VLOG! Alexandra Snow, Sidonia von Bork & I.

While filming for the well-loved FemDom site “The English Mansion” I filmed a casual chat with Alexandra Snow & Sidonia von Bork.

Click here to view the FREE vid: http://www.mistresst.net/free_video

Free vid with Alexandra Snow, Mistress T & Sidonia Von Bork at: http://www.mistresst.net/free_video

Free vid with Alexandra Snow, Mistress T & Sidonia Von Bork at: http://www.mistresst.net/free_video

It was wonderful to spend so much time with Sidonia in England (http://www.TheEnglishMansion.com/) who remains, as always, an inspiration. One of the most skilled, intelligent & creative Dominatrix’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

This week Alexandra Snow is a guest of honor at FetishCon in Florida. I am not attending this one but have attended several conventions which brought me together with peers from across the globe. It may have even been a FetishCon a few years ago where I first met & became friends with Alexandra (who resides in Ohio).

Having the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with these strong, successful women in the same industry means a great deal to me. I’ve said it before, I can sometimes feel isolated running my business on my own with few others who understand what I do.

Speaking of friends in the same industry…I just spent a couple days in Portland with Ceara Lynch (http://www.cearalynch.com/) who showed me the HBO “Sex On” episode that featured her. I thought it was very well done, accurate & entertaining. I feel so much joy seeing my peers doing well, kicking ass in their careers and also achieving work-life balance. Ceara has just returned from 2 months traveling around Australia & New Zealand. Alexandra enjoyed exploring England recently & has been doing lots of fun & interesting things in her personal life. I was with them both in Mexico less than 6 months ago.

Also…The vicious Lexi Sindel of http://www.FemDomEmpire.com came to visit me in Vancouver recently. It was a personal visit (no filming) but I hope to get down to Vegas to film with her (again) in the next few months.

Back to Alexandra Snow…you can see us together (a rare treat!) in “Cleavage Weakness” for all you boob lovers. It’s a sexy duo jerk off instruction with lots of cleavage eye candy. Get it here now: http://clips4sale.com/23869

Alexandra Snow and Mistress T

Domina Snow & I in “Cleavage Weakness” on: http://clips4sale.com/23869


Mistress T

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Don’t get too excited…you won’t be seeing me dumping ice water on my head…but I think you’ll find this more entertaining anyway. Plus, it’s for a great cause!

I was nominated by Mistress Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion. See her version here: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/blog/archives/10338

Here’s my version:

Mistress T’s Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Motor Neuron Disease from Sidonia von Bork on Vimeo.

Mistress T

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UK in Sept/Oct 2014

I will do a big blog on my Greece trip soon…but for now, I have another big announcement:

I will be back in the UK/London mid September to early October! I look forward to catching up with my friends at The English Mansion, seeing some special fans, filming some great smut & getting up to the usual shenanigans.

Mmmm...England, it was nice to be inside you again...

Mmmm…England, I look forward to being inside you again…


If you want to see me read carefully:

1. Proving you’re reliable:

If I have not met you before you will need to provide a deposit…even if you’re volunteering as a film slave (your deposit will be returned when you show up).

Exceptions: if I have met you & know you’re reliable or if you can provide a reference.

2. Communicate clearly but briefly in your first email with the following:

– Location (clarify that you want to meet in the UK. I get tonnes of emails from all over the world.)

– What do you want? (Private session, volunteering to be a film slave, social time? Specific activities you want or what you’re volunteering to do.)

That’s it really, tell me what exactly you’re hoping for or what you’re offering, clarify it’s for the UK & be prepared to pay to show you’re serious/reliable if I haven’t met you.

I want cuckolds who will suck cock & eat the creampie on film, preferably showing your face + sign a model release.

Mistress T making a slave suck cock.

It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

I love meeting fans so if you’re generous & have lovely manners you can enjoy my company for a meal or a party…a play, art gallery, a stroll through the park, etc.

Email (but stop & think carefully before you hit ‘send’. Did you communicate clearly but briefly?): MsT@MistressT.net


Mistress T

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The English Mansion: Love & Gratitude

I awoke today with a wave of gratitude so strong it actually brought me to tears. I was thinking about my relationship with Sidonia Von Bork & her crew at The English Mansion. I realized how much I’ve learned from my experiences there & how much I’ve benefited.

Here’s the page on their site that lists all the movies I’m currently in, with more added frequently: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/MistressT

United in shared passions:-)

United in shared passions:-)

This was from one of our earliest shoots.

This was from one of our earliest shoots.

I took this pic...THAT was a fun day of us taking turns using the sex slave for our pleasure.

I took this pic…THAT was a fun day of us taking turns using the sex slave for our pleasure.

