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Some of you know that I took a few months off last winter to start writing a book. I went to Thailand & made quite a lot of progress before my trip was cut short & I needed to return to Nova Scotia due to a death in the family.

I still had some time to write back in Vancouver before I got back to filming & editing but after that my writing got stalled. I thought I could work & write but it didn’t turn out that way. Months went by & I didn’t write a word. So I pushed to build up enough content so I could take a few months off from filming & editing again.

I’m about half way through my second & current break & I’m pleased to say that I’ve been writing like a mother fucker! I’ve made huge progress & am in the last end of the first draft of my book. There’s still a lot of work to be done before you will have an opportunity to read my book but the hardest part is nearly done.

The book is a ‘fiction’ based very closely on my life. VERY closely. It tells the story of the making of Mistress T from the beginning, from before I was even born actually. All the ingredients that went into the final product. Those with interests in psychology will likely find lots to think about. I wanted to have the freedom to embellish or omit things here & there as well as add a bit of creative writing (completely fabricate some parts) so I decided to not make it an autobiography…but again, the vast majority of the story is 100% true.

Now that it’s nearing the end my excitement is really building. I decided to write this book for me, to process some of the things that happened to me in earlier life & understand how they contributed, for better or worse, to the adult I am. I saw writing as a kind of therapy. Now that it is taking shape & I’ve spoken to a handful of experts, it’s possible that this book could become quite successful…which would be a nice bonus.

I’ll soon hire an editor & others to help move through the next steps. I’ll likely self publish but will still need a team of professionals to assist with the process, a designer, a good marketing company, a studio to record an audio book, etc. I am starting to look for the right people & companies so if you have recommendations please send them my way. (I am looking for those top in their field & I have a budget for it.)

Though I should have enough content to get me through I want a bit more of a cushion so I will be doing a couple days of filming in the next couple weeks. This will be the only opportunity in the next couple of months to have a custom vid created by me, so if you have a custom vid request email it ASAP to:

Thanks to everyone for their support & encouragement! xo

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  1. Dear Mistress T,

    Great news and it sounds like you’re making great progress. It definitely pays to spend on a good copy editor and a designer who can give the cover the look and feel you’re after (give them examples!). When I self-published a book I turned to former colleagues I knew and trusted from working in journalism/publishing. But I’m sure you can find someone closer to home who can help you. I did also use an ebook aggregator service, which I found quite helpful (mine was called epubli) – and they handled converting the ebook file to the various different formats that exist out there and uploaded it to every different ebook platform out there – I found this useful. I might otherwise have gone with only Amazon – but it’s likely you have fans who use other services, like iTunes or Google Play who would benefit from having your book more widely available.

    It sounds like you have your eyes wide open on all of this and I think self-publishing could work out brilliantly for you. If writing a book is like a marathon… well, self-publishing feels like an ironman triathlon at times: there’s not only the writing to take care of, but the production and marketing to do. You will really benefit from having an established identity, fanbase and website – plus your practice with marketing via email and blogs and so on. I’m sure that will help you make a success of your book, even if it’s an exhausting progress.

    I found self-publishing to feel very empowering in some ways – and I hope you’re experiencing that, too. I have gone on to sell my self-published book to a publisher – and there’s no reason not to consider that too once you’re happy with your product. There are successes like that out there… and they’re not all EL James!

    Good luck. And if you ever want to talk about more specific aspects of self-publishing or would appreciate a pair of eyes on some of your writing, it would be a pleasure to help. Though I’m sure you are swamped with offers already!

    All the best and I look forward to reading the finished product!

    • Thank you SO much! I am gathering info right now in a field I know nothing about, so everything is appreciated. xo

  2. Congratulations on coming this far. Knowing something of your “writer’s voice” and sensibilities from your blog, I can imagine this book being a very good read – and successful well beyond your fan base. Mistress T is a very interesting and quite admirable protagonist.

  3. The idea of an audiobook is very good, lots of people will like the combination of your words and voice.
    Are you thinking about translations into other languages already?

    • Regarding translation into other languages, I’ll look into that…I’ll likely hire a foreign rights agency & I think that is part of what they offer.

  4. I was hoping that it would be an autobiography, but anyway I can’t wait to see the final result. I’ll buy it as soon as is released. 🙂

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