ENGLAND! Yes, I’m finally coming back.



It has been nearly three years since my last visit to the UK. Too long, wouldn’t you agree?

Based on the volume of fan mail & session requests I steadily get from my beloved English fans I know the demand is higher than I can meet….but there will be a lucky few.

I don’t have the energy or desire to see 6-8 clients a day like I did at the beginning of my Dominatrix career. Especially for several days consecutively. Naturally, if I can make the same money seeing 1-2 fans a day, why wouldn’t I? It’s not all about money of course but if I can also have an experience that entails a leisurely amount of time to get acquainted over a nice meal, seeing a show or going for a stroll/taking in the sights…then, after building anticipation, ending things with a nice play session with someone I’ve become more comfortable with…well, doesn’t that sound more pleasurable than a rushed hour with a stranger?


Yes, I have less hair now:-)

So, before you email me asking for a session in London, know that I won’t be doing basic 1 hour sessions. It’s unlikely I’d accept any booking for less than $1000 USD. I’ve already filled two of the four evenings I have available. I will take a few day time encounters (shorter perhaps). I’ll accept respectful gentleman who are generous, low-maintenance, with interests inline with mine. I’ll be using a hotel room without props (I won’t be doing a dungeon rental). Limits: No intercourse, no oral sex of any kind. No FT.

Ideal sessions would involve social time & Sensual Domination/tie & tease/role-play/foot worship/water sports, that sort of thing.

I plan to have a lovely visit in London in the company of gentlemen who I enjoy, eating delicious food, experiencing a bit of culture & having some naughty fun.

I’ll also be visiting my friends at The English Mansion (AKA: FemDom Disneyland). This is actually my main reason for the trip but I’ve included some days in London to meet fans & see the city as I haven’t been back in so long.

A dungeon of delights...

A dungeon of delights…with Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion

Ah, the foolish smile of a slave who doesn't know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him...

Ah, the foolish smile of a slave who doesn’t know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him…

I am not accepting applications for film slaves while in England.

If you are generous, respectful fan who would like to spend some time with me in London the end of March/April 1, email ASAP as spots are VERY limited: MsT@MistressT.net

If accepted, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your spot. No exceptions.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

Mistress T

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England! (London, UK)

dress_bum_outMistress T in lingerie.Mistress T in stockings showing feet.

I’m planning my next trip to England & here’s the important info you need BEFORE you email me with any questions: you’re going to have to pay to apply.

That’s right. A $50 tribute is required before I’ll respond to your inquiries. (I give you lots of options to make the tribute).

Why? Because I’m a one-woman show. I do everything without admin assistance, including reading & responding personally to emails. It may not always be the best use of my time but I think fans should know when they email me they are communicating only with me. By requiring a small tribute to apply to see me in London I hope to cut back on the usual crushing volume & time-wasters…thus freeing up more time for those who deserve my attention!

I’ll answer a few basic questions here then give you the many easy options to pay before you email to apply:

#1. I will be in England within the next 3 months. I will have some time in London as well as outside of London.

#2. My private & social rate is high. You’ll need a generous budget. 50% deposit required if accepted.

#3. At this point I don’t think I’ll be needing any more film slaves but even if that is your wish you’ll still need to pay to apply with the $50 tribute.

#4. No intercourse, oral sex/nude face sitting or hard sports.

Ways to pay $50 tribute:

-Tribute button on my clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869 (Clip cash card should work even if you don’t have a credit card)
-$50 worth of vids from my clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869
-Get a premium membership to my site: http://www.MistressT.net
-$50 gift card from Amazon.com (sent to email address below)
-$50 worth of gifts from my Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist
If you only have PayPal this will work:
-$50 micro-loan through Kiva: http://www.mistresst.net/blog/uncategorized/loan-to-a-worthwile-cause-get-free-porn/

Or a gift card for my favorite spa (paypal):


Lastly, if you must, mail cash. Email me to ask for the mailing address.


