Booking filming spring/summer 2016

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Cum here.

I’m starting to resurface after taking some time off to write and to deal with the loss of a family member. Thank you to those who offered your condolences and thank you to those who respectfully gave me space.

I’m excited about starting filming again! I’ll now accept applications for those wanting to film with me in April and beyond.

At this time it is unlikely I will accept private sessions or distance slaves as I’m still writing my book. I’m returning to work part time. I might make an exception in the right circumstances (a VERY generous offer from a well-mannered, interesting, easy-to-deal with client).

#1 requirement to apply to film with me: you MUST be in Vancouver as I am not traveling anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Again: filming in Vancouver ONLY.

To be extra clear: if you are not in Vancouver do not email me about filming.

Got it? Good.

#2. You must send a $100 deposit for me to review your application. What? Yes, you have to pay me to even consider you. Why? Because I have more duds than I do viable applicants and I have enough regular film slaves that I don’t really need new ones. So you have to prove you are worth my time.

3 options for tributing:
1. Online E-Transfer to this email address (from any major Canadian bank):
2. Tribute button on my clips store:
3. Gift card for my favorite spa. You can buy online with paypal or go in & pay cash in person. Ask them to email the gift card to They are used to it as a lot of fans send me gift cards from there.:

#3. You must email at least 1 clear nude torso pic with erect penis. I prefer average to fit guys with less body hair and bigger dicks. If you don’t look like that you may not want to apply but you are welcome to. If you send $100 I will seriously try to find some way to film with you. The only time it’s okay to send me a ‘dick pic’ is when you’ve paid me $100 to look at it…but please try to get more than your dick in the pic. Standing in front of a mirror works. I don’t need your face in the pic or in the vid. The headless are welcome to apply:-) Email pics AFTER you’ve sent the deposit:

#4. Tell me what you’re into. List what activities you’re into or how you think you could be used in MY vids. I use stunt cocks, if you just want to lay there & get jerked off, say that. If you can take a big strap-on in your ass, let me know. If you’ll suck cock or would let a guy suck you, tell me. If you’re a fan of my vids you know what kind of scenes I film & where you might fit into the mix.

NOTE: I am NOT filming any toilet stuff. I will not allow oral worship, do nude facesitting or have intercourse with strangers. If you film with me for awhile & I want to do those things with you we’ll discuss it if we reach that comfort level that but do not expect any of that in the beginning.

I think that covers it. $100 gets my attention. Applications without it will be ignored:-)


Mistress T

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49 thoughts on “Booking filming spring/summer 2016

  1. Hi,

    The guy you’ve filmed with a fair bit under shoes. If you would like me to film again I’d be more than happy. Quite flexible with cock, face sitting, trample of course, but you know all that.

    Hope you’re feeling better. I know it’s tough.


    • Hi Marcus, sure, let’s set it up. Of course you don’t have to send the $100 (that’s only for unknown guys). Send me an email with your availability the first couple weeks of April.

  2. I understand the whole “findom” concept, but I truly believe in female supremacy. Seriously, are you drunk tonight? $100 to “apply” to be filmed with you? I love you “T”, but might as well just start a GoFundMe or do like all these other “findom” cam whores who are just in it for the money and not the lifestyle.

    Again, a $100 to “review an application” ? Come on! That is just tackiness, personified, and I always considered you better then that.

    Fuck man, now I have to reassess everything. Are there actually any real women that are into female led relationships? Or are you all just looking for easy $$$?

