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There’s hundreds of articles out there on improving your oral skills…but a lot of guys learn how to lick pussy badly from watching mainstream porn movies…so here’s one more article to hopefully put men on a better a path.

I’ll start from the basics & go from there, so be patient if you feel like you already have a handle on things.

Go slow. Slower. Even slower.

– Don’t rush in. Take your time seducing a woman’s pussy. A pussy is most responsive when it’s anticipating contact, aching for it. So tease the surrounding areas starting from far away (like the neck or ankle, but at least the inner thigh). Then start with breath or a very light, wet finger (spit discreetly on your fingers).

Pro tip: This is a great time to compliment her lady parts unless you’re operating in complete darkness: “You have a beautiful pussy.”

Observe Her Responses.

– Some women will verbally tell you what they like but if not, follow her cues: body language, breathing, moans, how her tummy moves, if she spreads wider, etc. Every guy doesn’t like his dick sucked the same way & every woman doesn’t like her pussy licked the same way, so don’t expect the exact moves to work on everyone. Figure out what SHE likes.

Pro tip: Ask for guidance: “You can tell me how you like it, or when you want more of something I’m doing right….so I can figure out how to blow your mind.”

The Clit & Beyond.

– Everyone knows by now that most women cum from clitoral stimulation & most men can figure out where the clit is by now but if you can’t find it, for the love of god, ask her to show you. You can mask your ignorance & up the kink factor by asking her to touch herself for you…just for a moment, say that you want to see how she touches herself…& then LOOK where she touches herself. Bingo-ringo: do that with your tongue. Start slow & gently. You can lick around the other areas going back to the clit in increasing frequency, pressure & speed as she gets closer to orgasm.

Pro tip: It’s not a race to orgasm. Some women take a long time but assure her there’s no rush, that you love being down there. Switch off with your hand if your jaw is locking up.

Finger Bang?

– Some women like a finger inserted, some like 2. Some like the whole hand. Some none at all. Some like g-spot stimulation (which you need to finger bang her or use an insertable toy to reach.) This can be a tricky one & you’ll need to ask her point blank or watch her cues very carefully to figure out how she feels about being inserted while being licked.

Pro tip: Always make sure whatever you put in there is well-lubricated. Spit, even if you think she’s wet. No such thing as too slippery. Purrrr.

Love That Pussy.

– Make sure you are sending all the right signals that you are loving that pussy. Moan a little. Tell her you love her pussy. Tell her you love the way she tastes, smells, looks (but don’t blather on, you’re down there to do a job). Don’t make her feel like you’re just licking her pussy out of obligation just to get to the sex. Forget about your own dick, needs, orgasm for the time you are devoted to her pussy. Make her feel like licking her pussy is the only thing in the world you want to do & you want to do it perfectly.

Pro tip: If possible, offer to lick her pussy & nothing else, at least sometimes, or the first time, whatever. Maybe she’ll insist on sex after because that’s what she likes but give her a chance to enjoy being spoiled only & have it all about her. This may have bigger pay offs in the long run.

This article doesn’t cover everything. I could talk about adding toys into the play, incorporating dirty talk or role-play, I could discuss the pro’s & con’s of beards or stubble vs. smoothly shaved, g-spots/squirting, etc. But maybe another day. Or feel free to ask me a question in the comments area.

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Oral sex?

MistressT fetish goddess asslicking ass worship

I know you want to be him, but cool your engines & read this before emailing me begging to lick me…

I get a lot of emails from guys wanting to lick my ass and/or pussy. So I decided to make a blog post on the topic so I can just email this link rather than explaining over & over.

If you’re not a reader, the short answer is: “No”. But if you’re interested in more info please read on…

If you know my story from the beginning you’ll know that I started out doing no-contact voyeur shows/masturbation shows where the guy could jerk himself off while watching me…because although I was excited by being an exhibitionist & enjoyed naughty play I wasn’t comfortable actually having sex in that situation. I didn’t like the idea of feeling obligated to have sex with a guy just because he had paid me. From voyeur shows I transitioned to Pro Domme work & I followed the so-called traditional rules of Professional Domination (no intercourse, no oral sex, no hand jobs) & that was fine but they weren’t MY rules and over time I adjusted the rules to suit me (occasionally requiring oral service from regular clients I felt comfortable with, for example.) I even ended up in a long term relationship with someone who started out as a client.

At one point I decided that I couldn’t be sure ‘escort work’ wasn’t for me unless I tried it so I gave it a go & after about a half dozen clients my curiosity was satisfied. I simply do not enjoy being in a situation where I am obligated to have intercourse or oral sex with someone because they have paid me…when it’s my job to provide that service. All sex work is providing a service to a certain extent, even traditional Pro Domme work (you are exchanging a service for money). I am naturally Dominant & a control freak. There are limits to how “service-oriented” I can be before I hit a wall.

Hand jobs tho? I love giving hand jobs & I have no issue with that. But that’s my hand vs. my vagina, so that’s understandable. It’s certainly a lot more intimate for someone to touch my vagina or anus than my HAND touching them.

I know some people see my vids and get the impression that I do everything with anyone. BUT the men I’m intimate with in my vids are men that I am very familiar with. Often they are my own personal lovers. Sometimes friends or clients I’ve had for years. Sometimes they are slaves that have served one of my fellow Dommes for a long time, making them more comfortable to be with.

If you’re reading this & trying to figure out how you can get between my legs…it’s not impossible but it’s unlikely if that is your only selfish goal. You can pay for my time in private to get acquainted or if you have value as a film slave, you can apply…but don’t try to date me. I’m running a business. Respect that. Sure, I have been in a relationship with someone who started as a client (although that was 1 out of hundreds, so the odds aren’t in your favor)…but I have NEVER gone on a date (with no compensation) with someone who has started as a fan of Mistress T. Guys looking for free play greatly offend me.

So to recap:

– I don’t offer “escort” type sessions (intercourse or oral sex for pay). That means no oral worship, no direct contact between your mouth, hands or penis & my vagina or anus. By the way, prostitution is legal where I live so this is not a legal disclaimer, it’s real.

– Hand jobs are fine (along with strap-on, role-play, humiliation, foot worship, golden showers, ballbusting, spanking, sissy play/X-dressing & a few other things.)

– My social rate is $100/hour & I LOVE meeting fans! We can go for lunch or dinner…a walk, shopping, to the theater, parties, whatever. I’m a social chameleon.

– My private session rates vary depending on details but nothing in private happens for less than $300 the first time. I am very selective about who I see in private & rarely accept sessions these days. I’m pretty busy creating all the amazing content you love to jerk off to! I do need to eat though so you’re welcome to take me for a meal (at $100/hr social rate) & discuss the possibility of a private session.

Mistress T

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