I have spent a lot of time with Sidonia & she has been generous in both her professional guidance as well as her personal support. I consider her a mentor & a cherished friend. She is an icon in the classic FemDom world. Her brilliant & creative mind is behind the many diabolical scenes & scenarios portrayed in her films. Her intelligence & deep understanding of the deviant is evident in her excellent blog.

Sidonia Von Bork & I using a slave's man pussy.

Sidonia Von Bork & I using a slave’s man pussy.


Thanks to the generous promotion from The English Mansion I have become very popular in England & throughout Europe. Every day I get applications from fans in the UK asking to be in my films or to meet me personally. To show my appreciation for The English Mansion & to separate the serious applicants from the rest I am now requiring an important step in application: you must be a member of TheEnglishMansion.com before I’ll even discuss meeting you in person.

A dungeon of delights...

A dungeon of delights…

I will be back in the UK within the next few months (I come every spring & fall) but I will no longer be publicly announcing specific dates. I will no longer answer random emails asking when I’ll be in the UK. You must send your membership ID to prove you have a current membership for The English Mansion. If you do not support the fine work they do & you’re not familiar with my vids on their site than you do not deserve my attention.



Serious applicants who send their membership ID for The English Mansion will also be given a 3 day free premium membership to my site: www.MistressT.net.

There is a limited number of opportunities to meet with me for a private session or to film with me, so no guarantees that you’ll be accepted but I can guarantee that without verification that you’re a paying supporter of the work I’ve done with The English Mansion you will not even be considered.

The English Mansion is the #1 site in the world for classic FemDom. It showcases legendary top Domina’s as well as fresh faces & has a long-standing solid reputation for having the most quantity & highest quality classic FemDom porn all under one ‘roof’. You should already be a member anyway!

To apply to see me in the UK (I will not be touring anywhere else in Europe) email MsT@MistressT.net with the following info:

#1. Your membership ID for www.TheEnglishMansion.com (I will only use it for verification that you are a paying member.)

#2. Indicate: film slave, private session only or both/either?

#3. List preferred activities & hard limits.

#4. If applying for film include a nude torso pic with erect penis.


Mistress T

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Method To My Madness

I could also say the madness in my method. I’m talking about how I create my vids. I’ve often been asked what my process is, if I follow a script, where I come up with my ideas, how I choose the film slaves or other performers, etc.

Mistress T mixing up another great vid.

Behind the scenes…the making of a Mistress T vid…

I have performed in well over a thousand vids over the 6 years I’ve been in front of the camera. Most of those for my own site but at least a few hundred for other producers. When I started with Club Stiletto I already possessed a strong understanding of fetish. I had been a Professional Dominatrix for years. Before that an avid reader of fetish erotica & a deviant experimenter of fetish in my personal life.

From the first shoot with Club Stiletto they would just say: “Talk to the camera about foot fetish for about 8 minutes & show your feet.” or “Be mean to this guy who’s playing your uncle & sit on his face in a bratty way for about 10 minutes.” and I would just do it.

The shoots were very casual & unstructured. I was given lots of creative freedom & positive reinforcement. It was fun.

When I started making vids for my own site I didn’t know how to do it any other way. I would start with a basic idea (cuckolding, small penis humiliation, boot fetish, etc.) I would just start the scene with a loose story line & it would usually turn out well. This could be a bit frustrating for those I filmed with because I would often go off in other directions mid scene & they would have to keep up. If you are a member of my site & you look at the vids I filmed 4 or 5 years ago compared to the last couple of years you can see that I’ve improved, I’ve become more skilled, but my style isn’t that different.

Over time I have had the opportunity to film with quite a few different producers (Kink.com, Mean Dungeon, FemDom Empire, etc.) & the privilege to film extensively with the best in the biz: The English Mansion. I learned that there are many different ways to do what I do. I’ve been on shoots where the whole scene was story-boarded & scripted. Very organized. I’ve filmed with producers who wrote out several complex scenes with multiple slaves & Dommes for the whole day. I’ve filmed where they kept stopping the scene every time the camera person changed angles & I had to remember the last thing I said & continue the dialogue as if there wasn’t a pause. Very challenging!

After all I’ve seen & learned I still do things the way I have from the start. Loose & casual. If I’m making a custom vid I accept brief outlines but refuse to follow scripts or memorize lines. I do things in my own style. I get a lot of repeat custom vid buyers so that seems to be working.

When I film with a film slave things get a little more complicated.

I’m a lot more careful about who I film with these days. My preference is usually fit men with above-average cocks. Bigger cocks just look better in porn, there’s more real estate to work with & since I do a lot of ‘small penis humiliation’ to the viewer it makes sense that the guy I’m filming with is larger. Over the years the numbers have proven without a doubt: bigger cocks equal more sales.

