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I’ve been in this biz for over a decade & have been successful where many others have not. It seems a shame to hoard all this experience & knowledge.

The hardest part about the biz is getting started. The learning curve is sharp & getting noticed in a sea of competition is problematic.

I can help with those two things. I can help get things set up, she can even use my stuff until she gets her own (camera, lights, editing software, wardrobe, props, sets, film slaves, etc.). I can promote her to my established fan base. That’s key.

Who would be ideal? A mini-me. Someone who looks similar to me, but younger. Probably 25-30, give or take.

She should have raw talent, a gift of the gab, public speaking or acting experience. I pretty much never shut up in my vids. I’m very verbal so if I’m going to promote someone to my fans I think it’s best that she is as similar to me as possible. I know a lot of gals have tried to copy my verbals. So far I haven’t seen anyone do it convincingly well. I can teach some techniques but there has to be raw talent to build on.

She should be in a place in her life to commit to this. I did it full time from the start & put in the hours. This is a full time commitment, but the money will be worth it. After 3-5 years you can work less, but you’ve got to build the business & fan base first.

She must WANT to do this job. It will eat your soul if you only do it for the money. You don’t have to be into every fetish or even any fetish, maybe you just love performing/acting or you get a kick out of making guys do things. Whatever your motivation, it must not be only about money.

She must have her head screwed on straight. I’m looking for a strong, confident, ambitious, independent bad ass bitch. You don’t have to be perfect to be a bad ass bitch who can rock this job. I have struggled with life stuff & mental health issues over the years but I was driven enough to make it look pretty seamless to the outside world. The show must go on. The flexible hours make this a great option for some who struggle with personal issues but you have to be functional enough & self-motivated enough to get what needs to be done, done, on a regular basis.

I think it makes sense to do this training in person (not over cam). I even have a spare room in my house. I have no idea how to ensure I’m fairly compensated for the incredible opportunity I’m offering but I suppose we can cross that bridge if the right candidate presents herself. I’m obviously not offering this for free.

So if you’re reading this & your heart is pounding…you’re looking in the mirror & thinking you could pass for my younger sister, reach out & say hi. Ya never know. MsT@MistressT.net


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15 thoughts on “Looking for an apprentice

  1. Extraordinary! You Mistress are absolutely brilliant at producing content. You are exceptionally courageous, strong, perfect, whole and complete just as you are with all of Your humanity including Your burdens and Your loving highly regarded heart, mind and soul. The apprentice to be taken under wing is so fortunate that She has You, Mistress T as Her mentor. What an incredible opportunity.

    • Thanks, but no one is perfect. Putting someone on this kind of pedestal is unrealistic. Do try to keep at least one toe in reality.

      • Indeed, both feet firmly planted. No pedestals just acknowledgement of a Woman deserving.

      • You are ever an inspiration Mistress T. I have admired you from afar for several years, and feel that you have helped me to accept myself as a much more sexually charged Dom than most, as has Mistress Sidonia, who has encouraged me to never look sideways, and to aspire for more from myself, to focus and not over diversify, and I feel that I am getting to a point in my life, finally, after 7 years in the sex industry, initially as an escort, and then transitioning naturally into a dominant young woman who knows how to psychologically stimulate and manipulate men, where I can say I am becoming in tune with myself, my needs and desires.

        To be your apprentice feels like an inconceivable dream, but I wanted to reach out and express my keen interest and ambition to become more, for myself, my subs and my furry family, as it’s the complete package that I aspire to become.

        I am extremely driven and self motivated, although I sometimes become distressed at the gravity of responsibility on my shoulders, but I have had, and still have exceptional support from other Ladies in our industry that have guided me and encouraged me when I felt that I was not enough, stretched too thin.

        I would love to make more polished content, promote myself in a more concise (difficult for me, as I love to (attempt to) make music with our beautiful language), I am a young woman who adores all things literature and history, having been to university to study, but became distracted and consumed by kink at 20, and am about to purchase your book.

        I do not have tattoos, I am a wholly natural girl who has, so far avoided the almost immutable draws of body enhancement (a nose job and some bigger boobs may be a future investment, succeeding the completion of my studio renovations). I have been called an English Rose by a few admirers, and I take pride in being myself, big bum and all.