    You break my heart, T……

    • Hey Linus, I’m glad you asked! Really glad. I know the $100 seems strange. I don’t even care about the money to be honest, I just care about my time & patience. I would rather be writing my book than emailing back & forth with multiple guys who are just wasting my time.
      I could have made it $20 and it probably would have the same result, which is only those who are serious about following through would jump through that hoop.
      You have no idea how many emails I get from guys asking to be in my vids. 99% are a waste of time. From guys on the other side of the world to guys who are just drunk emailing & everything in between. A large majority are really just looking for a free session & have no interest in helping me create a quality scene.
      Most of the guys I film with I’ve filmed with multiple times & they would likely say that $100 is well worth it to get your foot in the door. The experience of being one of my regular film slaves/stunt cocks is pretty fantastic. They get to touch me, smell me, be seen by me, be touched by me, have their fantasies come true!
      And as I said, if a guy sends me $100 I will do my very best to film with him (even if he wouldn’t be my first choice, cuz that’s the kind of person I am.)
      So guys who want something for nothing, who just want to jack off to the emails, only fantasizing about serving me without following through, the guys who want a free session, the entitled, ungrateful guys who think I need them? They can move along. I’d rather film with guys who respect and lust after me enough to pay for the opportunity to be touched by me, to get to know me and to be a useful part of this unique, kinky ride:-)

      • Okay, I understand your stance, and respect that you posted it with my comment. Thank you, Mistress T.

        I hope you can tell this is not personal. It is just a byproduct of this whole “findom” phenomenon that is taking over the this lifestlye. At least online it is. Women who have no interest in a real FLR, but simply bolstering their saving account because they have a man telling them what to say.

        It’s hard to know who is genuine or who is not, when $$$ are demanded for the littlest of attention.

        Thank you again for replying and I’m sorry for your recent loss. I remain an admirer- BUT I will not pay $100 to be considered for a film role or any other role for that matter.

        Love you to death and best of luck in future endeavors.

        • Sounds great Linus. You’ve illustrated that my screening process is working as planned. Your “Benjamin’s” comment indicates that you’re an American so you aren’t in Vancouver, which means…that’s right, requirement #1: ya gotta be in Vancouver to film with me.

          Further to that, your comments indicate that you aren’t a big enough fan to film with me. A true-blue fan would know that I’m not into the whole findom thing & wouldn’t dare send a message that frankly, is disrespectful enough that I can’t imagine you are actually into FemDom at all. A guy who really gets off on being submissive wouldn’t have commented as you have.

          So I’m not surprised you’re not going to send me $100 to apply for anything. You are exactly the kind of person I’m hoping will be deterred by my screening process & not waste my time:-)

          • Last thing, I’m not interested in filming no matter where I am. I could never appear on film.

            And for the record, I wish I was in Vancouver. Friends tell me it is one of the best and cleanest cities in the world.

            Enjoy your time there, T.

  3. By the way, my comment is for you and you only. I don’t expect it to ever get through “moderation”, but please, don’t make it so obvious that you’re only in this for the benjamins. You’d do much better making us guys believe you are truly into this lifestyle, rather then blatantly demanding money.

    • “benjamins”? You do realize I’m a Canadian, living in Canada, right? We have Queen Elizabeth on our money, not Benjamin Franklin.

      • Queen Elizabeth, huh? I did not realize that, but that is very apropos. Sorry for my mistake. I plead ignorance. .

  4. Thanks for the update! Wondering if you are accepting customs or clip ideas? I sent you a clip idea right before you took a hiatus from filming. I think it’s a great idea, and would sell well, and I’m curious how to make it come to fruition. I’d be happy to, “sponsor” the clip? Thoughts?

    • Custom vids start at $150. Email the request again. If you don’t hear back it means that I’m not able to or interested in creating it, for any number of reasons.

  5. You’re wrong, T. I am alpha man by day and I want to find myself in a productive FLR the rest of the time. I actually believe I am heading in the right direction towards that goal. aAthough i am financially secure, so is she, so that is not a factor for either one of us. neither is looking for financial reward or control. I offer domestic and other services that simply make her life easier.That is the true goal. That’s it. Money doesn’t change hands. There is more to this then $$$.. But if money is what you require to judge someones commitment, so be it. I get it.

    I am indeed a long time fan of yours, and have invested in may of your clips. (quiz me if need be. You’re a pioneer), and my intent was never to be disrespectful to you. Please understand, not every critique comes from a clueless asshole.

