UK: Feb 22 – Mid March 2013

Is this starting to feel like a travel blog with all my comings & goings?

I just can’t stay away from The English Mansion…or Fetish Disneyland as I like to call it. Beyond being like an amusement park for the perverted with all the kinky equipment you can imagine, Sidonia Von Bork & her crew always make me feel so at home I don’t want to leave.

Mistress T in glasses. Bare feet & ass.

Lounging in my nest at The English Mansion. I was treated like a true Goddess at this Fetish Disneyland.

This trip back to the UK I will only be filming & taking sessions near Bath (not London). I am starting to develop a nice crew of regular clients & film slaves in the UK so I’m not sure how much opportunity there will be for new applicants but you’re welcome to apply.

Cuckold scenes will be possible (filmed & private).

Mistress T in "FemDom Cuckolding".

“FemDom Cuckolding” ~ a personal favorite of mine *smile*

For private sessions: Tie & tease with denial or release is one of my favorite things. I also love foot & boot worship, trampling & ball busting, corporal, water sports & a few other things. Just ask me if I’m into what you’re into.

As always, I’m on the look out for fit BLACK STUDS with BIG black cocks for filming.

If you have a custom vid request, especially one that involves cuckolding NOW would be the time to order it.

In all cases, private sessions, filming, custom vids, etc. you must communicate VERY clearly in your email or I will just disregard it.

Read carefully before sending me an email about seeing me in the UK:

#1. Location (confirm you’re inquiring about the UK/near Bath. I travel all over the world & get emails from everywhere. If I have to ask: WHERE? we’re already off on the wrong foot.)

#2. WHAT? (For private or filmed? What specific activities/fetishes?)

#3. Pictures (For filming…but you can send them for private too. If you’re hot it might increase your chances. Is that fair? No, so shoot me. For filming 90% of the time I prefer average to attractive guys in my vids.)

Here’s my email address…don’t be an annoying bonehead! Only send an intelligent email with clear communication:

That’s all for now.

Mistress T

Members site:

Mistress T & slave in hot tub wearing latex.

Ahhh, nothing like relaxing in the hot tub after a day of filming at The English Mansion!

Mistress T at The English Mansion for a femdom fetish film.

A male & female slave worship my boots in this photo but the scene gets a lot dirtier…

3 thoughts on “UK: Feb 22 – Mid March 2013

  1. As I new member, I discovered Your site Mistress because of your work at TEM…I think I’ve watched every video You’ve done there, but I don’t recognize the cuckholding scene pictured here…is that still to come?

    I’m older, past the stage for the privilege of being a film slave….I just watch & am happy with your site. I adore you to no end Mistress for many reasons, your petite size being one of them…thanx, your slave Michael

  2. Dear Mistress T,
    I am a black male slave who is actively seeking a Dominant Female Owner.
    i LOVE Mistress T and The English Mansion websites.
    i am totally committed to the search for my owner. my experience includes:
    – Strap on training and anal stretching, Fisting
    – dog on collar and leash
    – Sadistic Corporal Punishment (CP) Whipping and, Caning with permanent marks.
    – Degradation and humiliation verbal – physical – public etc.
    – Face sitting
    – Branding and long term ownership
    – Cuckolding
    – Full life Control
    i plan to apply for a film session during Your UK visit in March
    Your slave,

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