a custom vid or a cam session with the item before mailing it. Feel free to ask.

Also, feel free to ask for something that you don’t see here. To be honest, I have loads of things I could part with. Lingerie, panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings, socks, all kinds of footwear. I’d rather do all the mailing out of things at the same time so NOW is the time to ask for worn items as I’m more willing to discuss at this time.


"Heart Boots" Black leather designer Italian boots with hearts on them. Enrico Gibellieri. Size 34.

“Heart Boots” Black leather designer Italian boots with hearts on them. Enrico Gibellieri. Size 34.


“Heart Boots” Black leather designer Italian boots with hearts on them. Enrico Gibellieri. Size 34.


“Heart Boots” Black leather designer Italian boots with hearts on them. Enrico Gibellieri. Size 34.

"Suede Boots" Black suede designer, Italian. Les Tropeziennes. Size 34.

“Suede Boots” Black suede designer, Italian. Les Tropeziennes. Size 34.

"Suede Boots" Black suede designer, Italian. Les Tropeziennes. Size 34.

“Suede Boots” Black suede designer, Italian. Les Tropeziennes. Size 34.

"Platform Boots". Black over the knee leather boots with a small platform.

“Platform Boots”. Black over the knee leather boots with a small platform.

"Wedge Boots" Black Leather wedges.

“Wedge Boots” Black Leather wedges.

Mistress T

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Hot New Previews – Teasers

I’m starting to get in the habit of making previews for some of my vids. They will be posted on the FREE vids section of my site (yes: Free vids, even full-length ones!)



Mistress T

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Free preview of the film "Double Extreme Tease"

Preview for “Double Extreme Tease”.

Tease and denial film "Prisoners Denial" teaser preview.

Preview for “Prisoners Denial”

Preview for Boot Fucking Slave Girl

Preview for “Boot Fucking Slave Girl”

London Bound!

I’m excited to confirm that I will be in London, England Sept. 28 – Oct 7.

I will be attending Club Pedestal on Sept. 30 and Torture Garden on Oct. 1: http://www.londonfetishweekend.com/home.htm

If you would like to attend one or both of these parties as my own personal pet, slave or play thing email to apply.

I am accepting applications for film slaves and private slaves Sept 28 thru Oct. 7.

Emails should be polite and brief. Include the specific activities you are most interested in, what you would be willing to try for my pleasure and hard limits.

Offer a couple of dates and times that you are sure you can commit to. Be respectful of my time. I network with other Dommes and we share no-see lists. If you have a reference and/or if you offer a deposit to demonstrate your level of interest you will be rewarded.

Email: MsT@MistressT.net


Strap-on Training: Learn to suck it properly and take it in your man-pussy...

mistress t bootlicker
Boot worship: Lick the filth off of my boots!

Roleplay: Mom's good boy...

Foot worship

Foot Worship: Lick my feet like you would lick my pussy...


Spanking: Naked, on hands & knees...

mistress T trampling

Trampling: Beneath me, where he belongs!

Story paused: FREE previews

I know some of you are dying to know what happened next in the journey that brought me here…but now is a good time to remind you of what the current ‘here’ is. So, have a look at my latest preview page (July Preview): http://www.mistresst.net/promos


By the way…I say the ‘current’ here as by the time I get the story caught up, who knows where I’ll be. I have recently turned down offers for a reality TV show (I don’t want to be THAT kind of famous.) but have accepted offers to do interviews…so who knows what’s next?

MistressT Fetish Goddess with leather glove and stiletto boots

Gloves, Boots & Bitch: perfect!

BDSM Beginnings continued…

…continued from the last post…and I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting more of this story…after I fisted her and played with her for a bit longer the male Dom asked if I’d like my boots shined. His little smirk and her moans of excitement led me to understand that this too would be something very kinky.

He released her and sat down in a chair, gesturing me to sit beside him and watch first. She fetched some regular shoe shine supplies and went to work, half naked on her knees at his feet. This alone was erotic and dirty enough to satisfy but soon she was riding his boot with her pussy pushed down on the toe, humping his boot like a dog, moaning like a whore. The growing crowd loved this display and she loved being watched. When she had properly ‘shined’ both of his boots she moved on to mine. The toe of my boot was more slender and she was able to fuck my boot like a cock, taking most of the toe to my ankle deep in her hungry, freshly fisted cunt.

The male Dom then asked if I would like to know what it felt like to get flogged. I was up for pretty much anything at that point and as if in a dream I found myself dropping my pants. Standing on a small platform, leaning forward against a slightly inclined board I was bare-assed and ready. The slut who had just fucked my boots was holding my hand, telling me what to expect, reminding me of safe words and being very sweet. Just past her I made eye contact with my now very freaked out platonic male friend in a sea of faces all watching the newbie (me) getting flogged for the first time.

Also in view was a women in a sex swing getting fucked very hard. On the floor to my left was a naked man in a gimp mask, kneeling on a little blanket jerking off. Further to my left there was a women on on fours getting fucked from behind by one man while another one fucked her face and a third video-taped them. Last, but certainly not least, over my shoulder I could see the male Dom, clad in all leather, holding a huge, heavy, mean looking flogger. He told me to turn away and I felt the weight of it come down on me…on my back, against my ass, with increasing intensity. It was glorious. I started to sweat. I felt so alive. I’ll never forget that night.

My friend & I laid awake most of the night processing what had happened. He and I stayed platonic friends.

I traded contact information with the male Dom and he became an important friend. I’ll tell you more about him later.

For those who are confused about me being a Domme who enjoyed being flogged, let me explain further. I am first and foremost an exhibitionist. Although I am naturally Dominant I am open-minded and feel that Dommes should know what it feels like to be a sub, even if that doesn’t really ‘do it’ for them. I make a lousy sub, by the way. I’m a real brat, too strong willed and stubborn. I also hate pain. In the words of the great Mae West: “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”

MistressT FemDom Fetish Goddess Ass less Pantyhose

Bottoms Up!