    Bottom line; it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when we need to leave a tribute to get your acknowledgment or be taken seriously by you.

    Anyways, to each their own. I understand

    This is not a porno forum. I am for real, sincere and genuine , and I’m not out to shock or titillate. so we’ll leave it at that. Thank you T for what you do. Have a great weekend

    • You wrote: “Seriously, are you drunk tonight? but might as well just start a GoFundMe or do like all these other “findom” cam whores who are just in it for the money and not the lifestyle.
      That is just tackiness, personified, and I always considered you better then that.
      Fuck man, now I have to reassess everything. Are there actually any real women that are into female led relationships? Or are you all just looking for easy $$$?”

      Linus, you say that you seek a female led relationship but your language screams disrespect for women.

      Respect for women means respecting that they have a right to run their businesses or do with their bodies what they choose. I want that to really sink in Linus. These “cam whores” you loath are women who are doing what they choose…to make a living, for pleasure, the reason is actually none of your concern.

      You spewed rage over a business choice I made that did not affect you directly in any way. Why? Because I shattered YOUR fantasy that I’m only doing all this for pleasure & don’t care about money? It has to be one or the other for you? How does making money doing something that I get pleasure from make it bad? Would you get this mad at an artist who sold a painting because they shouldn’t make money doing something they enjoy?

      There is no much wrong with your comments I could go on & on, but enough is enough. You have been incredibly disrespectful & I have been patient with you but it’s time for you to go away. Seriously. This is my turf and I’ve allowed you to have your say, as toxic as it has been but I will block you if you continue as nothing constructive can come from further discourse.

      • Understand, and even though it was not intended, I apologize for coming across disrespectful. I selected the wrong language and should have followed advice that my Mom always gave me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”. At 45, you’d think I’d have mastered that by now, but apparently not. I believe I am the “asshat” you were referring to in your Twitter comment. If the shoe fits wear it. Sadly, your assessment was correct.

        You are correct “your turf your rules”. I won’t continue this discourse any further, but will still remain a fan of your work.

        Best of luck in this and future endeavors. Mistress T.

          • “Ponderous” – I had to Google the definition. One would think it would describe someone who “ponders” life, but sadly that is not it.

            The true definition is accurate – “dull, laborious, or excessively solemn” – Sorry I left you with this impression. And thank you for the vocab lesson.

  6. Hi my mistress i want to b your slave. But i am in there any chances you coming India.i pay you but how i will b under your feet please give a solution or reply me

    • *sigh* No, I am not coming to India (for the record I’ve been to India twice, spent 4 months there in total, so I have nothing against India I am just not traveling anywhere right now AND I CLEARLY STATE THAT IN THIS BLOG POST).
      To everyone else, THIS is why I would love to charge money for every email I receive. I get at least a dozen emails like this every day from all over the world.

    • It’s not a rule, it’s a requirement. To film with me you must be in the same physical space with me.

      I am writing a book right now so I’m staying in Vancouver, not traveling. Guys are welcome to travel to Vancouver to film with me but I am not traveling anywhere to film in the foreseeable future.

      How long will it take to write the book? I honestly don’t know. It’s coming along well but it’s my first book. I’m no where near done.

  7. I think it’s both pretty sad and (sorry) slightly hilarious that you made such a clear, explicit and completely reasonable post, and you still get grief for it here. It’s a scientific fact that your requirement #1 could not have been more clear. And for someone to complain about the $100 deposit? Grow up! It’s completely understandable for the reasons clearly stated. But even if you wanted to charge a $5000 fee for a guy to be in a video with you, that’s completely your rightful prerogative. If some guy thinks you owe him some free time or acknowledgement because he feels a relationship with you, that’s his problem. Again, he needs to grow up. (And he’s looking for an FLR? He should learn that doesn’t mean a woman will subordinate her needs to his pissy demands and rules.) You’re actually pretty generous with your acknowledgements, and the fact that you answered him proves it. You have every right to protect your time.

