Burning Man Road Trip 2013

A road trip with my best friend is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. We listen to music & informative pod casts while blasting down the highway in his convertible. We stay in cheap motels, explore little towns, eat at roadside diners and talk. The kind of talking you do when you have endless hours to do it. It’s not a quick recap of your day, it’s the digging deep conversations, the meat of life.

Mistress T August 2013.

In the RV on the way to Burning Man.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My best friend & I set out for Burning Man with a sense of adventure. The road trip there & back, done many times now, is often even more special to me than the actual Burning Man event. We drove for a couple days in his convertible & rented an RV closer to Nevada where we continued in to meet our camp which included cherished friends we’ve been camping with for years & a few new additions this year: Ceara Lynch, her boyfriend & ‘Nate Bitch’ (sub boy that stayed with Ceara & I in Tampa & Vegas.)

Mistress T, Ceara Lynch & Nate at Burning Man 2013.

Lucky sub boy Nate Bitch, myself & Ceara Lynch, the morning after our all-nighter, watching the sun rise.

As always, Burning Man was great. Here’s a hodge-podge of pics from the week-long event:

Mistress T at Burning Man.

Behind the famous free bar at ‘Distrikt’. That’s right: free booze. It’s the Burning Man way.

Mistress T at sunrise at Burning Man 2013.

Sunrise after staying up all night with Ceara, her boyfriend & Nate. Those are naked fire dancers…yup, that’s pretty typical at Burning man: nudity & fire.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Mistress T in front of iron wolf at Burning Man 2013.

Another awesome art piece.

Ceara Lynch & Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

Ceara & I goofing around in front of a giant “Worlds Best Grandma” cup. I’m sure all you boot bitches are jealous. Lol.

Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

I danced every day & loved it.

Burning Man 2013.

This was my view at Distrikt dancing every day. Amazing party people!

I had a couple of nice visits from the famous Jack Hammer who I had met while filming at Kink.com a couple years ago. He’s an amazing performer & person. His fight with Cancer is inspirational (currently in remission).

Mistress T & Jack Hammer at Burning Man 2013.

It was great hanging out with fetish film star Jack Hammer.

With another amazing Burning Man under our belt we headed out to trade the RV back in for the convertible. The loose plan was to head to LA to film with Lexi Sindel but my friend didn’t feel like doing the long drive South so I spontaneously came up with another plan (& booked a separate trip to LA the end of Sept. See previous blog post). With limited internet access I got the address for a hot springs resort a couple hours away. I didn’t have much information and was surprised to discover a full-on hippie extravaganza. Sure, there were hot springs…but so much more. Naked people everywhere, healthy hippie food, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dancing, loads of self-improvement work shops…ya know, the usual new-age stuff for hippies with fat wallets. I’m pretty comfortable in that scene. I don’t necessarily fit in but they tend to be a friendly bunch & stress-free.

I loved it there. We soaked under the stars for hours & met some groovy folks. I was given a kind of water massage/hippie dance thingy that was fun & only a little creepy. It really felt like we were in a very different place, a different country or even a different planet really.

Photography was not allowed at all, actually no cell phones either, so the only photo I have is just outside the resort where a deer was enjoying the offers at an alter:

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

We were supposed to leave the next day but I met a fellow who caught my fancy. Actually it was his trouser snake that caught my attention…remember, everyone was naked, so ‘trouser snake’ is even funnier. We stayed a second night so I could have my pipes cleaned and it was well-worth it.

Those two days at that resort were surreal. We made fast-friends with many people who worked there or went there often. It quickly felt like home & I understood why some people go there & never leave.

Back on the road again we ended up in Portland for the night & were treated to the hospitality of Ceara Lynch. She just moved into her giant new house so had plenty of space for us. I’m so proud of her, at 27 to have put herself through school & bought two houses.

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch.

A quick Portland visit with one of my favorite people: Ceara Lynch.

We then made our way home to Vancouver after a rejuvenating & memorable two week adventure.

Mistress T

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Story Paused: Travel Schedule

I’m pausing the story to give notice of travel plans.

From the end of August 2011 to mid-late Sept I will be on the move. Driving to Nevada for Burning Man. It’s my 5th ‘Burn’ and if you’re curious: http://www.burningman.com/

In the past I have made a bit of a road trip out of it and met fans on the way down and after, on the way back to Vancouver. This year I’ll be heading to California after Burning Man (San Fran, LA, Napa), then heading along the coast hopefully stopping in Portland to visit one of my favorite people Ceara Lynch (if you’re curious: http://www.cearalynch.com/ ) and Seattle. I may go to Vegas before or after.

I will have my camera & camera operator with me and will be accepting applications for FILM SLAVES. I will also consider private meetings with fans. I am hoping to work with other producers as well.

If you are a fan and you would like to meet me, either privately or for filming, understand that it is up to you to prove that you are serious (not a time waster). You can do this by providing references from other providers or by making a tribute of some kind. Understand that I am inundated with emails from guys who are NOT serious, who do not have the best intentions…this is just a part of the business but knowing that, if you are worth my time you will have to prove that you are not like the others.

Exact locations and dates are not set and will remain somewhat flexible as this is part vacation road-trip and part work trip. The right client or filming opportunity will sway me so if you want to see me in Vegas, anywhere in California or along the West Coast email me:

-introduce yourself

-tell me where you are

-tell me whether you’re interested in being a film slave or a private meeting

-tell me what activities you’re most interested in

-prove you’re serious! Provide a reference or express your interest in making some kind of tribute (there are a lot of options here, the gesture is most important.)

-be brief but be clear. Please use paragraphs (look at the format of this blog entry. See how much easier it is to read then everything all squished together?)


While I’m on the topic, all of the above also applies to Vancouver when I’m in my home city. I am always looking for good film slaves and I accept private bookings with those who prove themselves worthy. It’s also possible to chat with me on Skype and NiteFlirt (phone & webcam).

EMAIL: MsT@MistressT.net

Mistress T at Burning Man

I love Burning Man!