Send an email to MsT@MistressT.net:

#1. With proof of the tribute.

#2. Introducing yourself & your interests. Include references if you have them.

You can stop reading now, that was the really crucial info…but here’s a little extra:

My ideal client is one who has read many of my blog entries & feels a connection to me as a person, not an object (not just a porn star)…and feels excited about getting to know me further in person. This client indeed worships me as Mistress T & has enthusiastically enjoyed many of my vids but again, also sees me as a real, multidimensional person. This client values my time, respects me & is a gentleman. He is open to letting me know him as well & hopes for our time together to be mutually enjoyable. Our rendezvous will likely have a social element to it, a walk, dining together, shopping or some other outing or entertainment: a chance to get acquainted. Our private time may include tease & denial with potential release by my hand, maybe foot or leg worship, with or without hosiery…maybe water sports or other kinky or humiliating games. Maybe a role-play, mental game or even a bit of pain…or a lot of pain: ballbusting or such. Whatever the specific activities it is about creating an experience together.

Mistress T

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UK in Sept/Oct 2014

I will do a big blog on my Greece trip soon…but for now, I have another big announcement:

I will be back in the UK/London mid September to early October! I look forward to catching up with my friends at The English Mansion, seeing some special fans, filming some great smut & getting up to the usual shenanigans.

Mmmm...England, it was nice to be inside you again...

Mmmm…England, I look forward to being inside you again…


If you want to see me read carefully:

1. Proving you’re reliable:

If I have not met you before you will need to provide a deposit…even if you’re volunteering as a film slave (your deposit will be returned when you show up).

Exceptions: if I have met you & know you’re reliable or if you can provide a reference.

2. Communicate clearly but briefly in your first email with the following:

– Location (clarify that you want to meet in the UK. I get tonnes of emails from all over the world.)

– What do you want? (Private session, volunteering to be a film slave, social time? Specific activities you want or what you’re volunteering to do.)

That’s it really, tell me what exactly you’re hoping for or what you’re offering, clarify it’s for the UK & be prepared to pay to show you’re serious/reliable if I haven’t met you.

I want cuckolds who will suck cock & eat the creampie on film, preferably showing your face + sign a model release.

Mistress T making a slave suck cock.

It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

I love meeting fans so if you’re generous & have lovely manners you can enjoy my company for a meal or a party…a play, art gallery, a stroll through the park, etc.

Email (but stop & think carefully before you hit ‘send’. Did you communicate clearly but briefly?): MsT@MistressT.net


Mistress T

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UK – Early November 2013

I will be in the UK (London or near by) the 1st couple weeks of November.  I’m looking forward to seeing the fabulous Sidonia Von Bork & my other friends from The English Mansion…& I’m sure a few other familiar faces.

The only British double decker bus they would let me drive...

The only British double decker bus they would let me drive…

Sidonia Von Bork of the The English Mansion, sub Sophie, Natalie the cross dressed pony, Mistress T & Amica Bentley.

Sidonia Von Bork of the The English Mansion, sub Sophie, Natalie the cross dressed pony, Mistress T & Amica Bentley.

My 1st priority is filming. I will squeeze in a few private sessions around filming.

If you want to see me read this carefully & follow my instructions:

#1. Email: MsT@MistressT.net

#2. In the subject line write: “UK – Film Slave” or “UK – Session” or “UK – Anything”

Obviously, “Film Slave” or “Session” means one or the other & “Anything” means either filmed or private or social (if you want to take me for dinner/shopping/chauffeur me around.)

#3. In the body of the email list the activities you are either willing to do on film or what you hope for in a session. You’re welcome to include limits. Be brief but clear. I love point form.


-will suck cock

-love golden showers

-can take a big strap-on in my ass

-please no ballbusting or making me eat broccoli

#4. List your availability or the days/time you’d like a session (again, I’m in the UK for the 1st 2 weeks of November).