  8. Hello gorgeous, and a monument to woman kind, you do so much and show so much tenderness in your work, if work be the operative sense.
    I see you do yoga and maybe meditate?
    I also see you are attached so is a marriage not in a foreseable future?
    You ask about financial terms to co- create, and Vancouver is the destination.
    So a few million of the Queen’s head will make a move or open studios in Vancouver?
    Hugs xx and very intimate kisses wherever you want xx

  9. Hi Mistress T. Do you think you will be doing live sessions anytime soon? Those large dils in your strap on pics look like a challenge that I’d be up for!!

    • Hey James, my focus is on writing my book right now. I don’t have time to deal with all the annoying back & forth emails to organize live sessions which actually takes more time & energy than the sessions themselves. If you or someone else sends me a juicy tribute (to show you are serious about booking) and makes it super easy to arrange a session (in Vancouver) I would do it. If you read my post carefully you’ll see that I imply that money & good manners could persuade me to fit in a session. So, if you’re very generous & easy to book with/easy to session with/top notch manners, etc. Go for it. Send a tribute then a follow up email, short & well-communicated, with days/times that work for you.

  10. first we are human and I always saw that intelligent women begging your eyes with more fantasies than most other are dreaming of. I find that the idea sex lives in the head and releases energy into the body that we can call pleasure. you are inspiring and knows mens desire to the basic needs to release the urge.
    Wish you well in your life and partnership family and above all your health. keep your Yoga up it feels wonderful a workout.. Joe

  11. Greetings, thanks for redirecting me (college kid) here. For your requirements, are you open to all ethnic group males besides Caucasians as well, or do the more dark complected among us need not apply?

    • Any ethnicity is welcome to apply. Keep in mind that for hand job vids I prefer my ‘stunt cocks’ to be above average in size (it just films better, video is a visual medium) & prefer the look of less body hair & trimmed pubic hair (again, I think it looks better on film)…& a belly can be problematic, it makes the POV angle hard to get when there’s a tummy sticking out blocking the action.
      But skin color? It does not matter at all to me.

  12. 31 year old, submissive, small limp cocked, crossdressing faggot from Regina, Saskatchewan. Would travel to Vancouver to be a cocksucking/bottom faggot in a video for you.

    • You have made a comment on my blog, which is public…meaning, it’s not private…& don’t you think that this is a matter to be discussed privately? That we would not be able to really make anything in reality happen by corresponding via public comments? That just seems obvious to me. I’m also very clear in the blog post that the appropriate way to apply is via email…with a tribute to show you are serious (& to show that you can follow clear instructions).
      So, if you are serious, make a tribute THEN send an email with all the required info & pics.

  13. I just wanted to write a quick comment saying that your public persona is quite frankly awesome and utterly beguiling. I’ve wanted to say that to you for a long time.

    Unfortunately I can’t get to Vancouver so won’t be applying for a filming session, but my god if I could I most certainly would. I like to think that if your book launch tour takes you to London there may be a chance for me yet.

    Good luck with the book

  14. Oh Mistress T. I should’ve read this blog before emailing you. Sorry about your loss. My email asked if you would be coming back to Maui, but now reading this, I see you don’t want to travel at the moment. Again sorry for being one of those rude email people, If this plan ever changes, please feel free to contact me. I do plan on paying hotel and flight. If not, it’s all okay. I do hope by taking the time to read this, you’ll agree for a private session, as I’m too busy to fly there due to my three jobs. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  15. Dear Mistress T,

    Unfortunately i just sent you an email to apply as film slave before i found this section, in fact i was guided here by your auto reply. Since i´m not from Vancouver, it seems i´m out of the game, so very sorry for bothering.

    Anyway i wanted to say thanks for the great work you are doing, if someone is getting into cuckolding, there is no way around you 🙂 It would be a dream come true to serve you one day, but it seems that won´t happen soon, since i´m form germany.

    So again sorry for bothering, and thank you so much for the great work you do.

