Tampa & Friendship

I have two completely different blog topics but I’m rolling them into one. What the heck.

#1 (Business). Announcing my upcoming trip to Tampa.

#2 (Personal). Sharing a really sweet message from a friend.

So, #1: TAMPA. I’ll be there for FetCon mid August.

Here's me at FetCon 2012 with Domina Snow & FTKL

Here’s me at FetCon 2012 with Domina Snow & FTKL

Film slaves are welcome to apply with appropriate pics (nude torso) & a list of activities you’ll do on film. I won’t have much time & I’ll be screening VERY carefully so don’t waste my time & yours. Only apply if you really have something of value to offer & you are dead fucking serious about following thru.

Custom vid requests with me & other ladies attending FetCon are welcome.

#2. Friendship.

I recently asked a friend who owed me a favor to help me with updating my Kinkbomb studio. It’s a small thing but one less thing for me to do which is helpful. She’s a personal friend & only knew a little bit about what I do for work. She sent me this random message today, which to tell you the truth actually brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to share it:

Here is your unsolicited compliment of the day:¬† I just have to say. I know it is interfering with your relationship finding, and I know you are worried about your future, but from what little I can see through the kinkbomb stuff I’ve been doing (quantity & variety; creativity; quality (as I gather through the previews), it blows my mind that you are running this business on your own.
A) For godsake I’m SURE there has to be a guy out there who feels the same way that I do. I know guys are stupid, but seriously…it doesn’t take long (or 2 university degrees) to figure out that YOU aren’t MistressT, nor does it take long to figure out how brilliantly you run your business…surely that is going to be attractive?? Geez I don’t understand men…. and,
B) You have so many transferable skills that you will be able to use. I am not sure I know anyone else who could do what you do from a BUSINESS perspective. To be able to combine incredible creativity, knowledge of what crazy shit people want, courage to deliver, knowledge of how to film AND edit (as I said, from the previews, your videos are pretty fucking high quality), marketing, and all by yourself. Mind-blowing. Maybe you will attract a different following as you get older, and still love your job and want to continue it. Maybe not. But either way, I can’t see you being anything other than extremely successful. I’d pay you for marketing & business advice any day. You have so much to offer aside from what you do on camera.
I’m sure what I’ve seen has just scratched the surface, but I’m blown away. That’s my 2 bits. Or 3 bits. If you wanted abuse, I guess you went to the wrong desk (Monty Python Reference)

Pretty sweet, eh? Love my friends. I feel very blessed…or whatever you feel when you don’t believe in God or angels. Lucky? Yeah, we’ll go with that:-)

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