#5. Indicate if you have references or if you’re willing to make a deposit to prove you’re not a time-wasting flake like 80% of the goofs who email me. Seriously, 80 fucking percent. You’ll have to work to prove you’re worth my attention.

#6. PICTURES! If you are applying to be a film slave send me at least 1 clear pic of your nude torso & erect penis. This is not an invitation for every Tom, Dick & Harry to send me unsolicited dick pics, but if you’re applying to be on video, I need to know what you look like, dammit.

#7. That’s it. Please hold back the flowery compliments & ramblings of your devotion to me. Just give me the meat & potatoes, hold the fluff.

Good luck to all applicants. If you don’t get a response from me it’s because I’m a bit of an asshole.


Mistress T

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At The English Mansion in the UK: A Good Start!

I’m happy to be back at The English Mansion this week. It feels like home. Before explaining what all the photo’s are about I’ll get a bit of business out of the way:

#1. LONDON ~ I had said I wouldn’t be in London at all this trip (just near Bath) but The English Mansion has booked a filming day in London next week at a unique location. If you want to be a film slave for myself and/or The English Mansion in LONDON next week send a clear introduction/application with pics & experience/list what you would be useful for to: MsT@MistressT.net (or to The English Mansion).

I may also have a day at the end of my trip in London for a private session or two.

#2. Regarding filming & private sessions near Bath for the next couple of weeks…at this point I’m about as booked as I want to be but something usually changes so email to be added to my cancellation list. I might add on a work day here or there, someone may not be able to make it…You just might get lucky!

That’s it for business. Below you’ll find a bunch of pics I took yesterday. Sidonia Von Bork & friends took me to an interesting place. It was like a zoo…with an opulent old house you could explore. I love antiques & art so I enjoyed the house. I also love animals. I especially enjoyed watching the Meerkats do that cute thing they do balancing on their hind legs…& I enjoyed the bats flying close enough to my face to feel the wind off of their wings. I’m not squeamish about rodents, spiders or anything like that.


I got ‘this’ close to a Meerkat! Yup I’m a dork….


Camera whores. (Meerkats)


I’ve held worse things in my hands…


Bat shit crazy?


Someone is horny!


Are you lookin’ at me?


I love a powerful pussy!


Can I make that horny joke twice in the same blog?

Can I make that horny joke twice in the same blog?

Confession: I'd actually love to live in a house like this.

Confession: I’d actually love to live in a house like this.

After our excursion and a nice dinner out we went to The English Mansion to film a funny video (not a porn vid). Here’s what we created: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/blog/ Here’s a couple snaps during the preparation:

The English Mansion

What do you get when you cross a gimp in a cage with a school girl & a bunch of people in rubber?

Latex couple

Something for next year’s Xmas card perhaps?

After that bit of fun we finished off the night in the hot tub. What a day!

Mistress T in a hot tub.

I look pretty happy to be in the hut tub, don’t I?

Mistress T in a bath robe.

Post hot tub soak, ready for bed:-)


Mistress T

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UK: Feb 22 – Mid March 2013

Is this starting to feel like a travel blog with all my comings & goings?

I just can’t stay away from The English Mansion…or Fetish Disneyland as I like to call it. Beyond being like an amusement park for the perverted with all the kinky equipment you can imagine, Sidonia Von Bork & her crew always make me feel so at home I don’t want to leave.

Mistress T in glasses. Bare feet & ass.

Lounging in my nest at The English Mansion. I was treated like a true Goddess at this Fetish Disneyland.

This trip back to the UK I will only be filming & taking sessions near Bath (not London). I am starting to develop a nice crew of regular clients & film slaves in the UK so I’m not sure how much opportunity there will be for new applicants but you’re welcome to apply.

Cuckold scenes will be possible (filmed & private).

Mistress T in "FemDom Cuckolding".

“FemDom Cuckolding” ~ a personal favorite of mine *smile*

For private sessions: Tie & tease with denial or release is one of my favorite things. I also love foot & boot worship, trampling & ball busting, corporal, water sports & a few other things. Just ask me if I’m into what you’re into.