  16. I simply wanted to post a short note to compliment you. I always like encouragement and I figure ur no different so here goes …

    Every so often when my wife and I decide to make love (we call it date night) I browse porn. We’re in our 50s now so it’s not as spontaneous as it once was when we were in our prime but we still have fun

    That said I bumped into Mistress T for the first time today. And as I write this I’m wondering what it is about u that would provoke me to write u? I really don’t know? but I’ll keep pondering. There’s certainly something very different about u (in a good way). Maybe it’s the girl-next-door but I think it’s something beyond that

    I did find your site but I’ll never pay. I don’t do porn enough to pay

    I’m a published writer, photographer, and photoshop wizard whose day job is as Technical Director of Nuclear Medicine in a university hospital. I say that so u know who is writing.

    I’ll continue to ponder just why I posted this and just what it is about u that makes you so different from all the others.

    I wish you the best in all ur endeavors. I know the time it takes to write a book. It’s a big job

      I understand you only had good intentions in writing this comment, but because you also sent me the same email I’m going to use you as an example to discourage others from doing this. The key part is that you make it clear you haven’t & will not pay for my content/compensate me for my hard work…yet you take up my time to read your comment AND email…which is actually very inconsiderate, despite your good intentions. Especially since you also acknowledge it takes a lot of time to write a book…you don’t see anything wrong in taking up that valuable time having me read your email about you not paying for my content. Do you follow? Please read the link to a blog post that addresses this in more depth.

  17. hi mistress T
    i see your videos about orgasm control and like it
    but i cant travel to your city
    can train me as your slave.

    • Any guy who would choose the name of a serial killer of prostitutes is not someone I want anything to do with. It demonstrates a lack of intelligence or sensitivity…or both.

      Note: The entire email address isn’t visible but the word “Ripper” is in it along with “Jack”…so obviously I’m not going to want anything to do with him.

  18. no mistress im not a killer.
    my name is jack smith and
    im one of programmers of jack the ripper game and i like this name
    please dont ignor me

  19. hi my mistress

    a man like me that have no a star in sky how to impress you

    please answer .

  20. Hello Mistress!

    I have enjoyed getting to know you here, by reading, and realized what a perfect Domina You truly are. 100 to be at your service? Cheapest price ever. Too bad I am one of those with the bad luck of being half the world away. Why am I writing? Just to let You know You have one more follower around the world, loving every minute of your existence, and hoping You keep on going showing us how You rule the world 🙂

    Goodbye Goddess!

  21. Hello Mistress T,

    I wanted to know if there anyway we, your fans, would be notified when you will be doing shows outside of Vancouver as well as Canada. For example if a fan lives in New York when you would make a trip there.

    Also, If I do not live in Canada and live in a different country, lets say New York, If I send you my $100 deposit and I follow the rules, is there a chance I would be able to travel to you for a video session. All travel expense will be taken care of by myself.

    • I am no longer ‘touring’ so there’s no need to announce publicly when I’ll be visiting a city. The only time I travel for work is if a fan has generously compensated me to travel to them. This is a luxury not many can afford but my time is valuable & it takes a lot of energy to fly to a different place & session, not to mention the time in my schedule when I cold be doing other things. I have had several slaves come from other places to film with me in Vancouver so if you’d like to do that I suggest you follow the very, very, very clear instruction in the post on how to properly apply.

  22. Hello Mistress T Im a cuckold with the smallest dick you will ever see..You can do with me anything you like…I clean after black man i was trained to do that…Please contact me for more details…I can send you my pics and videos….

  23. This is probably the oldest one in the book – it figures, because I’M old.
    Anyway, the thing is, you very, very much resemble someone who was
    precious to me and is now gone from this world.

    So my question … do you have anything to offer that might possibly
    be construed as, er, um, uh, well … ‘normal’ porn offerings?
    I they were available, I would want them. I PROMISE I wouldn’t share
    them with anybody, or say anything to anyone that might otherwise
    besmirch your very carefully crafted persona.

    Thanks for reading –

    Always have fun, Be safe, Be happy and Be prosperous!

    Best Wishes,


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