Method To My Madness

I could also say the madness in my method. I’m talking about how I create my vids. I’ve often been asked what my process is, if I follow a script, where I come up with my ideas, how I choose the film slaves or other performers, etc.

Mistress T mixing up another great vid.

Behind the scenes…the making of a Mistress T vid…

I have performed in well over a thousand vids over the 6 years I’ve been in front of the camera. Most of those for my own site but at least a few hundred for other producers. When I started with Club Stiletto I already possessed a strong understanding of fetish. I had been a Professional Dominatrix for years. Before that an avid reader of fetish erotica & a deviant experimenter of fetish in my personal life.

From the first shoot with Club Stiletto they would just say: “Talk to the camera about foot fetish for about 8 minutes & show your feet.” or “Be mean to this guy who’s playing your uncle & sit on his face in a bratty way for about 10 minutes.” and I would just do it.

The shoots were very casual & unstructured. I was given lots of creative freedom & positive reinforcement. It was fun.

When I started making vids for my own site I didn’t know how to do it any other way. I would start with a basic idea (cuckolding, small penis humiliation, boot fetish, etc.) I would just start the scene with a loose story line & it would usually turn out well. This could be a bit frustrating for those I filmed with because I would often go off in other directions mid scene & they would have to keep up. If you are a member of my site & you look at the vids I filmed 4 or 5 years ago compared to the last couple of years you can see that I’ve improved, I’ve become more skilled, but my style isn’t that different.

Over time I have had the opportunity to film with quite a few different producers (, Mean Dungeon, FemDom Empire, etc.) & the privilege to film extensively with the best in the biz: The English Mansion. I learned that there are many different ways to do what I do. I’ve been on shoots where the whole scene was story-boarded & scripted. Very organized. I’ve filmed with producers who wrote out several complex scenes with multiple slaves & Dommes for the whole day. I’ve filmed where they kept stopping the scene every time the camera person changed angles & I had to remember the last thing I said & continue the dialogue as if there wasn’t a pause. Very challenging!

After all I’ve seen & learned I still do things the way I have from the start. Loose & casual. If I’m making a custom vid I accept brief outlines but refuse to follow scripts or memorize lines. I do things in my own style. I get a lot of repeat custom vid buyers so that seems to be working.

When I film with a film slave things get a little more complicated.

I’m a lot more careful about who I film with these days. My preference is usually fit men with above-average cocks. Bigger cocks just look better in porn, there’s more real estate to work with & since I do a lot of ‘small penis humiliation’ to the viewer it makes sense that the guy I’m filming with is larger. Over the years the numbers have proven without a doubt: bigger cocks equal more sales.

Many of the guys you see in my vids are actually personal lovers & friends. If you look closely you’ll see some of the same guys in various vids. All the other guys in the vids are real fans who email me to apply to be in my vids. I have never paid professional male performers for my vids but in the right circumstances I would consider it. I loved working with Wolf Hudson when I filmed with & Deviant Kade when I filmed with the FemDom Empire. They are both true professionals worthy of being paid for their talent.

The first time I film with a new guy I ask them what they’re into. It can be nerve-wracking for a 1st time film slave & I do my best to ensure they are comfortable. As long as what they’re into is something I think will sell for me we’ll do that. Usually a hand job. That’s an easy one for most guys. Sometimes a ruined orgasm or humiliation or ball busting, etc. Once we get more comfortable with each other we can do different or more complicated scenes.

I do all my own filming. That means that I coordinate the shoot, set up the lighting, put the camera on the tripod, if there’s a film slave I give him basic instructions, hit the start button & away I go. I usually only have the most basic idea of what the scene will be at the start. Sometimes I have a moment of concern that maybe this will be the time I just don’t know what to say…but I always seem to figure it out. I think it gives my scenes a more realistic feel, since I’m making it up as I go along, just as most people do in real life.

I do my own editing as well & occasionally I’ll use a little editing magic to spruce up a vid. Recently I did a scene where I basically just gave a blow job for 8 minutes. (This was a personal lover & it was his 1st time being on film. For him, a blow job was my best chance to get a cum shot.) I couldn’t talk with my mouth full so I thought the vid was a little boring with no vocals. I decided to record a voice over (Masturbation Instruction) with lots of sensual, teasing verbals: ta-da! It turned out great & has been my best selling vid this month: “You Crave My Mouth”.

So there ya go. I’m not sure if you’ll be disappointed or amazed at how I create my vids. Maybe you’ll wish there was still some mystery to it…but really, it’s very fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. When I’m wearing pants anyway…and I like it that way.

Mistress T

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5 thoughts on “Method To My Madness

  1. Hi, I’m Daymen, an aspiring film slave in video(s) for you. I enjoy your Blog and love to read new entries as soon as I get them. Are you looking still for SPH/cucks etc. in Vancouver? Also v. Curious about your involvement with the S.C. fetish parties and even other similar groups and events. Would love to connect at some point re: this.

    • Hi Daymen, thanks for your comment but the appropriate way to apply to be a film slave or other inquires is email. To me that just seems obvious…not sure why we’d have a conversation about all that in a public venue like the comments section of my blog…? Right? Right.
      Email a list of the activities you’re willing to do on film along with a clear nude torso & erect penis pic (face pic too if you’re willing to go unmasked) to:

  2. Dear Mistress.,i think you reate beautiful video’s ,works of art.You are a artist
    and you contribute greatly into making the world a better place.thankyou
    sincerely yours sissy slave ted

  3. Beautiful, and a very informed article! Your truth, approach, and style for realism is what keeps me coming back!

    Velvet Steele

  4. No diminution of mystery, I’d say.

    I think most people that follow your blog and digest your comments would have a good guess as to how it all works…

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