As always, I’m on the look out for fit BLACK STUDS with BIG black cocks for filming.

If you have a custom vid request, especially one that involves cuckolding NOW would be the time to order it.

In all cases, private sessions, filming, custom vids, etc. you must communicate VERY clearly in your email or I will just disregard it.

Read carefully before sending me an email about seeing me in the UK:

#1. Location (confirm you’re inquiring about the UK/near Bath. I travel all over the world & get emails from everywhere. If I have to ask: WHERE? we’re already off on the wrong foot.)

#2. WHAT? (For private or filmed? What specific activities/fetishes?)

#3. Pictures (For filming…but you can send them for private too. If you’re hot it might increase your chances. Is that fair? No, so shoot me. For filming 90% of the time I prefer average to attractive guys in my vids.)

Here’s my email address…don’t be an annoying bonehead! Only send an intelligent email with clear communication: MsT@MistressT.net

That’s all for now.

Mistress T

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Mistress T & slave in hot tub wearing latex.

Ahhh, nothing like relaxing in the hot tub after a day of filming at The English Mansion!

Mistress T at The English Mansion for a femdom fetish film.

A male & female slave worship my boots in this photo but the scene gets a lot dirtier…

My visit to Whiplash Towers…

I had the pleasure of visiting Whiplash Towers in the UK a couple weeks ago. This was my 3rd visit & as always it was both fun & productive.
I love working with Nikki Whiplash: http://www.MistressWhiplash.com  She’s beautiful (inside & out), experienced, has a devious imagination & a velvety voice that will just make you melt. I could listen to here talking filth with that gorgeous British accent all day long. We had some fantastic private & filmed sessions, ganging up on our lucky victims for trampling, facesitting, tease & denial, forced bi, ballbusting, etc.

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T

As always she took great care of me. I got to cuddle her many doggies and hang out with her helpful personal slaves. My favorite part was spending time with Nikki though. Since I usually work alone in Vancouver it means a lot to connect with & ‘talk-shop’ with other like-minded producers, Dominant Females, business women…those who understand the realities of this work & lifestyle.

I hope to visit Nikki again in the spring for more good times & filming! Until then you can find the vids we’ve produced together on my site (www.MistressT.net) & hers:



You can follow Nikki on twitter:



Mistress T

Email: MsT@MistressT.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MistressTdotnet

Members site: www.MistressT.net

Here’s a bunch of pics from my visit at Whiplash Towers:

One of Nikki’s MANY doggies. SO cute:-)

Meet Keith, Nikki’s semi-famous Ass Gnome. He’s an ass toy. An ‘insert-able’.  (The pic below, NOT the doggie above….for the love of pete). Keith the Ass Gnome really gets around. You can even follow his exploits on twitter:


The famous 'ass gnome'! Yes, that's right: he goes in yer butt!

Nikki’s famous ‘ass gnome’! Yes, that’s right: he goes in yer butt!

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T...mmmm leather bitches!

Nikki Whiplash & I…mmmm leather bitches!

Nikki Whiplash (see her strap-on cock?) & Mistress T...getting ready to film.

Nikki Whiplash (see her strap-on cock?) & I…getting ready to film.

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T..."Kiss our boots!"

Nikki Whiplash & I…”Kiss our boots!”

Teased by Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T...

Teased by Nikki Whiplash & I…

Nikki Whiplash & I making a slave lick his own cum up off the floor.

Nikki Whiplash & I making a slave lick his own cum up off the floor.

Nikki Whiplash & Mistress T training a trannie to suck cock...

Nikki Whiplash & I training a trannie to suck cock…

Found at Nikki Whiplash's place (ha ha)

Found at Nikki Whiplash’s place (ha ha)

Another funny sign found at Nikki Whiplash's...

Another funny sign found at Nikki Whiplash’s…