Many of the guys you see in my vids are actually personal lovers & friends. If you look closely you’ll see some of the same guys in various vids. All the other guys in the vids are real fans who email me to apply to be in my vids. I have never paid professional male performers for my vids but in the right circumstances I would consider it. I loved working with Wolf Hudson when I filmed with Kink.com & Deviant Kade when I filmed with the FemDom Empire. They are both true professionals worthy of being paid for their talent.

The first time I film with a new guy I ask them what they’re into. It can be nerve-wracking for a 1st time film slave & I do my best to ensure they are comfortable. As long as what they’re into is something I think will sell for me we’ll do that. Usually a hand job. That’s an easy one for most guys. Sometimes a ruined orgasm or humiliation or ball busting, etc. Once we get more comfortable with each other we can do different or more complicated scenes.

I do all my own filming. That means that I coordinate the shoot, set up the lighting, put the camera on the tripod, if there’s a film slave I give him basic instructions, hit the start button & away I go. I usually only have the most basic idea of what the scene will be at the start. Sometimes I have a moment of concern that maybe this will be the time I just don’t know what to say…but I always seem to figure it out. I think it gives my scenes a more realistic feel, since I’m making it up as I go along, just as most people do in real life.

I do my own editing as well & occasionally I’ll use a little editing magic to spruce up a vid. Recently I did a scene where I basically just gave a blow job for 8 minutes. (This was a personal lover & it was his 1st time being on film. For him, a blow job was my best chance to get a cum shot.) I couldn’t talk with my mouth full so I thought the vid was a little boring with no vocals. I decided to record a voice over (Masturbation Instruction) with lots of sensual, teasing verbals: ta-da! It turned out great & has been my best selling vid this month: “You Crave My Mouth”.

So there ya go. I’m not sure if you’ll be disappointed or amazed at how I create my vids. Maybe you’ll wish there was still some mystery to it…but really, it’s very fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. When I’m wearing pants anyway…and I like it that way.

Mistress T

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English Mansion UK: lots of pics!

Wow, look at all the pretty pics! Lots of eye candy in this blog entry.

I’ve been at The English Mansion for the last week & a bit…& I’m here for another week. I love it here so much. Friends, fetish fuckery, filming, feline, food…& hot tubbing. I don’t have an ‘f’ word for that. A big THANK YOU to Sidonia Von Bork & Co. at The English Mansion for taking such good care of me.

We’ve filmed some great stuff in the last week for their site & mine…at a very civilized pace. We’ve still gone out for some nice meals, relaxed in the hot tub, spent lots of time chatting/connecting…even an outing to Mark’s & Spencer is a pleasure for me. Oh, how I wish we had a Mark’s & Spencer in Vancouver.

I’ve always said the UK has the best film slaves. I love filming with all the pervvy Brits here. They’re up for just about anything it seems. Today I had mud licked off of my boots & feet, severely caned a slave in the garden, had a slave jerk off on my feet & lick it up….& nearly drowned another one using him as a toilet. Four different wonderful slaves in 1 day! Yesterday I had the pleasure of using a young, fit one for more sexual scenes…bondage sex, encouraged bi cock sucking/facial & cum eating, etc. Another day this week I did some kinky scenes in a prison cell & in an autopsy room!

I also have had the pleasure of meeting Princess Neive Harper. What a devious vixen she is! She’s in her early 20’s & pulls off the Dominant brat girl thing too well really. Cute like a razor blade: http://www.princessneive.co.uk/

So, all is well here. Very well. I’m looking forward to this coming week. Follow my twitter for more pics & updates as events unfold.

If you’re wondering if there’s an opportunity to meet me this week, either privately or for filming email me to apply. Things look pretty booked but I know from experience that things change. I can usually squeeze in someone if they’re keen enough & flexible: MsT@MistressT.net

(Communicate clearly in any email to me. Tell me where you are, what you’re into/what you would be useful for, when you’re available. Send pics if you want to be a film slave.)


Mistress T

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Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork.

Sidonia Von Bork & I…pointing out your inadequacies…again…

Mistress T making a slave suck cock.

It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

Mistress t with pussy licking slave.

…an Easter egg hunt gone wrong…

Mistress T in a latex nurse's outfit.

“Yes, it’s an autopsy table…but don’t worry, I’m a Professional…”

Mistress T with slave in prison.

A prisoner doing ‘hard’ time…

Mistress T & Neive Harper

Princess Neive Harper & I ‘pretended’ to be lesbian lovers for a scene…ah, my job is SO hard. ha ha

Mistress T with SophieDoll.

Let’s see what’s under SophieDoll’s skirt…

Mistress T in lingerie.

Couch potato. Laying around in my underwear…

Mistress T as a prison guard.

“Damn prison guard budget cuts…can’t even get a full pair of pants anymore…”

Mistress T in stockings showing feet.

“Sniff that. See if you can guess what I stepped in…”

Mistress T in lingerie.