        I adore Canada, having explored the East Coast some years ago with vanilla friends, but have been itching to ingratiate myself within the Canadian kink community. I almost stayed in Barrie permanently on my previous visit, such was the resounding sincerity and old fashioned values held by the entire populace as I saw it, although I am sure anomalies may crop up to mar my utopian vision.

        I have a house slave and housemates and friends at the yard who are able to help with the care of my fluffy family, so am fortunate enough to be able to travel and pursue my dreams.

        Having been in a rather toxic relationship for a few years, and subsequently spending 6 months rebuilding my confidence and self love, I feel ready to move forward with my life and love of all things naughty.

        Ever the hedonist, I still often feel an almost crushing desire to submit completely to superior ladies such as yourself and take advice, Mistress Amrita is a Lady I particularly love to play with as a submissive, but I don’t feel that that makes me any less of a dominant lady; I feel that it enables me to reciprocate empathy to a higher gradient, and to learn from those who are fabulously well armed with intellect, sexuality and refined expertise. I would be infinitely grateful to be under your direction and grace.

        Apologies if I got carried away, I wanted to offer a relatively comprehensive synopsis of my inner yearnings and growth as a woman, and as a member of this vibrant and ever-evolving community.
        With respect and sincerity,

        Miss Vivienne lAmour

        P.s I have attached my website, but it is presently under renovation, and was written when I was younger and less… aware and informed. I do hope it doesn’t present me too primitively.

        • Apologies for the delay in responding. I didn’t see the message until now. Please contact me via email to discuss further, but please read my book first (you’ll understand after you’ve read it). MsT@MistressT.net

  2. Hi Mistress T, if you want to accelerate this process and take more control of the candidate pool, may I suggest checking out some of the dancers at topless establishments?

    The top dancers are good performers, understand that it is a business and that the show must go on, and understand how to control their interactions with men for their own benefit. Some of the dancers I knew in that top category had to leave the business because of the physical wear and tear. Most of them were pretty nice people, and good to be around, with the caveat that like all top performers when they were in the zone they did not want to be bothered.

    My Domme “Gay-dar” could pic the dancers agreeable to Femdom exploration at about a 50 success rate, and I am sure yours would be much better because you are a woman and you are in the Femdom business.

    Hopefully you get some good people to chose from without having to actively recruit, but it if not, maybe looking at dancers will help? If not, sorry to bother.

  3. PS, I was posting from the perspective that you had enough male fans in BC that they could do the hard work of checking the strip clubs for potential candidates for you.

  4. You’re not thinking about retiring, are you?
    You’re what? Early 40s? About the same age as me.
    That’s far too young to quit.
    Or is your heart not in it anymore?

      • Maybe nothing. But you wrote about how you’ve been doing this for a long time, and that you’re not getting any younger.
        Plus, isn’t an apprentice someone you get when you want to pass on the torch?
        Anyway, I just put two and two together and reached a possible conclusion.
        But I’m not suggesting anything. If you’re going to carry on doing what you’re doing, then all’s well.

  5. >>>>> You don’t have to be into every fetish or even any fetish, maybe you just love performing/acting or you get a kick out of making guys do things.

    Excellent attitude! ….A dear friend of mine, LadyMcLaine, was the longest working dominatrix in Germany, 33 years about, just recently retired, and she told everyone who wanted to know in the largest german DominaForum that she is not into most of the BDSM stuff, but that she understands what the guys want, and that she is giving them exactly that. An illusion, of course, but not a lie. Good acting, actually. Ive never bought a session with her cause I came to know her as a friend, but I know that even being that frank she had no problems to make a good living in that profession.

    btw: I finally got some of your vr-videos, and I love them. What you are doing there is really, really good improvisation acting/talking. Normally in porn all is good before an actor/actress starts to talk, then, unless you are extremely horney, its getting into facepalm territory….but not with you. You are really good at what you are doing.

  6. “Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”

    – Yoda

  7. Another well crafted blog post MT i think trying to find the next version of MT will be extremely difficult when one considers all the requirements needed to be successful, the hard work & dedication required i think is underestimated. The one attribute that i LOVE & so hard to find in a ProDom is the verbiage quick whit & being able to improvise. Wish You luck MT in Your search because in a selfish way two MT’s is better than one.

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