Story Paused: Travel Schedule

I’m pausing the story to give notice of travel plans.

From the end of August 2011 to mid-late Sept I will be on the move. Driving to Nevada for Burning Man. It’s my 5th ‘Burn’ and if you’re curious:

In the past I have made a bit of a road trip out of it and met fans on the way down and after, on the way back to Vancouver. This year I’ll be heading to California after Burning Man (San Fran, LA, Napa), then heading along the coast hopefully stopping in Portland to visit one of my favorite people Ceara Lynch (if you’re curious: ) and Seattle. I may go to Vegas before or after.

I will have my camera & camera operator with me and will be accepting applications for FILM SLAVES. I will also consider private meetings with fans. I am hoping to work with other producers as well.

If you are a fan and you would like to meet me, either privately or for filming, understand that it is up to you to prove that you are serious (not a time waster). You can do this by providing references from other providers or by making a tribute of some kind. Understand that I am inundated with emails from guys who are NOT serious, who do not have the best intentions…this is just a part of the business but knowing that, if you are worth my time you will have to prove that you are not like the others.

Exact locations and dates are not set and will remain somewhat flexible as this is part vacation road-trip and part work trip. The right client or filming opportunity will sway me so if you want to see me in Vegas, anywhere in California or along the West Coast email me:

-introduce yourself

-tell me where you are

-tell me whether you’re interested in being a film slave or a private meeting

-tell me what activities you’re most interested in

-prove you’re serious! Provide a reference or express your interest in making some kind of tribute (there are a lot of options here, the gesture is most important.)

-be brief but be clear. Please use paragraphs (look at the format of this blog entry. See how much easier it is to read then everything all squished together?)


While I’m on the topic, all of the above also applies to Vancouver when I’m in my home city. I am always looking for good film slaves and I accept private bookings with those who prove themselves worthy. It’s also possible to chat with me on Skype and NiteFlirt (phone & webcam).


Mistress T at Burning Man

I love Burning Man!


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