“Fuck, did I forget to wear panties AGAIN? I’ll just casually hold my hand there, no one will notice….”

Mistress T with a cat.

Token pussy pic. Too obvious? Seriously, one of my favorite things about being here: The Mansion Cat:-)



At The English Mansion in the UK: A Good Start!

I’m happy to be back at The English Mansion this week. It feels like home. Before explaining what all the photo’s are about I’ll get a bit of business out of the way:

#1. LONDON ~ I had said I wouldn’t be in London at all this trip (just near Bath) but The English Mansion has booked a filming day in London next week at a unique location. If you want to be a film slave for myself and/or The English Mansion in LONDON next week send a clear introduction/application with pics & experience/list what you would be useful for to: MsT@MistressT.net (or to The English Mansion).

I may also have a day at the end of my trip in London for a private session or two.

#2. Regarding filming & private sessions near Bath for the next couple of weeks…at this point I’m about as booked as I want to be but something usually changes so email to be added to my cancellation list. I might add on a work day here or there, someone may not be able to make it…You just might get lucky!

That’s it for business. Below you’ll find a bunch of pics I took yesterday. Sidonia Von Bork & friends took me to an interesting place. It was like a zoo…with an opulent old house you could explore. I love antiques & art so I enjoyed the house. I also love animals. I especially enjoyed watching the Meerkats do that cute thing they do balancing on their hind legs…& I enjoyed the bats flying close enough to my face to feel the wind off of their wings. I’m not squeamish about rodents, spiders or anything like that.


I got ‘this’ close to a Meerkat! Yup I’m a dork….


Camera whores. (Meerkats)


I’ve held worse things in my hands…


Bat shit crazy?


Someone is horny!


Are you lookin’ at me?


I love a powerful pussy!


Can I make that horny joke twice in the same blog?

Can I make that horny joke twice in the same blog?

Confession: I'd actually love to live in a house like this.

Confession: I’d actually love to live in a house like this.

After our excursion and a nice dinner out we went to The English Mansion to film a funny video (not a porn vid). Here’s what we created:¬†http://www.theenglishmansion.com/blog/ Here’s a couple snaps during the preparation:

The English Mansion

What do you get when you cross a gimp in a cage with a school girl & a bunch of people in rubber?

Latex couple

Something for next year’s Xmas card perhaps?

After that bit of fun we finished off the night in the hot tub. What a day!

Mistress T in a hot tub.

I look pretty happy to be in the hut tub, don’t I?

Mistress T in a bath robe.

Post hot tub soak, ready for bed:-)


Mistress T

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UK: Feb 22 – Mid March 2013

Is this starting to feel like a travel blog with all my comings & goings?

I just can’t stay away from The English Mansion…or Fetish Disneyland as I like to call it. Beyond being like an amusement park for the perverted with all the kinky equipment you can imagine, Sidonia Von Bork & her crew always make me feel so at home I don’t want to leave.

Mistress T in glasses. Bare feet & ass.

Lounging in my nest at The English Mansion. I was treated like a true Goddess at this Fetish Disneyland.

This trip back to the UK I will only be filming & taking sessions near Bath (not London). I am starting to develop a nice crew of regular clients & film slaves in the UK so I’m not sure how much opportunity there will be for new applicants but you’re welcome to apply.

Cuckold scenes will be possible (filmed & private).

Mistress T in "FemDom Cuckolding".

“FemDom Cuckolding” ~ a personal favorite of mine *smile*

For private sessions: Tie & tease with denial or release is one of my favorite things. I also love foot & boot worship, trampling & ball busting, corporal, water sports & a few other things. Just ask me if I’m into what you’re into.

As always, I’m on the look out for fit BLACK STUDS with BIG black cocks for filming.

If you have a custom vid request, especially one that involves cuckolding NOW would be the time to order it.

In all cases, private sessions, filming, custom vids, etc. you must communicate VERY clearly in your email or I will just disregard it.

Read carefully before sending me an email about seeing me in the UK:

#1. Location (confirm you’re inquiring about the UK/near Bath. I travel all over the world & get emails from everywhere. If I have to ask: WHERE? we’re already off on the wrong foot.)

#2. WHAT? (For private or filmed? What specific activities/fetishes?)

#3. Pictures (For filming…but you can send them for private too. If you’re hot it might increase your chances. Is that fair? No, so shoot me. For filming 90% of the time I prefer average to attractive guys in my vids.)

Here’s my email address…don’t be an annoying bonehead! Only send an intelligent email with clear communication: MsT@MistressT.net

That’s all for now.

Mistress T

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Mistress T & slave in hot tub wearing latex.

Ahhh, nothing like relaxing in the hot tub after a day of filming at The English Mansion!

Mistress T at The English Mansion for a femdom fetish film.

A male & female slave worship my boots in this photo but the scene gets a lot dirtier…